Smart Alex!
(So I haven't been on in quite awhile, I'm going to change that, I need an escape from Uni... Expect stories, Rps and general mischief!
I thought the best comeback would be to re-introduce my little bastards, everyone seems to be trying this format so.... Enjoy!)

Name: Knight, Alex Knight.
Reason 또는 meaning of name: Sweet, short, rolls of the tongue ladies 사랑 it! (Oh boy, here we go.)
Eye Colour: Blue, I think? I can't really look myself. (Use a mirror, don't go cross-eyed!)
Hair Style/Colour: Blond and short but a tad messy, I call it styled. (Bedhead.)
Height: 6.2" / 189cm
Clothing Style: Eh casual, whatever I happen to have around that's clean. Ooh but I like 슈츠 as well, looking cool and smart!
Best Physical Feature: All of me, what's not to love?. (His smirk and/or grin.)

Your Fears: Snakes, maybe clowns.... Snake-Clowns. (loosing those he cares for... Why must he act childish?)
Your Guilty Pleasure: I'm a huge history nerd, I 사랑 studying it!
Your Biggest Pet Peeve: Hmm... people too uptight, chill a little, take things slow.... Stop being so moody all the time.
Your Ambition for the Future: Have fun, relax with friends... Maybe save the world once 또는 twice.

Your First Thoughts Waking Up: Where am I? Who am I? What? (His brain doesn't start until he is already up.)
What 당신 Think About the Most: How am I going to have fun today?
What 당신 Think About Before Bed: I 사랑 sleep, truly it is holy. (Stop staying up late then!)
당신 Think Your Best Quality Is: My charm. (Charm?) I'm friendly and funny.

Single 또는 Group Dates: Oh its gotta be single, one on one with the person 당신 like, nothing beats that.
To be Loved 또는 Respected: Loved, respect will come naturally.
개 또는 Cats: Gotta say dogs, 사랑 them.

Lie: Oh yes.
Believe in Yourself: Yes, I got a 불, 화재 in my 심장 that'll light my path! (....I have no words....)
Believe in Love: Yeah sure, 사랑 is the pules of the stars after all. (What?)
Want Someone: Like 프렌즈 또는 something? (No.) Ooh, sure.

Been on Stage: Yes.
Done Drugs: No, I generally heal so I don't need to. (they might mean the other type.) Oh, then still no.
Changed Who 당신 Were to Fit In: I'm an agent, it is literally in the job description. (If 당신 mean socially then no, hence why he annoys people.)

Favourite Colour: Green
Favourite Animal: I like most of them, but I guess spiders would be my favourite! (I wonder why....)
Favourite Movie: Oh I 사랑 spy movies, James Bond, Kingsmen, Johnny English, Austin Powers, etc... It's just funny when people think that's what I do, well they're not too wrong at times!
Favourite Game: 당신 know we're going to be awhile, right? (You've got ten words.) Okay then I 사랑 a good story, I'd play anything with one. (That was twelve!)
Favourite Song: Oh it has to be 'Man for all Seasons', I think it 슈츠 me very well. (I wonder why, could it be because it's about a gentleman spy?) Is it really? I never knew....

일 Your 다음 Birthday Will Be: Um... I don't know. (The 일 당신 were found, the 11th) What 월 again? (Of March! How could 당신 forget your own Birthday?) Clearly easily.
How Old Will 당신 Be: Twenty....Three? I forgot. (Yep, somehow, he's lived to be twenty-three.)
Age 당신 로스트 Your Virginity: That's classified... No really it is! (He isn't lying it was part of his training as an agent.)
Does Age Matter: That depends on the context, there are age ratings and restrictions for reasons. (Surprisingly straight-laced about that.)

Best Personality: I'm not too sure really, haven't thought about it... 심장 kinda has a mind of its own. Ooh no, a Spitfire girl! One who won't let me get away with nothin'. (Did 당신 just break the fourth 벽 and steal a quote?!) I am not a crook.
Best Eye Colour: Hmm, that's a hard one... All eye colours are pretty.
Best Hair Colour: I don't really have a preference when it comes to hair really.
Best thing to do With a Partner: Game, eat, sleep, crime, dance, etc...(Wait what was the 초 from last one?) Dance....

I love: Having fun!
I feel: An array of mixed emotions... What 당신 wanted me to isolate just one? (That was... Surprisingly smart.)
I hide: Nothing, well some snacks... Myself if I'm on a job... (Your Intelligence, Serious side, and Maturity.)
I miss: Those who I have lost.
I wish: For the safety of my 프렌즈 and loved ones.

Optimist 또는 pessimist: Optimist
Introvert 또는 extrovert: Extrovert
Drives and motivations: I want to protect those I care for, and those who can't protect themselves. (Whoa, honest!)
Talents (hidden 또는 not): Making people smile and laugh, climbing, and gymnastics maybe?
Extremely skilled at: Irritating and annoying people mostly. Oh and getting myself into trouble, and being stubborn!
Extremely unskilled at: First impressions, I'm often over friendly, getting myself out of said trouble. (Not going to mention anything else?) We'd be here too long.
Good characteristics: I can make people laugh and smile, I'm loyal, stubborn and humble. (Oh clearly.)
Character flaws: I follow my own ethics, which often leads to trouble. I'm loyal to a fault.... Anything else? (You're rarely serious and hardly know when to be... Same with maturity too.... I can go on.) Whoa whoa, let's be nice now!
Mannerisms: I've been told my face is often quite animated, whatever that means. I can't help my smile, grin, smirk 또는 laugh at times.
Peculiarities: Constant need to make a witty remark, they just slip out 의해 habit. I have a tendency to act the fool. (You rarely stop.)

Alex: "Okay, is that enough? You've poke so many holes in me I'm Swiss!"
(Should have answered honestly then. The others will follow shortly so 당신 won't have to feel embarrassed too much longer.)
Serious Alex!
Beaten up Alex!