Young Justice OC'S!!! Single 또는 Taken?

SilverWings13 posted on Aug 29, 2012 at 11:56PM
Like the title? So here's the sitch: I'm incredible OCD and can barely keep up with these couples. So, why don't we make a list of our OCs and who they're with?
Here are mine (S stands for single):

Thirteen- S
Blaze- S
SilverWings- gf of Bentley (it's complicated)
Ruse- Immunity's bf
Immunity- Ruse's gf
Crystal- S
Tanner (green lantern)- S
(I'm not counting my BtA OCs for certain reasons...)

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over a year ago Willow_Cyrus said…
Willow- gf of billy ( almost)
Bentley- bf of sil
Lucas- bf to artemis
Andrew- s
Chance- s
Ryan- s
Bloodmist- s ( or is he" unknown)
over a year ago Eclipse-YJ said…
Eclipse - Married :D
Bubble Blast - GF to Zeth
Jay-34 - Single but missing at the moment
Jay-35 - single but a world wanted criminal

(Future Children of Eclipse and Notte;D)

Jason - single
Onex (twin to nicole) - single
Nicole (twin to onex) - single
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over a year ago XxKFforeverXx said…
Fang: ALMOST Married. We'll get there eventually.
White Lightining: Boyfriend to Cat

Arella: single.
Lysis: single
Sift: single

I find it funny that all my girls are single xD
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over a year ago ShadowYJ said…
^ Well you're not the only one!

Shadow- Single
Devastator- Single
Nightingale- Single
Charlotte Valerie Hale- Single


(I only RP Shadow, I was thinking fo RPing Glimmer, but I dunno...)
over a year ago AislingYJ said…
All mine are single except for Aisling and Jackson, who are dating each other xP.
So that means (I'll only say the ones that have accounts):
Ash: dating Jackson
Jackson: dating Aisling
Caitlyn: S
Dawn: S
Reese: S
Tesla: S (thank god)
um...that might be it.....
over a year ago Obscurity98 said…
Harley- she was with skylar, but i think hes dead now so i'm kinda lost on that.....u'd have to ask BM_

I have .....all are single!
James: S
Ava: S
Fade : S
Alcor: S
over a year ago EpsilonP-YJ said…

Alpha: S
Beta: S
Gamma: Dead
Gamma (Agony): S
Delta: Dating Brant
Epsilon: S
Omicron: S
Sigma (Phantom): S
Omega: S
Brant: Dating Delta

Wow....almost all my oc's are single
over a year ago ArtemisYJ said…
Ok I have Arty and shes with Luke but
All my ocs are single except only 1 has an account so far
over a year ago Robin_Love said…
Oh jeez! Here it comes!!!
Terror-bf to Blade
Zeth-bf to Ariel
Devin-ALMOST married to Fang
Corri-bf to Mel
Tara-gf to Ceil
Dylan-husband of Eclipse
Billy-bf to Willow...I think

Those guys'll get accounts soon!!!
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over a year ago BloodyMascara_ said…
Oh jeez, kay!

Ciel-BF of Tara
Mel-GF of Corri
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