Artemis' POV:

I couldn't sleep. After restless hours of tossing and turning, I finally gave up any hope that I would be able to get any sleep tonight. I sat up in my bed, my thoughts attacking my mind.

Where has Wally disappeared to?
Why is he missing?
When will I see him again?
Is he even alive?

It had been two months since his disappearance and I was not sure how to live with myself. I felt responsible for his disappearance. My sister had warned me many months 이전 that if I did not stop seeing Wally, something bad was going to happen to him. If she had actually hurt him, I was not sure. But I could only guess as to who would have done something like that to him.

I remember when 배트맨 had told me that he was missing. Just gone, in the middle of the night, very much as if he had run away from the Cave because he was upset with someone. I closed my eyes and drifted back into the memory of the knowledge of his disappearance.

"Artemis, I really need to talk to you." 배트맨 said sternly to me, pulling me away from my teammates. "What's wrong, Batman?" I asked, thoroughly confused on why he was addressing me 의해 myself. "Wally seems to have disappeared last night." I stared at 배트맨 in shock. "Well, maybe he just went to get 음식 또는 needed to clear his mind." I said warily. "I don't think so, Artemis." 배트맨 begins. "His room was torn to pieces, and there was blood on his 침대 last night. There was a letter written, but it was torn into a thousand pieces and is impossible to read." I shook my head. "I know he is okay. Don't lie to me!" I screamed, running away.

I got out of 침대 and walked out of my room. "If only I knew where 당신 were right now..." I whispered to myself. "Artemis, 당신 can't sleep either can you?" said a voice, startling me. "I'm sorry I startled you." I smiled coyly and said, "It's okay, Dick." I sighed. "I really want to get him back. "I know. I think we should go to 배트맨 tomorrow and try to get assigned a mission to go and rescue him ourselves."

"You know that 배트맨 will never let us do that." I said, deterred. Dick shook his head and said, "We can at least try. He may be your boyfriend, Artemis, and I respect that. But he's my best friend, practically my brother. He means 더 많이 to me than he does to you." I shook my head. If only 당신 knew what I've endured...

"We have to at least try to sleep." Dick suggested softly. "I know." I mumbled, turning my back to him. "And Dick?" I called over my shoulder. "Yeah?"

"Convince Bats to let us go 또는 I might disappear too." I said, anger growing in my belly.