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posted by Robin_Love
“I can't believe how much has happened,” Becca said aloud.
A wind blew her hair and she attempted to tuck the loose strands behind her ear. She sighed as the sun set. It was a gorgeous summer sun set with cool breezes. The 일 was as perfect as the weather. Except for one minor detail.
“Megan has become like a sister to me. She's always there to help me and she trusts too easily. Kaldur is...I don't know him very well. But he could be a close friend if we were to talk. Then there's Connor. He is very temperamental but he has a sweet side; he's a brother. And so's Wally. Ohmygosh. Wally is just all around crazy! But he has earned his place on the team. Artemis would come next. She and Wally are constantly fighting but that's because of the romantic tensions. She could be my best friend. And 당신 know all about Robin. Did I miss anyone?”
There was no answer. But Becca had expected that because it was deadly quiet. What else would 당신 get from a private cemetery? Tears flooded her eyes as the names of her parents, engraved in stone, stared back at her blankly. This had been the 일 Becca had 로스트 her mom. And her dad would be two 또는 three days away. She was all alone. Becca let the tears slid down her cheeks, fingering a blade of grass.
“I miss 당신 so much! Mommy...daddy...why'd 당신 have to go? Mommy...daddy...!”
The sobs came now, wrenching from her 심장 and out her throat. It hadn't ever been so easy to mourn when Serepta had been on her trail. But now Becca was free to do much 더 많이 the weep over the loss of her parents. She looked at herself and felt uncomfortable. She was wearing the purple dress she'd had for her mother's funeral with the a little green jewelery set her dad had bought her. She didn't wear much color, but Becca had decided to dress with her parents' 가장 좋아하는 colors; just for th day. Now she was wondering if she should've reconsidered. Before she could decide what was 더 많이 honorable, arms wrapped around her and Becca wiped at her trickling tears.
“I thought I'd find 당신 here.”
“You a good detective, Dick.”
“Hmm. You're a better one.”
Becca smiled a little, leaning into him as the sun sank lower. She felt Dick's breath hot on her ear and couldn't keep the heat from flushing her cheeks.
“You look beautiful,” he whispered.
“I wanted to honor them 의해 wearing something they'd love.”
“I know. 당신 mother would like the dress. And your dad would be pleased with the green jewelry.”
더 많이 tears began to fall at the mention of them and Becca felt lost.
“How do 당신 do this? I want to know how 당신 did it those first couple years.”
“I had a family to help me. Bruce and Alfred were very helpful and understanding. They let me mourn. But kept me from wanting to 가입하기 them.”
“But...I have no family. You're all I have left. You're the only family I have.”
Becca fingered the silver band on her ring finger. It had little hearts engraved in it and a few sparrows. But there was a robin with rings outspread right in the center, where a jewel should have been. It was simple, something that would have meant nothing. But Becca cherished it.
“Don't worry, love. I'll help you. Even between being Becca and Shade. 당신 don't have to worry.”
“Dick, I don't even know who I am anymore.”
Dick moved to sit in front of her. He cupped her cheek and tilted her head upwards. She grabbed his free hand and 라푼젤 their fingers together.
“I know who 당신 are Becca Stevens. And I will never loose you.”
Dick looked into her vulnerable brown eyes and he knew how 심장 broken she was; how betrayed she had been feeling. He leaned down to capture those tempting lips with his own.
“I promise.”

“Is your hair dyed?”
“What?” Becca asked, a smile on her lips.
“Did 당신 dye your hair?” Wally repeated.
“No. Why?”
“I never thought 당신 could black hair with red highlights. Especially ones as red as yours.”
“Umm...It's just like that.”
Wally tilted his head as he watched Becca jog away. She'd gone from happy to secretive; over hair! Something was wrong. Becca was normally cool with all of his 랜덤 questions. But she just closed up, like she was carrying a burden. A secret. Wally LOVED secrets. He wanted to find out Becca's secret and he was anxious to start. But if he got too nosy, word would get to Robin. Then he'd be in trouble. Find a secret 또는 get in trouble with the Dark Knight?...Bye secret!

“That was too close,” Becca finished.
“Yes it was,” a muffled voice agreed. “They're getting too close too fast. We need to keep this secret Becca. Remember?”
“I'm trying. But I'm not very subtle with my emotions.”
“True. Relax. I'm sure Wally won't know any better. And the others don't see 당신 as much.”
“What about Robin? I can't keep this a secret forever ya'know.”
“Just a little longer. In a week's time, you'll be able to release this information 당신 have. The small amount we discussed about anyway.”
“What do 당신 mean? What's going to happen?”
“...I'm not sure. Things are too iffy right now. But there's an evil stir in the air. 당신 need to be on the alert. And watch over them. They don't know.”
“Alright. But only because it's for you.”
“Thank 당신 Becca. Now I best let 당신 go. We wouldn't want them snooping around right?”
“Of course not.”
“Good. And remember, we know nothing.”
The speaker hung up and Becca was left standing in darkness.
“Yeah. But I wonder if that's enough.”
I know this seems random, but 곰 with me! It all ties in at the end!!!! XD
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posted by KatRox1
A sense of alarm ran up her spine. Anna sprinted over to where the team was huddled around. She pushed Kid Flash out of the way. What she saw almost made her faint. Robin was there. And he was unconscious. Miss Martian was kneeling down 다음 to him. "Crap. This is all my fault." Anna said. She knelled down 다음 to Miss Martian. "Can I have some time alone with him?" "Sure." Miss Martian said quietly. They all backed up. Anna started to worry. Robin wasn't responding. She checked his pulse, it was shallow. "Please be okay." Anna mumbled under her breath. Then she noticed what was wrong. There...
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Made 의해 유튜브 user MagneticRosie. The song is "Make a Man Out of You" from Walt Disney's Mulan. Donny Osmond sings in this!! Enjoy!! :D
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donny osmond
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posted by Denelys
 Harly Quinn
Harly Quinn
Where am I?I looked around to see Junior Justice there watching me.
Iee!!!!!!Nan Dakoya?!?!
"Uhhh Im not jappanese soo Rob wanna take this one?"Kid Flash added.
Onee-chan where is she!'I keept looking but I did`nt find her round the room,I was tied to the bed.'
"Dove!come in here!!"Kid Flash added
She is awake??'I thought I told her to not get involved.'
"Onee-chan are 당신 okay?"Dove came close and looked down on me.
Hai,I would kill 당신 if 당신 were`nt My beloved Onee-chan.
"Domo?Oh 당신 mean what 당신 told me,But they are such good people."
'She does`nt get it does she?'
Onee-chan we are leaving now!I...
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“I’m on Themyscira. I am un-harmed and doing well. I’m being trained to be an Amazon. Don’t come. We are preparing in case of battle. There is something on the horizon coming towards us that might pose a threat” I informed them. I saw my hawks flying towards me. I held out my arm and they landed. They made a bunch of caws and squawks that I understood. There was a 보트 with six people coming towards here. No weapons, but four men.
“Okay. We’ll send Megan and Artemis to pick 당신 up” Robin informed me
“No. Not yet. I’m not finished here. I must help my sisters against the men.”...
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Yeah! New Episode!
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“I will train my students while 당신 lead your team. When they are trained, I will find the 다음 generation and train them. I will assist 당신 if 당신 need help, but I will stay here otherwise” I said. I never turned around.
“Night, you’re quitting the team?” Robin asked
“Yes” I nodded
“But 당신 never quit. No matter what” he protested
“Exactly. When 당신 faced Superman, did 당신 quit? When your mom was kidnapped, did 당신 quit? When 당신 wanted to attack Kalder, did 당신 quit? No. 당신 kept going, no matter the pain” Wally said
“We need 당신 Night” Robin said
“Without you, we’re...
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posted by Skittles98
I ran towards my bike. The silent alarm on the bank had just been tripped. I jumped on and rode quickly to the bank. I stopped outside and heard fighting going on inside. I ran in, my disc’s ready. I found an archer in red beating up a crook with his bow. One of them was about to 헤로인 him upside the head with a 까마귀 bar. I threw my disc, hitting it out of his hand. I leaned against the door frame. The archer got punched, then thrown to the ground. I threw a net at the last crook and tied them up. I helped the archer up. He rubbed his stomach where he got punched.
“Are 당신 supposed to be...
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