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posted by Robin_Love
 Aroan, 늑대 form
Aroan, wolf form
“While we head out, 당신 can tell me something.”
“What do 당신 want to know?” Becca asked.
“Why you're out. I haven't seen 당신 in a long time. Ever since Hex came along.”
“Ugh! Please don't talk about that! I have nothing I want to remember!”
“Okay. But I have to know why you're out. 당신 owe me that.”
“I'm out...looking for you.”
“For me?” Kai asked in pure surprise.
“Yes. I had a dream three nights ago. Of the night 당신 saved me from Hex.”
“Why'd 당신 want to find me?”
“I was hoping 당신 could help me find him. So I can end this once and for all.”
“Becca...he almost killed 당신 last time. And he's got a new girl now.”
“I don't care! I need to put an end to everything. He hurt me. I need to set it right.”
“You're going to kill him?”
“No. Lock him up.”
“Are 당신 sure? I mean 당신 haven't been able to for the last seven years.”
“I know. But...I'm ready this time.”
“Okay. I'll help 당신 find him. But if he hurts you, I'll have no choice but to kill him!”
“I hope he does, Kai. Because I've never had this kind of protection before.”
“You'll always have me Becca. I know 당신 better than any other. I won't leave 당신 again. We'll be partners. Like old times.”
“Thank 당신 Kai.”
“No problem. Ah. Here we are. Hold on.”
Kai folded his wings in, bulleting towards the ground. He quickly opened his wings, swooping into a window in a hotel.
“Wow. A penthouse. How'd 당신 score so big?” Becca asked.
“I payed double what they wanted the first five months. Plus, I was able to pull some strings.”
“Nice. Very fancy. But still cozy.”
“That's why I 사랑 it. Plus, I can get in and out of the window without anyone seeing me.”
“Handy. Can I bug you?”
“Yes. 당신 never bug me.”
Becca smiled.
“This paralyzing stuff is wearing off and I haven't eaten in three days. Get me some food?”
“Don't 당신 worry. I'll get 당신 the best 음식 you've ever had. And then we'll go out and find 당신 some disguise clothes. All on me.”
“Oh Kai, I couldn't!”
“Becca, do 당신 have any money on you?”
“No. I haven't been working. And I gave all I had for my three 월 rent to my landlord. I'm broke.”
“Then consider this a gift. I don't want 당신 to go around like that. Your costume is not as comfortable as half the things I've worn.”
“Spoiled brat,” Becca said with a smirk.
“I can just drop you.”
“No! I take it back!”
Kai smiled and placed Becca on the sofa.
“I'll be back.”
“Hurry,” Becca called.
Becca smiled, moving her fingers. She stayed where she was, looking up at the ceiling. She heard movement and looked to the window. The curtains blew in the wind. She mentally shrugged and her eyes went back to the ceiling. She heard 더 많이 movement, this time closer. She moved her head slightly. A red 늑대 with blue eyes growled at her. Becca screamed, sitting up. The 늑대 transformed into the form of a kneeling boy. His hair was silver and his eyes were red. He wore a malicious smirk on his face, eyeing her.
“Rebecca Stevens. Who would have thought you'd walk right into my town? I didn't! But I could smell your delicious aroma. How are 당신 my dear? We haven't had time to catch up.”
“Aroan! What do 당신 want?!”
He brought his face close to hers, hands on her thighs.
“You have always been my heart's desire.”
Aroan moved his fingers and produced a rose.
“A red rose for the prettiest flower.”
“Cute. But it's too late for that.”
“Is it? Becca, we've known each other for a long time. Almost a life time! Is it really wrong to make one mistake? Take one risk?”
“When that risk is trying to kill your girlfriend, yes.”
“Oh little Sparrow, we were just kids! Look at 당신 know! These pretty wings of your were made to fly. Don't 당신 want to fly?”
“I have flown. And it only brings trouble. Like you.”
Aroan smiled.
“You're such a dear thing when 당신 get angry. But nonetheless, you've always been beautiful.”
“Flattery won't help you. I don't need you. And I'm not going back to the old life I had!”
“But we were 더 많이 than just partners, Becca. We were soul mates, lovers. Can 당신 honestly say 당신 have no feelings for me? Even after all these years?”
“I admit I used to have feelings for you. But it was never love. And those feelings died the night Hex through me over the edge of a building!”
“You think I'd have let 당신 fallen to your death? Becca, I 사랑 you. And I know that there are feelings inside your 심장 for me too.”
“Only hate.”
“If 당신 won't 사랑 me Becca, I'll have to force 당신 to 사랑 me!”
Aroan grabbed her wrist and Becca cried out.
“You're hurting me!”
“Then get smart!”
“Release her!”
Both pairs of eyes flew to the window where Kai stood, his scythe out.
“Kai. Ever the charmer. Come to win your Sparrow's heart?”
“Listen nutball, either 당신 let her go, 또는 I'll rip your hand off.”
“Oh. So we're defensive. And protective. 당신 want the bird? Here!”
Aroan threw Becca and Kai fell backwards, catching her.
“Another time my flower!”
Aroan disappeared and Becca panted, tears streaming down her face.
“Did he hurt you?” Kai asked.
“No. I just want him dead!”
“Don't worry. He won't come back. I'll place a spell of protection over this place. Any one who works for him 또는 who belongs to his clan won't be able to get in.”
“I'll be right back. Go into the bedroom. I'll bring 당신 음식 when I've finished.
“Thank you, Kai.”
He smiled at her.
“Anything for you, Swan.”
 Aroan, Human form
Aroan, Human form
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posted by Robin_Love
Becca looked into the barrel of the gun, her heat beating faster.
“You can't be serious,” she whispered.
“But I am. 당신 got rid of the ruler and ventured to the outside world! 당신 put us all at risk! And 당신 have the nerve to call yourself a hero. Treason is your crime. Against the master and us!”
“I never meant to! It wasn't my fault! Nothing is my fault!”
“Pathetic. Begging for your life. The chosen one? Ha! Can't even save herself. And your magic won't work the light infused your senses with a paralyzing gene.”
“So 당신 fight like a coward?”
Becca heard the click of the gun....
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posted by Obscurity98
I watch 당신 stand,
당신 enjoy,
당신 spinn my head,
I know your name, Roy.

당신 cant hide,
I will find you,
A guy like you, should wear a warning.

I can see 당신 now,
I can see 당신 there,
Watching me,
But maybe, i dont care.

Your red hair,
Your eyes i can watch,
당신 사랑 me,
Kick it up a notch?

Babe 당신 cant have me,
I like to play hard to get,
당신 cant catch me,
I'll take my chance, its a bet.

I slip through 당신 fingers everytime,
I 키스 your lips,
I run through your hair,
With my finger tips.

And as my tohuge touched you,
I stood on the ledge, and fell back,
당신 try to catch,
But i slipp through.

Your face is stone cold,
But i know your mourning,
A guy like you,
Should wear a warning.
posted by Mclovin_69
 배트맨 glared at her " im sory Willow but Liza cant work on this team unless 당신 are gone... so 당신 have to pack your stuff andand go.." 배트맨 said
Batman glared at her " im sory Willow but Liza cant work on this team unless you are gone... so you have to pack your stuff andand go.." Batman said
배트맨 called in Willow for a private conversation, Willow was scared why did 배트맨 want to see her, 배트맨 glared at her " im sory Willow but Liza cant work on this team unless 당신 are gone... so 당신 have to pack your stuff and go.." 배트맨 said, tears formed into Willows eyes as shock was in them too, " im sorry" Flash said touching her shoulder, " where will i go..." Willow asked, " weve called back your adoptive father he can take care of you" 배트맨 said, " no please dont let him take me!" Willow screamed with fear in her tone, Black Canary came up and looked at her with sadness in her...
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posted by Robin_Love
Becca opened her eyes. She looked around to find herself in the same room she had been stuck in last time. Her wrists were tied again, but this time she was on the floor, her ankles tied together and locked onto the floor. The door opened and Salva entered.
“Of course it'd be you!” she hissed.
“Hello, my love. I have a gift for you.”
He held up a piece of black fabric in his hand.
“I want nothing from you!”
“Come on. Try it on.”
“Either 당신 put the dress on, Becca, 또는 I will.” Salva eyed her body for a second. “And I won't mind getting a glimpse of what's underneath.”...
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posted by Mclovin_69
Wally had asked Willow to spend an evening with him, she was reallly excited because lately she never had any alone time with him, Willow was busy in her room trying to find what to wear when a knock was heard at the door, Willow went to the door and opened it, it was Becca. Becca peared in to see clothes all over Willows room floor, she gave her a look, " Wally ask 당신 on a date?" she said, " howd 당신 know" Willow said trying to keep away from giggling, " oh no reason....." Becca said, Willow smiled, " can 당신 please help me with something" Willow asked, " sure what is it?" Becca replied,...
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posted by Robin_Love
A warm sensation over took her. It spread all throughout her body. Her fingers moved an her toes wiggled. She cracked her neck and stretched. The needles left her body and the 헬멧 fell away from her head. She opened her dark brown eyes and they glowed an amber color. A ripple of amber light spread throughout her cell and she was free from her tank. The door of her cell opened and she went towards it. The alarms had been silenced 의해 her magic and no one was around to see her. The magic had also released the others being held captive. With a smile, she entered one of the many rooms belonging...
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posted by Mclovin_69
The cave wasnt the same, Wally and Robin were depressed, down, they werent 연기 like them usual selfs, always mocking eachother and making jokes. One thing scared Artemis most, Wally wasnt fighting with her, mocking her, nothing. And another thing that scared the others was Robin not talking, neither of the boys came out of their rooms.


Wally sat in his room on his bed, laying down and looking at his celing, he remembered Willows beautiful dark brown eyes, the way he moved her bagns out of her face to reveal such beauty, it had been weeks since...
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 Wonder Girl
Wonder Girl
Becca walked to where Robin sat. She sat on her knees on the other side of the cage.
“Robin. I need to apologize. For all I've done. I 로스트 sight of everything I loved. I allowed someone else to hold my emotions. I may never be good enough for you, but that doesn't mean 당신 사랑 me any less. And I know I 사랑 당신 with my whole being. I would rather fight against 당신 than have to live without you. So please forgive me. And...never let me leave again.”
Becca looked up into the mask that hid Robin's eyes. Her own were filled with tears; some that she had been burying a long time. She swallowed,...
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Wally snuggled Artemis as he lay beside her in bed, though Wally was asleep Artemis lay staring at her side at the wall. Whenever she closed her eyes she saw the white rabbit in her dreams, tell ing her something, something like needing to come back to wonderland, the sad part is she never will considering she is dead. Artemis started to sniffle a bit trying to hide back tears, she really did want to go back but whenever she tried she never did, Artemis let out a sigh finally she was never going to get any sleep at this rate if she kept thinking about it but she couldnt help it. " Artemis......
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posted by Robin_Love
“How'd 당신 know?” Robin asked as he helped Becca settle into her room at the mountain.
“About 당신 being Robin?”
He nodded, hanging one of few pictures Becca had to the wall. She laughed a little and he moved to sit on the floor beside her.
“Please. Any good detective would have realized it, which proves I'm the only good one. Robin showed up at Batman's side not very long after Dick Grayson was adopted 의해 Bruce Wayne. Robin is a skilled 체조 선수 and fighter. So was Dick Grayson. Robin can hack through any computer and is always on his toes. So was Dick Grayson. Robin was always able...
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posted by Skittles98
“Dunuphear” I said. A silver coin appeared in my hand.
“Great job Liana” Zatanna smiled “Now let’s try the growing spell”
“Okay. Cab oot lamron” I said. The tiny doll caught on fire. Zatanna put it out quickly.
“Sorry” I squeaked
“It’s okay. I’ve burnt tons of dolls” she laughed. I knew she was lying.
“Let’s try the transfiguration spell now” she said
“Lex eeb nacorb” I spoke. The doll fizzed, glowed, then nothing. “Anied muceb namew” still nothing.
“It’s useless. I’m never going to be a sorceress” I sighed
“Keep hope Liana. Why don’t we try that...
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It`s raining?I got up from the ebd to get ready I heard low foot steps and grabbed my shiruken and put them on his chest amimng for severe wonds.
It was Robin? I sighed
Okay you`ve officialy scared me for the day,
what`s up?
"Why does something have to be up for me to enter your room.?"
Good point,I handed Robin my shiruken and started looking for my dress and my shoes.
What ever 당신 do don`t touch the-
Nice,here I took some bandeges out of my secret stash and put my saliva on his hand and wrapped it.
There now quit playing with it its poisened.
Play with tetsaiga 또는 tensaiga,but leave that...
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posted by Candy77019
 "You have to practice this everyday, starting tomorrow."
"You have to practice this everyday, starting tomorrow."
The door to the terminal opened slowly, as Megan landed the bioship in the big landing unit.
We all got out of the ship and headed to the Mission Room, where Erica sat at the computer, staring at nothing.
"Guys!" She greeted, hugging Robin, then looking at me. "That was fast!"
I showed her my scroll. "She didn't have time to teach me." I didn't miss her quick frown before she looked at it.
She smiled, then gave it back to me. "You have to practice this everyday, starting tomorrow."
KF looked at the 벽 clock. "I have to get to school!" he flashed out of the mountain and headed for his school....
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