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posted by Dezzylove3
Things went fast from there..........

"So were are 당신 from?" asked Robin.

"Boston."impulsia said.

"uhhm,so 당신 ok to tell us your secret ID,but its tottaly ok if 당신 don't." said a very interested Wally.

they were all in the 부엌, 주방 while Miss m made cookies. 당신 know after she washed it a bunch of times to get the taste of 물고기 out of it.

"Sure,the names Allison Carter,But some of my 프렌즈 call me Ally."

"Wait,you said some so does that mean other people call 당신 something different?" Robin asked confused.

"Yeah, the people that dont like me very much call me.......well i wont go into details."...
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posted by Dezzylove3
"Reconized,Batman 02" "Valcanis 17" "Reconized,Impulsia po9"

"I sure hope she fits in.........well?"

"Wally,give me my arrows!!!!"

"Not a chance blondey"

"Conner give me my wrist computer back!"

"But I wanted To play Donkey Kong.."

"To bad you'll screw up my system UHHHG!"

"Miss Martian I advise 당신 give me my water 총 back."

"No,Not until 당신 give my cookie sheet back!!"


At the soung of the dark nights voice evry body frove...in aquard positions

Robin was on 상단, 맨 위로 of Conners back holding his hands back in a painful grip.

Artemis had Wallys legs...
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Secret Identity:Allison Carter

Powers:she can control 불, 화재 from her hands and when she kicks.

Apperance:she has shoulder length dirty blonde messy and flyaway hair,tattoos on neck and over body,that symbolize fire,wears a choker 목걸이 enhansed with magic from Doctor Fate that conceal her 문신 while shes in civil atire.

Civil Atire: A long sleeved belly shirt(dont wory shes well fit)a black leather 재킷, 자 켓 belly length also,black jeans with a chain attached to her wallet in her back pocket,red high-top sneakers,and the black choker necklace,sometimes she wears sunglasses,but not...
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posted by MikkiDs
I would first like to thank SilverWings13,SSTitanic, and 66Dragons for giving a novice like me some great advice!

Hello Everybody! So! This is my first OC and soon to be Fanfic! Oohh! I hope you're all just as excited as I am! So here she is!

Name: Shayde

Secret ID: Jozyl "JoJo" Jocoti ( pronounced Jo-zell Jo-Co-Tee)

Age: 15

Alliance: YJ, Justice League

Powers: she can turn herself into a shadow , she can travel through shadows,she can meld into someone's shadow and control their movement

Personality: calm,cool, laid-back, easygoing, mysterious,very intellectual and smart but only when wants to be,...
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posted by SilverWings13
I tried to put as many ocs as I could keep track of in this. I hope 당신 like!!!

Silver Wings (POV)
I wasn't quite sure I had heard right.
I was so shocked, it took me a full five 초 to realize I was the one who had said it.
"Yes," Aqualad said plainly. "Stolen." 'How was he 연기 so calm?' I wondered.
"The alarm was triggered when the Weapon was stolen. The security system here at Mt.Justice is linked to the Weapon so that when it was stolen, we were immediately notified." 'Robin must have debriefed him while we had been gearing up,' I concluded.
"When was that installed?" Kid...
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Just a little one shot of Evelyn picking on Wally. ;)

Evelyn pulled at Wally as they walked through the Central City Zoo. 
"C'mon!! I wanna see the cheetahs!"
"I'm coming, I'm coming sheesh." Wally slowly walked along.
"You're not going fast enough!" Evelyn tugged at him again. 
"Can't a speedster take it slow for once?" Wally ran his fingers through his hair. 
"Fine!" Evelyn growled and stopped in front of Wally. He nudged her go on. 
"Are 당신 going 또는 not?" Wally looked at his sister.
"Nope. 당신 wanted to take it slow, so 당신 are going to stand here until 당신 want to move." Evelyn smiled then...
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posted by Robin_Love
Name: Rylan Touya
Alias: Spade
Occupation: Hero
Powers: Agility, acrobatics, ability to manipulate, trained in hand to hand-to-hand combat, flight, trained with a pair of Sais, jinx factor
History: Rylan Touya was born and raised in Japan. Both her parents were of German background, but Rylan's mom married a Japanese man after her husband died; Rylan was three. Rylan's new father was a scientist experimenting with all kinds formulas. When Rylan was five, she discovered her new father was trading and making deals with the villainous Poison Ivy. Rylan tried warning her mother, but was ignored. Three...
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posted by YJTTFAN
So let me start with this; I did not pick my past, 또는 my powers. And I am not a hero, 당신 can trust me on that. Now let’s jump right in (to what 당신 ask? Read my freaking prolog! It’s there for a reason!)


POLAND 1941 (During The Holocaust)

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posted by SSTitanic
Name: Evelyn West

Alias: Metaform. (Hero)

Gender: Female

Age: 14

Looks: Red/orange hair, green eyes 5’5

Personality: Fun, outgoing, high metabolism, short temper, plays jokes on people (mostly Wally)

Relationship to team: Kid Flash’s sister.

Powers: Shape shifting, Expert at bombs/explosives

Weakness: if she’s in that form for 더 많이 than 2 hours, she is permanently stuck in that shape.

Past: Being Wally West’s younger sister isn’t always easy, especially when 당신 find a Kyrptonian clone in your closet. While following her brother on a mission, someone dumped toxic waste on Evelyn, causing new...
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posted by SilverWings13
Silver Wings (POV)
Blood red light bathed the walls of the training room as the blasting alarm resounded throughout the room. A group of teens, all of who I recognized from the night before, rushed into the room.
"What's going on?!?" A dark haired boy yelled over the sirens.
"How the hell should we know?!?" Becca screamed back.
'Recognizing Robin B01' The Zeta tube flashed blue and Robin rushed into the room, immediately going to the giant computer. His fingers flew across the key board and istantly the alarms and the red light died. The silence was defining compared to the blasting siren...
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posted by YJTTFAN
“When we take revenge against another, we lose some of our innocence”, that’s what they tell me. So I guess I 로스트 all of my innocence. Oh well, I 로스트 it early, might as well have gotten rid of it. See people throw 랜덤 인용구 everywhere, a lot of them don’t seem to apply to me.
“When 당신 get knocked down, pick yourself up and brush yourself off,” I pull the legs of the person who pushed me, bringing them down too.
“It takes 42 muscles to frown, 17 to smile, and 4 to 펀치 the person,” And it only takes 4 더 많이 to snap their necks.
Catch my drift? Good.
My name is Agony
And this is my story.
posted by killer24
 shadow out of his hero suit
shadow out of his hero suit
hope 당신 like it enjoy

i wait motionlessly in this tube for something to happen "its been a 월 since i got kidnapped 의해 cadmus. 당신 would have thought thay noticed dad not being there right?. did dad keep me a secret?."
but what of that kryptonian thay say he's superman's clone guardian tells me some stuff. he is not a bad guy but how can he just stand their wile thay torcher me its sick just sick and thay wanted me to 가입하기 there army. no way im no hero but i know whats right".
the building shakes "what was that maybe help is here"
"is he here...
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posted by Robin_Love
Name:Caitlin “Cat” Kyle
Alias: Tiger
Occupation: Hero; mercenary
Powers: enhanced agility, enhanced senses, rapid healing, night vision, speed, claws, trained in all forms of combat, strength, durability, extensive training with a whip.
History: Caitlin is the niece of Catwoman. When her parents died, Caitlin was sent to her aunt, her only living relative. When she was rejected 의해 her villainous aunt, Caitlin wandered the streets. She grew up in Gotham's crowds. She learned many things on the streets and had been known as a local cat-burglar. Her cat-like abilities and other powers came into...
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posted by Mclovin_69
Willow and Becca were walking down the hall when they stopped hearing strumming on a 기타 coming from Lucas's room. Willow and Becca smirked at eachother and pressed their ears against the door.

" put your faith in what 당신 most believe in......two worlds, one family.....
trust your heart...
let fate decide....
to guide these lifes we see....."

Lucas strummed his 기타 to the beat of the song.

" A paradise untouched 의해 man....
within this world blessed with love.....
a simple life they live in peace....."

softly tread the sand below your feet now.....
two worlds, one family
trust your heart....
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posted by Becca_Shade
Zero was just 읽기 quietly in his 가장 좋아하는 coffee 샵 when he heard a familiar laugh. Crap! he thought. I guess my book will have to wait. Zero longingly put his book down as three guys headed his way.
Forcing a smile, Zero stood and greeted the red haired demon.
“Hi Teague.”
“Why the bored tone?” Teague asked.
“I was 읽기 a good book,” Zero answered.
A brown haired boy gave Zero a sympathetic smile while the blonde grabbed the book.
“You were 읽기 a medical dictionary?”
“Just because 당신 don't understand it Terror doesn't mean it's boring.”
Teague laughed...
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posted by Becca_Shade
I got permission from Terror on this one. And if 당신 read, you'll see why I needed permission. Enjoy...please. :)

Terror sat in the dark, willing it away. The warehouse was a perfect place to hide in. No one was around and it was dark. It was almost soothing to stay there. Almost welcoming. But the peace was ruined as doors opened and the lights were flipped on. Terror growled deep in his throat, peering over boxes. He saw two guys. One was carrying a gun and the other was dragging in a girl. They better have medical insurance, Terror thought. He crept closer and listened.
“Set her here,”...
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posted by Roselillyan14
First 일 of School

The school 벨 rang signaling the beginning of the first period. Kids rushing past to get to class so as not to be tardy. Thru all this hustle no one noticed the wondering 로스트 girl in the hallways. 14-year-old Rebecca was born in a very small town on the coast of Australia, before her folks started moving around everywhere.
It was a family of 4(herself, her mom, her dad, and her big brother Andy) that was always happy despite the constant job transfers of they’re dad. It was the typical happy family that 당신 would imagine from those stories and fantasy’s,...
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“Lizzy,” I said knocking on her door. The door opened up to reveal a girl in a wheelchair. She had black hair with lavender highlights, and 에메랄드 green eyes. She was wearing a pair of black jeans and a black t-shit that said 배트맨 saved my life.
“Salem, come in. to what do I own the pleasure.”
“I wanted to ask 당신 for some advice.”
“Let’s head to my room. Dad me and Salem will be in my room ok.”
“Ok, hi Salem.”
“Hello Mr.Robinson,” I said following Lizzy. Walking into her room 당신 could tell how different we are. While my room had bare walls her walls were covered...
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posted by Black_Robin_13
배트맨 and Robin were standing in the doorway leaving the windows and a two-story drop the only easy exit. I would have to fight my way out. I pulled my sword out. “Why don’t they ever just surrender?” Robin asked. I ran at them. The following fight scene has been cut for language and the destruction of a Shakespeare bust.

I came to in a hospital bed. It took me a while to remember what happened. I felt a huge lump on my head from where the bust had landed. I started to climb out of the bed. “Don’t 옮기기 당신 have a concussion,” an elderly woman said walking into the room.
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posted by SilverWings13
"I don't think this is a very good idea," Flash admitted, never taking his eyes off the screen. The view through the security camera was of a young girl in shades performing perfect simulations. Her balance never faltered as she went front a side kick to a fore-arm block to a back handspring, landing in a ready position. It was as if the blade in her hand had magically appeared.
"If you're worried about her being a bad influence on the others, they can handle themselves," Black Canary reassured, then added, "That includes your little speedster."
"I'm not worried about Wally 또는 the others."...
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