“Since the nine of 당신 are determined to stay on air and make a good show 당신 will do it on Cartoon networks terms. They have volunteered to 광고 the show and keep it on their channel. The producers will make the show, and I will be in charge of your airing scheduele and show times”
“Real showtimes?” Robin asked
‘Yes but only Saturday and on cable”
Branden vetti walked up and spoke up.
“The producers will take care of the obvious stuff. There’s a reason we have offices and wear the business suits” he said pointing to all the 책상, 데스크 with piles of work on it and his suit.
“But the viewing charts prove that the viewers are going up, Greg needs a show that will get kids interested in comics”
“The eighteen of 당신 will be that show” Greg said
“Cool, wait eighteen?” Robin asked confused. The office door opened and nine other characters came in.
“This is the third robin Tim, blue beetle, lagoon boy, wonder girl beast boy, batgirl, bumblebee, guardian and impulse”
“Liking this show every minute" KF whispered to Robin "welcome aboard I’m Kidflash, that’s Robin, Aqualad, Superboy, Miss Martian, Zatanna, Artemis, Red Arrow, and Rocket. It’s cool if 당신 forget their names” he said
“This is going to be so crash!” Impulse shouted. The new team and the old team started talking to each other
“I like your costume” Robin said to Tim and Batgirl.
“Today is the day” Aqualad said.