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posted by Mclovin_69
" Willow please stop!" Wally yelled and ran infront of her on the 바닷가, 비치 and grabbed her shoulders, " let me go!!" Willow screamed, and Wally let go, tears ran down Willows cheeks, " Willow please 당신 have to understand i didnt 키스 her.." Wally said, " 당신 did i saw you!! " Willow said as she wiped away a tear and turned away from him. She was going to start to walk away when she felt Wally 덮개, 랩 his arms around her, " Willow... please i dont want to lose you... i 사랑 you..." Wally said, Willow looked down and wiped a tear running down her cheek she sighed deeply, " i 사랑 당신 too...." Willow said. She sighed deeply, " i know what your thinking.... and i think im thinking the same...." Wally said, tears went down Willows cheeks, " i think so too..." Willow said and she turned to him so that they could look at eachother, " tell me what your thinking so i know im thinking right..." Wally said, Willow sighed " maybe this is a sign that our relationship isnt working..." Willow said, Wally nodded and closed his eyes, Willow began to cry and Wally hugged her and she cried down the back of Wallys neck, but Wally didnt care he was losing someone he knew he truly loved....., they stopped hugging, " i want to at least be friends.... i cant stand not being able to see 당신 또는 not live without you..." Wally said looking at her with his sparkling green eyes. " I 사랑 you.." Willow said trying hard to cry, Wally looked down trying to fight the tears, his voice choked, " I 사랑 당신 to... ill try my hardest to see 당신 every chance i get..." Wally said, " promise..." Willow whispered and touched his cheek, Wally grabbed her hand, " i prmoise..." he whispered back, Willow wanted badly to 키스 him as did Wally but doing that might just make it harder to say gooodbye, Willow stepped back and took off a 목걸이 around her neck, it had half of a 심장 on it, she placed it in Wallys palm, Wally took out his that he kept in his pocket and gave it to her, Willows half of the 심장 was light blue like her eyes when they glowed and Wallys was red, yellow, and 주황색, 오렌지 like when Wally runs at superspeed, Wally took the half Willow handed to him and Wally handed his to her, tears streamed Willows face and she couldnt say another word and she turned to walk away from him down the 바닷가, 비치 and into the sunset once she was far enough she disappeared, Wally choked trying to hold back a tear but one escaped he looked put his hand down trying not to let it fall down his cheek but it did, it ran down his cheek and fell into the sand at his feet.
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posted by TOTALIzzyluver
K so this is opinion. Don't vitrally shoot me. -___-

Artemis. It's kind of obvious. Here thee below is a list of reasons.

1) Her sister is an extremely dangerous killer lady who killed peoples who left her when she was like 8

2) Her "daddy" is a criminal of the shawdows known as Sportsmaster

3) Her moms been to prison
So basically she comes from a criminal family and has been raised to (most likely) be bad and kill thangs.

4) I am just know relizing that that episode she came in was called "Infiltator" which according to my English savvy brain is an antonym of "mole" meaning they mean the same...
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posted by justjill
"Yes! I win again!" Artemis shoved it at Wally's face after wining a game of pinball. Suddenly Megan comes in and excitedly shows Artemis something. "Oh wow! There is a great shopping sale down at 별, 스타 City! I am so going there!" Artemis screamed as Megan and her did a little victory jump. "What is so fun about shopping? All 당신 do there is waste money and time!" Wally said. Artemis glared angrily and said"You boys don't understand!" Immediately, Artemis and Megan left the mountain and headed towards 별, 스타 City. Wally yawned lazily and headed towards the gym where Robin was training,"Hey Robs!...
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added by emilypenguin55
I do not own any of this please let me know why 당신 think
Chapter VIII-

Revenge jumped off the 상단, 맨 위로 of the building, Courage right behind him.

"Who is it?" she asked.

"Ice Crystal." Revenge said, not breaking his pace as he rounded a corner and pursued the junior ice villain.

The two 히어로즈 ended up in a deserted mansion. They could see no sign of the villainess.

A few ice spikes flew out of the darkness and embedded themselves in Revenge's chest. He stumbled back and tossed a dagger blindly into the darkness which was very unlike him. It exploded and Ice Crystal laughed to Revenge's right. Revenge threw exploding daggers blindly until Courage grabbed his...
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posted by 66Dragons
This is the Final Part of Part 1!

Chapter Four-

"What the heck are 당신 doing?" 호랑 가시 나무, 홀리 asked, yawning. 

"Same thing as before," Sam said, pulling away from the computer for a minute. "working on something."

"And that something is?" 호랑 가시 나무, 홀리 asked, getting up and throwing her 옷, 가운 on.

"Heat gun," Sam replied, turning back to the computer screen. "Well chemical equation right now. Go back to sleep."

"Cant," 호랑 가시 나무, 홀리 yawned. "Can't quit thinking about today."

"Lioness?" Sam guessed.


"From what I can guess, she was your best friend at the League of Shadows."

"True," 호랑 가시 나무, 홀리 said, sitting on the desk. "She...
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“What is wrong with you? Robin.” Wally was looking at Robin. “There is nothing wrong with me. Wally.” There really was nothing wrong with me. I’m happy. I have great friends. I have an awesome father. I have a great team. And I saw Rachel for the first time embraced. What can a guy wish 더 많이 for? Wally: “Robin? 당신 have a weird aura around you. Are 당신 mad 또는 something?” I looked at Wally. He really was worried. “I perfectly fine. I’m just happy.” Artemis looked up from the book she was reading. “You? Happy? You’re joking, right?” I laughed. “No, I’m not joking....
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I was doing paperwork when Kate came in the study room. “Rachel, why aren’t 당신 ready!?” She sounded angry. I kept 글쓰기 while I answered her question. “What do 당신 mean?” She started tapping with her feet on the ground. She was angry, now she is pissed off. “The Charity-party? 당신 begged on coming with me. Ring any bells?” Shit, I knew I did forget something. “I even had to ask the person who organized the charity party if 당신 were allowed to come. He laughed at my face and said: Of course she allowed but she will get quiet bored.” I finally looked up. Kate was wearing...
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posted by Skittles98
“I will train my students while 당신 lead your team. When they are trained, I will find the 다음 generation and train them. I will assist 당신 if 당신 need help, but I will stay here otherwise” I said. I never turned around.
“Night, you’re quitting the team?” Robin asked
“Yes” I nodded
“But 당신 never quit. No matter what” he protested
“Exactly. When 당신 faced Superman, did 당신 quit? When your mom was kidnapped, did 당신 quit? When 당신 wanted to attack Kalder, did 당신 quit? No. 당신 kept going, no matter the pain” Wally said
“We need 당신 Night” Robin said
“Without you, we’re...
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