Notes: WELP its been a million years hasn't it? I started 글쓰기 again for my blog and i ended up with this from a prompt and since it's about Babs, Nes, and Esther..

Use these three things somewhere in your story: An angel. A sword. A daycare.

“You have her lunch box?” Babylon said quickly, jumping about in the 부엌, 주방 as she tossed bag after bag into Nereus’ arms. Nereus stood there, little Esther giggling in his arms, he smiled fondly at the brunette woman, fussing over things.
“Babs, calm down, we’ll be fine, you’ll be gone for two days. It’s nothing we can’t handle,” Nereus said gently, going over and setting down all the bags before taking hold of Babylon’s arm.
Babylon pinched the bridge of her nose, “I know..but she’s so young, and we’ve never left her with anyone else before..and the daycare-”
“Will take great care of her, she’s a water spirit, they can’t do anything about that, they don’t need to know anything else,” Nereus reasoned, it felt strange but pretty good to be the rational one in a conversation for once. Usually Babylon’s age and experience got in the way of trying to reason with her.
“Right, you’re right,” She said taking a deep breath. She pushed her hair from her face, she’d have to rearrange it later.
“Now go on and catch the plane before it’s too late,” Nereus urged. Babylon gave him a warm smile and leaned up to press a 키스 to his cheek and then took Esther’s face into her hands, smiling softly, “You take care okay Esther baby? Don’t be too hard on Daddy,” she murmured and Esther gripped her hair in her small 년 old hands. She took a moment, pressing a 키스 to her daughter’s forehead before heading toward the door with her suitcase and laptop. She opened the door and hesitated. She glanced back at them, Nereus smiling at her, his young happy eyes, dark skin, and Esther, pearly pale, sparkling red eyes, such a contrast to Nereus. Babylon took a deep breath, she had to go.
Nereus looked at Esther as the door closed, “Guess it’s just 당신 and me now, Essy. Why don’t we get 당신 dinner?”


Nereus placed a small golden glamour 목걸이 around Esther and picked her up from her highchair, “Ready, Essy? Off to your first 일 at daycare..thank god it’s me and not Babylon, she’d probably scare all the children,” he chuckled to himself. Babylon was a terrifying force to trifled with when it came to serious matters.
The daycare was ten miles from the docks where he’d picked up some work again. Babylon still tried to get him to quit, but he wanted the hard work, to feel useful. The Little 앤젤 Daycare was quite nice, it was very clean with a white exterior and soft pastel 색깔 for accents and letters. As Nereus opened the door a tall black woman greeted him, her long golden hair was tied up in a ponytail and she had the biggest smile he’d ever seen.
“You must be Nereus and Esther!” she said brightly, “My name is Shana, welcome to The Little 앤젤 Daycare. Why don’t we take 당신 to the office to get 당신 all checked in.”
“Sounds good,” Nereus said as Shana cooed at Esther who clapped gleefully.
They walked down the wide halls and into a colorful room with drawings covering 벽 to wall. A slender man with long white hair looked up from his paperwork and smiled, “Ah, Mister 마리나, 선착장 I’m assuming. Welcome to my daycare.” He extended a hand to Nereus to shake.
Nereus winced at his strong grip but smiled nonetheless. As the man stood, it was obvious he made no worry over his wings being visible, this was a 수퍼내츄럴 daycare after all.
“Your wife mentioned your daughter is a half spirit,” the man said.
“Yes, water spirit,” Nereus added and watched as the man approached Esther. But as he reached out to pat her head, Esther put up a wail so loud she might as well have been part banshee.
“Esther- Essy!” Nereus exclaimed, he’d never heard her cry like that before. He tried to rock her silent. The 앤젤 man took a step back, he’d never had a child cry with him. He was an angel, he was soothing, all the 천사 were.
“I’m so sorry, I have no idea why she is so upset,” Nereus tried to say as Esther kept up her screaming.
As Nereus and Shana attempted to calm Esther the angel’s eyes fell to the glamour 목걸이 around Esther’s neck. No one mentioned she’d have a glamour necklace. That was required in the paperwork.
With a sudden gust of wind, the angel’s wings spread wide, papers flying everywhere, the drawings flying off the wall.
Esther’s eyes went wide and her screams seemed to get louder. With a graceful hand 앞으로 the 앤젤 yanked the glamour 목걸이 from Esther.
“No!” Nereus shouted and little Essy’s eyes shimmered red, her little horn nubs became clearly visible.
The 앤젤 recoiled in horror, as did Shana.
“A demon child!” the 앤젤 shouted and within in the blink of an eye he grabbed a large silver sword that’d been hidden behind all the drawings on the wall.
Nereus turned to flee, but the 앤젤 was faster. He bumped right into him and hadn’t even made it out of the office door.
Nereus cursed and looked around for something to use against his opponent, he shouted as the sword came swinging down at him and Esther. He spotted the window, his first priority had to be Esther’s safety. He made a beeline for it. But he suddenly felt like his lung were on fire. Shana’s fist had slammed its way to his back. He was certain he heard a crack. He struggled to get up and not squish Esther who was crying beneath him.
“How dare 당신 defile this place with demon spawn!” the 앤젤 shouted and raised his sword up.
But he didn’t get to finish his words as blood splattered across Nereus and the angel. Both looked up to find Shana, missing her hands. Shana let out a huge scream, falling to her knees.
“What!?” the 앤젤 screamed, turning to face whomever had attacked his assistant. Standing in her work clothes, eyes blood red, a glowing silver sword in her hands stood Babylon.
“How dare 당신 threaten my child-” She roared and attacked. The 앤젤 was sent flying back from the block with his sword.
“Get her out of here!” Babylon shouted at Nereus. He didn’t need to be told twice. He took tight hold of Esther who’s stopped crying, simply silent, as they ran past the bleeding Shana and out of the door of the daycare.
“Demon!” the 앤젤 snarled at Babylon, “You should be exterminated like the rest of your kind!” the echoing of their swords bounced off every 벽 and neither seemed to let up.
“You hypocritical devils,” Babylon snapped and with enough force, the angel’s sword was sliced in half.
“H-how!?” the 앤젤 panicked, he had a holy sword, it shouldn’t have been broken 의해 hers.
“You 천사 think you’re the only ones who can touch a holy sword,” Babylon sneered, pointing her own silver, heavily decorated sword at the angel, and a heavy 그네, 스윙 sent the angel’s head rolling on the floor, “But even us demons, were once angels.”

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