Grow up was all she heard
The mental tortures continued Melody, Nate and Jaivus were all haunted with memory of their past, but now it was time for Phif and Ashley to joint them.
Phifi's Telepathic Torture
Phifi heard whispering in her ears, but she could not make out what was being said. She slowly open her eyes, she blinds a few time. There she lie in the middle of a spot light with everything else in darkest. Phifi raised her brows in confusion then she slowly made her way to her feet. She turned her head from side to side but all she saw was dense darkness. The ten 년 old hugged herself as she moved around in the light. "Hello?" she calls but only echoes reply, "Hello?" she calls again but nothing answers. Suddenly the very light that shone on her existence goes out leaving her in the dark. She clicks her finger to produce 불, 화재 but was no use.
She begins wandering in the dark, her shoes echoing behind as she walks in the pitch-black. Murmuring begins again but still she is unable to recognize a single sentence. She continues to roam through cautious and in fear. Suddenly she feels weight rush 의해 her, unthinking she reaches out and grads what seems to be someone's clothing. She kept a firm grip on the clothing but it managed to pull away and within 초 the little girls feels a fist connects with her jaw.
"How's there?!" She shouts groaning in pain.
Suddenly a ghost like person walks past her, Phifi calls out but it doesn't response. She rushes to the person and looks at them seeing its Martina. Martina continues on and out of the blue she opens a doors Phifi stood and watch what Martina was going to do.
"Koda I thought I told 당신 to talk to that brat before," there stood Koda Phifi's protector.
"I did."
"Then clearly it didn't get through to her 'cause she still acts like a child."
"I believe its because she is a child Tina."
"Koda we're on the break of war she can't afford he a child get her to understand that." With that the room with the two vanished.
"Is this why I'm here for a reminder!" She shouts, "Cause I knew that already they drilled it into my thick skull!"
Another ghost-like memory of hers played out sending the same message 'she needed to stop 연기 like a child she needed to grew up'. She falls to her knees.
"I get it!" she shouts again," I've tried and tried.....a..a..nd look I've grew up I don't cry..c...rying is for babies." she stuttered waving her finger in a warning way.
"So don't tell me I haven't!" she bit her lip, "Don't tell me I haven't!" She screams from the 상단, 맨 위로 of her lungs.
Then suddenly whispers began say, "Grow up!", "Stop being a child!" They repeated and echoed in her ears She blocked them but they grew louder. Phifi felt a burning pain in her 심장 it felt like a mixture of rage, sadness and hate thumping inside. She wanted to let it out but all that did was tears and screaming

Honesty laughed at the little girl to him she was pathetic and so was the others. He started with Ashley hoping that she too would have something in her mind that scared 또는 hurt her to the bone. But his laughing and hope disappear when he entered the blue-hair's mind.