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posted by Robin_Love
Just something I thought of. I think it’s not quite yet a 년 but the story came to me. Enjoy

The soft lullaby filled the room as the clock turned 2:00. The sun was tucked away to sleep, much like the girl in bed. A shadow crossed the room, coming closer. A sudden flash of metal, and the girl faced her intruder, claws out.
“You could have died!”
The 후드 fell away to reveal piercing icy blue eyes.
“I needed someone...”
The implication of his words caused her to lower her guard and sheath her claws. She made room on the 침대 and he sat, staring into a dark abyss.
“Has it already been a whole year?”
He nodded and his eyes turned into sorrow.
“One 년 since she broke it off...”
The girl stayed quiet and let the 음악 from her box fill the room.
“Are 당신 okay?”
He laughed bitterly.
“Of course not! She was the one and my damned luck worked out so I 로스트 her!”
“Don’t level your anger at me!”
He snapped his mouth shut and glared at the moon for mocking his wounded heart.
“I 사랑 her...but she doesn’t want me.”
“Then maybe it’s time to get over her...”
He threw his head back with a viscous grin.
“Yes because there are so many out there who are waiting to 사랑 a real beast, a true monster!”
She slapped him, the sound echoing across the quiet room. When she spoke, her voice shook.
“You are no monster, Terror!”
He stared at the girl before crumbling into her lap with silent sobs. He cried a long while, letting it all out. She soothed his hair, allowing him to cry as no other would. It was nearly dawn when he finally sat up and looked at her.
“Maybe you’re right, Cat. Maybe... maybe there is another....”
She didn’t miss the uncertainty in his voice.
“Don’t look too hard; she’ll find you.”
He nodded and stood, ruffling her bedhead.
“Thank 당신 my friend.”
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