Hello! This is an 기사 I have written about how there HAS to be a Young Justice season 3, and at the end of the 기사 I'll tell 당신 how 당신 can help convince the people on the show that to many people 사랑 it to not make a season 3.

1. All the cliffhanger, okay so if 당신 haven't watched the end of season 2 where have 당신 been? But basically there were so many cliffhangers

2. If 당신 have not seen the end of season 2 go watch it right because this is a BIG spoiler, Wally dies, and a season 3 would allow him to return, it has happed in the comics before.

3. To many people 사랑 it and are mad at not having a season 3

okay now I will tell 당신 how 당신 can convince cartoon network/netflix that there HAS to be a season 3.
use the #RenewYoungJustice and use this everywhere
binge watch it on netflix
buy it on dvd
의해 any merch of it 당신 can find

If 당신 have any other ideas on how to get them to make a season 3 또는 why they should pls comment!