I still can't believe it super heroes, in my bedroom. Even though it is almost midnight and I should be asleep, I am wide awake with excitement.
"Great now can we please get back to the cave so Z and Fate can do their spell and we can just get this over with?" Kid Flash says
"Um, what did 당신 say?" I ask, very confused, did he just say Dr. Fate, and spell?
"Ya, 당신 know, the spell that they will perform on 당신 to see why 당신 seem to have some kind of magic aura thing coming from 당신 so that even Dr. Fate can sense it." And as he says it Robin elbows him and looks like he says something without saying it, what's that about. Will the spell hurt?

I can't believe Wally would be so stupid! He shouldn't have told her that we needed to do the spell! Now she might get scared and might not want to come with us. Everyone yells at Wally at the same time in our heads, but Wally can actually hear it since Ms. M never shut down the link. Hannah gives us a weird look, I guess like me when I first joined the team, it when it looks like your having a since conversation 당신 find it both cool and rude and weird. But I suppose we should head back to the cave.
"Come on, we really should head back to the cave, lets get to the bioship." I tell everyone.

The only words I have are WOW. A REAL Martian Bioship, I mean, I didn't even know these things existed before tonight, SO COOL! We take off and it doesn't even feel like we're in the air, except for the fact that 당신 can see we are in the air from out the windows. I try to look at everyone on the Bioship without anyone looking back to me, Ms. Martian seems pretty absorbed in steering the ship and she is so cool! Archery Girl, at least I think thats what she is called, it kind've intimating, which is kind've funny considering she is one of the few members without powers. Speaking of which, I look at Robin and find him staring at me he turns away, I smile then turn away. I don't know why but it almost makes me happy, yet is also kind've weird.
"We're here!" Ms. Martian says. I look, and am disappointed because all I see is a mountain, where is "the cave"?
"Um, where exactly are we? I only see a mountain?" I say, everyone laughs, I get kind've embarrassed and blush, Rocket says to me.
"Don'y worry girl, I said the same thing, in no time you'll be used to it."

Hannah's eyes grow wide as we get into the cave. But it is time to get to work. Dr. Fate, Batman, Superman, Green Arrow, Flash, and Aqua-man all walk into the room.
"Ok," 배트맨 says, "Time to get started, Zatanna, Dr. Fate, begin the spell, Hannah stand in the middle of the room."