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 SOME OC couples! ;D That I ship! (I know I didn't mean to spam!!)
THESE ARE ONLY A FEW OF THEM! I didn't want to spam A LOT!
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This Young Justice OC'S!!! 사진 contains 기상 풍선, 젤리 빈, 젤리 계란, 젤리 콩, and 젤리. There might also be 피노 블랑, jawbreaker, 삐걱 거리는 소리, 블랙 커런트, 유럽 검은 건포도, 사람 nigrum을 베스, 검은 건포도, ribes nigrum, and 블랙 커 런 트.

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January 1, 2108

Julie ran through the door, panting as she slammed it shut. She ran a hand through her short black hair and walked into the living room of her old home. Rene sat on the 침상, 소파 staring at an old 사진 of her and her old 프렌즈 and Zack. Julie knew that her mother had been crying because her hands had small streaks of black from her make-up.

"Mom?" She walked over to her mom and sat on the arm of the couch, looking at the 사진 with her. She pointed at a blur haired girl in the photo. "Who's that?"


"And the blonde 다음 to her?"

"Mel." A small smile ran across the red heads...
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Makaio, as he had come to know himself, theatrically bows and motions to the drop in front of them. "Ladies first."
"No way!" she protests. "How do 당신 know it's safe?"
"I've done this a hundred times before!"
"I don't believe you."
"Are 당신 calling me a liar?" he tries to look hurt.
"If you're so sure, then 당신 jump first."
Makaio sighs, though the grin doesn't leave. "Alright, alright, how about we jump together?"
She nods in agreement. "On three."
"Un," he starts.
"Duex," she added.
"Trois!" the shout together. Makaio runs the last few steps and leaps from the 상단, 맨 위로 of the waterfall. The water is freezing...
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I realize how crummy my first bio of my OC was, so I've decided to rewrite it.

Occupation: Heroin in training- Team Young Justice
Alter-Ego: Aryess Weston aka Ary
Personality: mature for her age, but often acts like a kid to keep up the good mood; trustworthy though doesn't trust many others; very friendly unless she feels threatened; stubborn.
Age: 14
Description: 5'5"; fair hair; light gray eyes; always wears her angel-charm nacklace; two 문신 (one on left shoulder, one on lower back, both hidden from view).
Skills: no super powers, 칼, 나이프 handling, martial arts, 거리 fighting, mild acrobatics,...
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Pandora, Pandora Hold on to you're Box

Open the lid and the Gods will be cross

The blood will flood out and the Scars that won't heal

Keep in you're dark secrets and the rest will yeald

Sniker Snaker the vorpal Blade goes

Wherever it goes , Alice will follow

Just one of the souls which 당신 posses

Pandora, don't say Dulce et Decorum est Pro patria mori

As that is a different part to you're story

But truely it's meaning has been Changed

You killed people then and you're mind is still diranged

So be draged back to the land of white

And snuggle up in a Straight-Jacket nice and tight

Be forced into Darkness...
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Sowws if there are a billion typos, I’ve been waiting MONTHS to write this thing that took me twenty minutes. And yes, this is a week 또는 two early, but the last 기사 was like, a week 또는 two late, so I'm pretending that they 취소하기 out. I know 당신 guys are probs like OH LOOK 더 많이 DRAMA OOOOOH FUN with the deepest sarcasm, but juuust to keep anyone who wants to filled in...

It was delightfully quiet in the room. There was no 더 많이 screaming 또는 shouting 또는 rushing about the room. Yet it was far from over. The world would be set into fast 앞으로 again soon, but for the moment Aryess was allowed...
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