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"Who Does She Remind 당신 Of?"

{Camera zooms slowly back to Pride Rock, where Mana is playing at
Atem's feet atop Pride Rock, gazing down over the side.}


{She giggles continuously, and Atem catches her as she comes near the

Whoah. Where do 당신 think you're going in such a hurry?

{Mana wriggles in Atem's grasp as he moves her to safety.}

Daddy! Let go!

{She keeps giggling as she tries to escape}

Well, I just want 당신 to be careful.

{She chases after a butterfly; Atem steps on her dress to pin her

Mana... are 당신 listening? Accidents can happen. 당신 could easily get...
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posted by BlondLionEzel
Monsters x25:

Demonized Spoon x2
Demonized Fork x2
Demonized 칼, 나이프 x2
Lucky Death Shooter x3
Lucky Grave Robber x2
Lucky Chained Giant x2
Goo Eyeball x1
Goo Arm x1
Goo Leg x1
Goo Armor x1
Goo Replacement Part x3
Rockwater 터틀, 거북 x1
Rocksky Dragon x1
Death Battle Chariot - The Witch x3

Spells x20:

Demonizer 400 x2
Increased Odds x3
Fat Chance x3
Runamuck Rolling x2
Orchid Beatstick x2
Transform Spell x2
Shadow System x2
Shadow Cycle x2
Shade Beam x2

Traps x20:

Dimensional Darkness x2
Dimensional Aquatics x2
Dimensional Earth x2
Dimensional Storm x2
Dimensional Twister x2
Dimensional Earthquake x2
Dimensional Lightning x2
Dimensional Thunder x2
Dimensional Forrest 불, 화재 x2
Dimensional Blizzard x2

Extra Deck:

Striker 056: Armored Darkness Beetle
Striker 098: Storm Creator
Striker 055: Phantom Magician
사랑 Will Find a Way

{Scene switches back to Pride Rock. Atem is standing at the tip of the
promontory, staring off into the distance.}

Father... please reconsider!

You will not go anywhere without an escort from now on.

No! That's not--

He used 당신 to get to me!

No! He loves me... for me!

Because 당신 are my daughter! 당신 will not leave Pride Rock. 당신 will
stay where I can keep an eye on you... away from him.

You don't know him!

I know he's following in Bakura's footprints... and I must follow in my

You will never be Aknamkanon!

{Atem is stung,...
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posted by reyfan01
After the whole situation with yugi and yami, I'd say that my life has been very happy. After 10 years, I'm happy with my job as a daycare teacher. I 사랑 taking care of little children and making them smile. Joey and I aren't living in the same house anymore. After I turned 20, I moved into my own small condo close 의해 to my work. My job pays fairly and I'm able to be on time without stress. The only down side to living in my condo is that I don't live as close as I want to to my brother. But we still make time together.

My personal life has been very peaceful, but Duke and Tristan have been...
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Yugi Moto woke with a fright from a bad dream screaming, his grandfather came in to check on on him. Walking slowly in with an old raceing trophy to protect himself , he sliped in Yugi's room. "Yugi? Are 당신 alright my grandson?" He asked with concern for young Yugi.
"I'm fine grandpa.... I guess I just need some water." Yugi said rasing up slowly as his granfather turned on the light.

Yugi walked to the 부엌, 주방 tired,rubbing the sleep from his eyes. His blue pj pants drag the floor like a cat dragging in a mouse. Somehow during the night he had 로스트 셔츠 ,and he hadn't really noticed ityet....
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posted by deathchick9
WARING:Major OOCing!You've been warned

It was Marik's first 일 at Domino high,he was looking 앞으로 to tormenting the other teens.The simple thought made him smirk.He looked back on Ishizu's choice to stay in Japan.Once that girl chooses to do something,there's no arguing with her.
"Oh well at least I get to bug Bakura." Marik sighed,rubbing the back of his neck.He saw so many new faces he felt a bit uneasy.
"Marik?" He herd a voice,He almost jumped out of his clothes when he herd the small voice.He turned to scream at the person when he saw the small boy with freaky hair.
"Oh Yugi...It's you.Don't...
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Seto looks so cute when he’s sleeping. I woke up on his chest and was surprised to see him still dead to the world. I decided to wait for him to wake up. Then decided against it and went to the shower. When I came out, Seto was gone. Maybe he went to take himself a shower.

I walked around the room and admired it. I mean, I know it was my room, it had all the same things, but it seemed so much 더 많이 familiar to me. Maybe it was the fact that Seto had all this brought here, which he really didn’t have to do; yet he said he must and that was that. Seto came in and closed the door, “Good Morning.”...
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The Duelist Kingdom, a famous island in which the creator of the famous card games, Pegasus calls home. On this island, competors from different skill levels and sizes come together to compete for the ultimate prize: being called “The King of Games” and receiving a huge award. It is not very easy however as the competors had to receive ten stars in order to enter the 성 of Pegasus and compete with him in the ultimate duel of a lifetime.

One certain indivual, Yugi, is destined to get to Pegasus and compete against him to retrieve his grandfather back- in which his soul was stolen by...
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posted by awesomedoers
Joey walks outside with tristan.``Man I can`t belive that clown kaiba called 당신 a 강아지 again`` said tristan.``Don`t mind kaiba he`s just a bastard``.``You say that all the time`` said Tristan.``shut it tristan`` said joey.``I`m going to..But before Tristan and Joey could get into a childish fight a person who looked exatly like Joey appeared.``Hello Joseph Wheeler`` said the mysteriou person.Who are 당신 and why do 당신 look like me said Joey.I`m Joey Wheeler from the negative world said the negative Joey.Mwhahaha.Then Joey said what do 당신 want from me.``To duel`` said the Negative joey andbroght forth his chaos duel disk.``This is like waking of the 용 all over again`` said joey nervosly. Joey opened his duel disk and said let`s duel.
posted by kaibaluv
The way all of these memories were racing around my mind, I felt obliged to add the song Do Remember The Time 의해 Michael Jackson to it and 업로드 it to 당신 Tube. 이미지 of Seto, Mokuba, Pegasus, Gozaburro and four distant figures along with my dad flashed before me. “Emma,” I heard a voice so faint call me and I could not reply for some reason.

“Merry Christmas, Kyra!” Mokuba said. Who is this Kyra person? I saw a young girl that looked like I did when I was seven. “Merry Christmas, Mokie! Where’s Seto?” said the girl I believed to be my younger self. “Oh, he’s in his room.”...
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posted by awesomedoers
``Ok awkard``said joey.``Come on man we`ve been used to this``said tristan.``Whatever says joey`` ``let`s duel``.``Well I play negative world``says negative joey ``when i win I win your body``.``The first turn is mine``says Joey! I play little winguard in attach mode and one card face down and end my turn``says joey.``How patheic`` says negative joey.``I play little truenade and i attack with 표범, 팬더 guard 의해 sacfiring adult dragon``says negative joey.``Hey that`s weird`` all the names of my monsters are the oppsite of yours and the atk and def are switched``says joey``.``That`s because I live...
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posted by kaibaluv
“I 사랑 you, too.” Seto said. He wiped away my tears and he smiled. I’m not sure why he was smiling, but it made me smile, too, however sheepish it may have been. I gasped, “Where’s Mokuba?” I asked. Instantly, Seto got up and looked around. We both saw him off in the corner of the room and we rushed to him. “Mokie? Mokie? Mokie?!?!” Seto cried. I leaned over and started to put my ear to his chest, but I remembered that if Seto was a vampire, then Mokie was, too. Seto put his hand on his brother and just like that, he turned to ashes. Seto broke down and cried. I held him just...
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posted by kaibaluv
I just don’t get that Seto Kaiba guy! He says I have a point and he dose it his way anyway! Unbelievable! I guess it is for the best though, I do have some of Will’s sonnets memorized and I know almost everything about Willie Shakespeare.

Well, we spent hours working on and perfecting our project. We were talking about things while doing so.“ Hmm…” Kaiba was staring at me…again. “What?” I asked suspiciously. “…You remind me of someone I used to know.” I took a 분 to think about what he’d said. Then, I realized, he seemed familiar.

I know it’s impossible, but I’ve...
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posted by kaibaluv
"Well?" he said. I really didn't want to tell him, but I knew I had to. I've been afraid to tell him because of the horror and I feared that he'd mock me and say it was impossible. From the looks of it, it may be the only truth to the matter. "I've been having nightmares....about Mokuba." Seto's face looked horrified as if he knew what I was going to say. "What about Mokuba?" 'He..." I couldn't finish for it was to horrific to say. "He what?" I didn't say anything and looked at the floor. Seto grabbed my shoulders and demanded "What happened?!?!" I started to cry. Not because Seto was yelling,...
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posted by kaibaluv
I was in my room, with blood on my hands. There was a guy unconscious on one side of the room and another bleeding out on my bed. I turned to look at Seto, and was taken aback. He no longer had blood on him, infact, he looked the same as he did when we were working on our project. The strange thing is that he was standing."S-Seto," he just looked at me and I blacked out.

"Emma, are 당신 ok?" called a familiar voice as I woke up in a strange room. The walls were black with gothick pictures hung around. "Yeah.." I said, still looking around. "Do 당신 remember anything from last night?" That's a...
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posted by kingofheartless
Maz: *Staring at his hand which has been pried free from his best monster cards, knowing that because of his opponent's crush card virus, he is doomed*
Seto: *Laughing* Make your 옮기기 Maz!
Maz: I'm thinking! *He shouts and summons to the field Senju of the Thousand Hands, then grins and brings to his hand Relinquished then activates the 봉인, 인감 of Orichalcos* Welcome to my world mister kaiba! *Then he summons to the field his best card, relinquished* Now to activate Remove trap on your crush card virus! Now Relinquished, assimilate Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon!
To Be continued...
Yugi: *comes inside the Kame game shop* Grandpa Pharaoh?

From other room: WEEE! HAHAHA!

Yugi: *goes into room, sees Grandpa floating*

Pharaoh: *stops what he is doing and stares at Yugi like this: o.o*

Yugi: Pharaoh, what are 당신 doing?

Pharaoh: ummm, what are 당신 talking about?

Yugi: I told 당신 not to use your magic in the house!

Pharaoh: Well, I figured since 당신 know who MIGHT be coming to the party that 당신 wouldn't pay anyattentionto me. 당신 never do when he's around. < .<

Yugi: 당신 leave him out of it! The party is tomorrow not today!

Pharaoh: ...I was just practicing for when 당신 don't...
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posted by kaibaluv
“Emma, Emma. Come on, wake up.” My eyes fluttered open when I felt someone shaking me. I looked up and saw dear ol’ pops. I felt unusually groggy; I’m usually willing to wake up. So, I thought, it must be early. I turned to see neon numbers illuminating, numbers that read 3:15.

“Dad, what do 당신 want? It’s three in the morning.” I said sleepily, still half asleep. “Emma, normally I would scold 당신 about 당신 talking to that Kaiba character last night, but this is urgent. I’ve been up all night because of it.” He said.

“Why can’t 당신 just sleep on it like normal people?”...
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posted by kaibaluv
3rd period, English (which I love!! mabey monday isn't all that bad) with Mr. Hirodashi ( I call him 의해 his name, sometimes Mr. H). What's awesome is that the class was studying on William Shakespear, my fave poet!
"I hope that all of 당신 have memorized at least one of Shakespears sonnets." Mr. H announced while everyone grouned. Obviously, no one has memorized anything. " I want each of you," he went on, "To come up here and recite that sonnet to receive your grade." No one moved, no one even breathed. "I know alot of Will's sonnets, Mr. Hirodashi." Mr.H raised his eye brows, " Well," He looked...
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posted by Courtneyfan6
Cool Hwhip

(Kaiba won a pie from Serenity and it's made of apples, cinnamon and her hair.)

Yami: Oh, Kaiba, 당신 got some pie, uh? Can I have a piece of it?

Kaiba: Uh, sure.

Yami: Ooh, let me have some of that Cool Hwhip.

Kaiba: What'd 당신 say?

Yami: 당신 can't have a pie without Cool Hwhip. (He puts cool whip on his pie)

Kaiba: Cool Hwhip?

Yami: Cool Hwhip, ya.

Kaiba: 당신 mean Cool Whip?

Yami: Ya, Cool Hwhip.

Kaiba: Cool Whip.

Yami: Cool Hwhip.

Kaiba: Cool Whip.

Yami: Cool Hwhip.

Kaiba: You're saying it weird, why are 당신 putting so much emphasis on the H?

Yami: What are 당신 talking about? I'm just saying...
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