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posted by Robin_Love
Roy narrowed his eyes at her and Becca stared at him calmly. He smiled and turned to Artemis.
“She's definatly a keeper. Don't let this one go.”
“I won't!” Artemis exclaimed proudly.
“Okay smarty,” Wally stated. “If 당신 can pin point people so well, do him.”
Wally pointed to a black haired boy smaller than the last.
“Easy. Gymnast. 별, 스타 of the team, mathlete as well. Excels at just about everything. Hides behind a mask of kindness to keep people at arm's length though he never use to. His father is a rich man and his son gets whatever he wants. But it isn't enough and he has to keep searching. Might be called a cold prince of Hell 의해 some”-Becca looked at Artemis-“but has 더 많이 emotion than anyone can see.”
Becca looked down at her hands, a blush appearing on her face. Wally looked at her with a tilted head and Zatanna seemed a little tense at the mentioning of the boy. Artemis and Roy shared a look before they all turned to Becca.
“How do 당신 know all that about him?” Artemis asked.
“His name?”
“Dick Grayson. Adopted son of Bruce Wayne.”
Becca nodded.
“He was in the same circus I was when we were young. Before he 로스트 his parents I mean. He was my friend.” Becca smiled a little. “I haven't seen him in four years. Excuse me.”
Becca got up and left the table, heading towards the restrooms. The others looked at each other before getting up to follow her.

Said girl looked up at Artemis and Zatanna. She had gone against the restrooms and had headed to the library. This way, she could hide anywhere. Roy and Wally followed behind the two girls. Becca looked away as they sat down beside her.
“What's wrong Becca?” Artemis asked.
“Nothing really.”
“Becca,” Zatanna whispered. “I don't have to know magic to see that something is wrong.”
Becca shook her head. They may be her new friends, but she wasn't too keen on opening up to anyone right now. But she guessed she owed them an explanation.
“Becca, why did 당신 run off?”
Becca looked down, too embarrassed to look at them.
“When we were growing up together, we use to have THE biggest crushes on each other,” Becca explained. “Seeing him as a teenager at this school.....it's a little much to comprehend. I never wanted to loose our friendship but when he moved away, I didn't see him after that. He's famous now. He's rich, grown up, and has other friends. I just want to be his friend again. Even if it never grows to 더 많이 than that.”
Artemis glanced around and opened her mouth to speak. The 벨 rang, cutting her off.
“I've got to get to class,” Becca said.
She scooped up her 책 and bag, leaving the others behind. Artemis watched her leave before turning to Wally.
“We may have use of that flirting factor Wally.”
His grin was huge as he stood.
“On it. Oh Becca~!”
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posted by TOTALIzzyluver

I was doing my daily internet routine (fanpop, facebook, email, youtube, fanpop, twitter, 팬팝 and tumblr)

When I got to my tumblr I was just like I always scrolling down looking at amusing pictures of things when I came across a Young Justice post.

I started to have a mini panic attack 구글 검색 because what I read was absolutely horrifying when I read that the 다음 (or one of the next) episodes entitled
The 설명 was leaked.
And dude. I'm about to wet my pants. So I warn you. All of you. (Especially Robin_Love)

Title: Misplaced...
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posted by Robin_Love
Artemis was calmly walking down the sidewalk in 별, 스타 City. Today she was going to visit Green 애로우 for an extra training excersice he wanted her to learn; said it would help in battle. He'd promised it would only be the two of them so she was surprised when she saw Red 애로우 aka Roy Harper sitting on the edge of a low wall.
“Hey what are 당신 doing here?” she asked.
“Just a little challenge. Is that allowed?”
“O-of course! Absolutely! I-I mean yes.”
Artemis blushed, flustered 의해 the adorable smirk on Roy's face. She turned to her mentor.
“Can we start?”she muttered.
Green 애로우 laughed....
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posted by justjill
Megan's bio-ship landed on the hard pavent of Boston sending passerby running of for safety. "What happen?" Aqualad asked Megan."I don't know, she felt something pulling her down." They quickly got out of the Bio-ship and looked around, suddenly a 불, 화재 ball shot through the air and almost landed on Artemis until KidFlash quickly pushed her away. "Hahahaha! we meet again, baby justice league!" Dr Evil laughed crazily launching 불, 화재 balls at them. "Enough of this nonsense!" Superboy shouted, his anger rising to his/her top. Superboy launch himself into the air and came down onto Dr Crazy creating...
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“How did 당신 get in here?” Robin asked. Caleb shrugged, “I traced the call that she made to me back to here. Then I hacked the entrance system!” Wally stared back at him, “Wow… You’re like a mini-Robin!” Caleb smiled back at him proudly. Hailey rolled her eyes and sighed dramatically. “Pardon me, but do 당신 have any information on where Mercy might be?” Kaldur asked with a great emphasis. “We already know that she’s with 2 of the most lethal people we’ve faced. They go 의해 the names of Brennan Delmar and Maura Hartley. We killed one of their teammates …and now for...
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posted by Robin_Love
Becca sat in the corner of her room. The lights were off and thunder rumbled outside. The rain fell as constant as her tears and she tried not to shiver in the cold. Willow, Mercy, and Joy had left yesterday. Robin had given her the news two days earlier. Now she sat, friendless and unloved, away from the rest of the world. She looked at the marks on her wrist, regretting the pain she had craved. A knock sounded at her door.
“Go away!” she screamed.
“Becca, let me talk to you.”
“No! 당신 and 배트맨 are the last people I want to see! 당신 caused this!”
“But Becca, 당신 need help!”
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