She laid her forehead harder against the wall, staring at the concrete in frustration.
"This voice...this new voice. Go...way..."
"You can't run away from fate. I found 당신 for a reason. I bound my soul with yours for a reason...Pandora. "

The sheer sound of that word sparked a burning rage inside her. "Do not call me that!" she snarled slashing her head to look behind her. Her eyes were met only with the emptiness of the room. She turned her gaze back to the 벽 the concrete felt cold on her temple bringing her back to reality. Her 심장 quietened down.

"what should I call 당신 then if not your birth name?"

Pandora flicked back up her 에메랄드 eyes glaring hard into the 우주 in front of her. Adamantium talons peaked out from beneath her nails instinctively.

"X maybe?"
"Stop it." Her voice growled squeezing her eyes shut clasping her ear tightly, claws digging into her flesh.
"Or Weapon X?"
"No." Pandora whimpered tapping her temple against the wall.
"Stop. It." She threw her head harder at the wall. The metallic sound of her skull echoed in the room.
"X-360 is what they called 당신 the most isn't it?"
"Stop. IT!"
"You have other names too."
"I wouldn't do that if I were you..."
"I said stop it. Stop it!" Her head hit harder against the 벽 denting and cracking from her strength. This voice knew too much. It knew what she had only just learnt herself. It was ripping into the fabric of her new reality.
"Stop it. Stop it. STOP IT!" The harder she hit the louder the voice, the 더 많이 prominent it became. Pandoras skin twisted and bled on the rough cracks of the wall.

She slammed her head violently against the 벽 with every word. This was too much now. All her life she has been an object, a machine, a weapon. Never a human. Never owned a name. All she knows to be right was training, punishment, testing and eliminating. Locked doors and small rooms, programming and fighting. Pain. Madness.


She froze. Her eyes beamed open shiny and bloodshot. Warmblood crawled down her face and dripped on the floor breaking the silence. Slowly Pandora peeled her head off the 벽 and twisted her neck cracking her metal 본즈 back into place. The blood kept rushing down her face. Pushing her fingers through her hair, sticky from the blood, her fingers brushed along the open fleshy grazes. She rubbed the scarlet matter between her fingers watching it sink into the groves of her skin.

"It seems when I possessed 당신 you're healing factor has been cancelled out...but do not worry"

A 제비꽃, 바이올렛 unnatural light filled the room. Under her right eye, a symbol formed glowing gentler now.

"Healing is irrelevant with the power 당신 have now, Omega."

(Been a while hasn't it? RobinL nudged me into getting back into this place so I wrote a quick piece but I wouldnt get use to that because I stuck at creative 글쓰기 XD I'm up for re-doing eclipse entirly its been so long Ive forgot most of the details about her so it would be nice to start from scratch again!)