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 Meet Dexter...
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I doubt I'll make hima fully functioning OC. But I feel like we need a bearded OC. He's a cute lil' ginger who was burned in a terrible house 불, 화재 and now he hates fire. He's shy and not good around ppl and a total cutie.
팬 아트
green eyes
posted by GlitterPuff
Name: Rene Kenna Oshea

Alias: None

Personality: Energetic, loves adventures,
enthusiastic and crazy sometimes. Has the mind and spirit of an 8 년 old at times, but is reliable when needed most. Loving and caring, but sometimes troubled.

Appearance: Red hair down her back with bangs covering her left eye, pale skin, brown eyes, about 5 foot 5, tattoo on her left wrist of a 심장 and underneath the 심장 it says love, burn marks up her legs from Blood River

Age: 17

Birthday: September 19th

Relationship Status’s:
Boyfriend: Unknown
“Brother”: Bentley
“Sister”: Mel
“Niece”: Amara

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posted by Mclovin_69
Name: Perris Lest

Hero Name: none

Age: 15

Appearance: Green eyes, freckles, long wavy ginger hair

Personality: she is very unsure of her capabilities and does not talk much to others about her ideas and instead just does what shes told. She is very self concious of herself and her surroundings.

Powers/Skills: speed teleportation, the power to create an blue energy that creates an electric shock when in contact with an object 또는 being.

Relations: older sister to Jake and Duke, daughter to Willow and Billy.

Civillian wear: jeans, flats, and a flowing tank top.

Others: the energy is a mix of Willows...
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"Or what, sissy? 당신 gonna stop me and the gang from messin' up the kid's face here?" The three other boys smirked as they knew they had the number advantage. But the girl also gave a tiny smirk. "Yeah, I think I will."

The pack laughed.

"You-you've got to be kidding! Hahaha!" Billy managed to get out as he laughed. "You and what army? Ahahahaha!" But she continued to give them a smirk. "Well..."


As if on cue, a blur rushed out from behind a bush, its target Billy. Before he could even register what the blur was, the boy slammed his elbow into Billy's face, sending him to the dirt. The...
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posted by Blitz359
Scotch patiently waited on the park bench in the dim lamplight for the others to appear. She looked down at her new watch and sighed. "Movie's starting soon. Where are they?"

5 분 later, she rose from her cold 좌석 and stretched her legs. Probably forgot. She started down the sidewalk when she heard her name being shouted behind her. Turning around, she saw Richi running toward her, his clothes slightly disheveled and slightly out of breath.

"Sorry, had to meet up with an old friend for a moment," he apologized. She gave a small smile to let him know it was alright. She peeked around Richi...
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posted by Robin_Love
 I feel very sad....
I feel very sad....
To those who choose to read it:

As of now, though it may be temporary, Devin, Jon, Cat, Yuki, Mizore, Aroan, Teague, and Irra are no longer going to be used. Also, The Outsiders I am reconfiguring so if 당신 see me post the bio thing, it is because of that. As for Prisoner of War and future articles....I am unsure as to how to go about. Seeing as a few Ocs have been removed, I may just start a new series. But fear not. Becca, Tara, Terror, and the others that are not the ones listed above are still in use. In answer to any questions, yes this is because people have left. No I will not reconsider...
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posted by BladeYJ
 Mmmhphh c;
Mmmhphh c;
He was once again called to kill another idioct vampire, that believed he could take over the world, would they ever learn?


"Any last words?" he cocked his gun and smirked.
"You're an imb-"
He pulled the trigger before words could escape, and watched as the vampire disintegrated.
Quickly he left the church and headed into the woods, first a town of beasts and now a vampire, what 더 많이 could he handle?
While walking, enjoying the night of no stars and a half moon, his red eyes caught a girl of smaller stature than his own. "A human? But I thought they all died in town."

D's eyes narrowed as...
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posted by Robin_Love
 Canary's Cage
Canary's Cage
This will answer one of the 질문 that was asked.

{This will be Devin's point of view.}

People always see 천사 as perfect, free of all pain and worry. They have no clue how wrong they are. 천사 are only a shred of the perfection of Heaven. Not all of us sing 또는 play harps. Not all of us have perfect white wings. Not all of us have fair hair. They're are thousands of Angels. Each has a story, some have scars, and few have enemies. Rarely would an 앤젤 have experienced all three.
I am one of those rare ones. And I'm even 더 많이 rare. Because it's near impossible for 천사 to find that perfect...
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posted by InfinityYJ
BAH. I'm working on Living Remains, I swear, but I was pressured into posting this.
Rated PG-13 for gore and over-description.
Kind of AU-ish, where Nathan Stone is real and not Ryan Zucco, but not dating Fin. At all. :D

The linoleum tiles were splattered with a crimson liquid, and Dick could've sworn it was taunting him. Some of it was just 랜덤 splashes of coppery scented color against the pale walls, most of it was in patterns and words. Widened grins of a crazed madman were prominent, Bruce noted dutifully, but some were crude letters scribbled with a finger. Among these were "help," "pain,"...
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posted by XxKFforeverXx
Props for those who can figure out where the last name and picture came from.

Name: Dawson Ryan. (Original Right? XD)


Occupation: NINJA/Hero.

Age: 17

Powers/Skills: Uhm...I'm just going with karate, and other sorts of things.

Weapons: Swords and daggers, throwing stars, nun-chucks (did I spell that right?), smoke bombs, knock out gas, and all that good stuff.

Past: Dawson grew in a normal family life, great mother and father. Until a book coming soaring into his window, and onto his lap. Dawson, as curious as he is, opened the book. Inside the book laid a note that read, "your are the ninja."...
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posted by -BelovedRobin
Shipping is something every 팬 boy, girl, cat, dog, etc do. Whether we admit 또는 not, we all have that power couple we root for. It's a fun topic to talk about, shoot 당신 can even create bonds over certain couples. At the same time 당신 can create a continental divide with others.

It's fine, ship whatever 당신 want! No one can stop 당신 other than yourself. Like me, for an example, I ship Tim 드레이크, 드레이 크 and Conner Kent. I do get a lot of crude because people believe "they will never become canon" 또는 "you just want hot gay sex between them." At first it did bother me, someone was putting me down because...
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posted by MafiaYJ
To finish off my big 3 as i called them:


Full Name : Odette Hardy
Nickname: Kitten
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: New York
Birthday: June 29, 1996
Currently living in: New York
Species/Race: Human
Ethnicity: Unknown
Occupation: Thief + Photographer
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Social Status: Undecided


Body Build: Fit but curvy
Height: 5’10
Weight: 120 lbs
Skin colour: Pale
Hair style: Long, usually down
Hair colour: Platinum blonde
Eye colour: Green
Accessories: cat and 거미 earrings, choker necklace, camera, glasses/contacts


Likes: Video games, photography, Pinterest,...
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