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posted by Mclovin_69
 hero outfit
hero outfit
Name: Celeste Gittings

Alias: Trench

Occupation: trying to be a hero

Age: 16

Appearance: brown copper hair with blonde ends bleached. , blue eyes. hair that's goes down just over shoulders.

Powers/Skills: she has the power to create bursts and gusts of wind from motions of her hands and body movements including objects and people around her. She can create small tornados the tunnel her in the air and to different places.

Relationship: Single

Civvies: wears beanies and has 더 많이 of a tomboy style than girly girl. she wears a long sleeved 셔츠 and either jean shorts with black leggings and red combat boots.

Hero Wear: she wears a dark shaded brown 또는 black fedora that shades her eyes along with black paint that circles her eyes. so basically 당신 only see her nose down to her chin when she wears the fedora. She has a trench 코트 that she wears with black tight shorts and combat boots. 코트 usually undone.

Past: Unknown she doesn't want to talk about it ( okay so idk yet 곰 with me im trying to figure it out :D )

Others: she is the kind of girl who isn't afraid of trying new things and is easy to get to know. She doesn't know what she is yet, shes trying to be a hero because she doesn't know what she is capable of. She never takes of her beanies. usually her hair is braided some how, 또는 up in a ponytail 또는 bun.
 her 코트
her coat
 her hat
her hat
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posted by XxKFforeverXx
I haven't made one of these in a while... But, thought I would update. If 당신 have an issue with him, tell me and don't hold it against me.

Name: Parker Norrian
Alias: Eh. Doesn't have one yet.
Age: Four at the moment, but sixteen when he joins the team.
Occupation Hero/detective for the FBI
Powers: Flight (his beautiful white wings) and telepathy.
Skills: Basic field tactics, high detective skills and standard hand to hand combat.
Past: Parker grew up in normal childhood past, along with his younger sister. He is the oldest of the two siblings. Aside from working with the FBI because of his detective...
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posted by Hot_ShotYJ
“What now” The man huffs out an annoyed growl.

“Cadmus is hurt. 당신 said this wouldn’t happen! We made a deal, remember?”

“A deal cannot be made if the dealer can’t even hold down his own promises.”

“What, Sebastienne? She’ll be fine its juts a little motorcycle accident. Besides I’d already brought her back to the cave. She’ll heal.”

“She’s my niece!”

“Is this care I hear? I though 당신 came here to….hurt her 또는 something.”

“I came here to ‘hurt' her father but I need her for this.”

“Same thing,” Burke argued. “You hurt her father and she’ll...
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posted by SilverWings13
"Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow! Ivy!"
"Don't be such a baby!"
"That hurts!"
"So does listening to your whining, but 당신 don't hear me complaining!"
The brunet pretended not to notice the glare Jace shot her. She slid a pin through the bandage and clipped it closed. "There," Ivara exhaled, "your boo-boo has been fixed."
Jace pulled his leg from her lap and stared at the gauge around his ankle. "It still hurts," he muttered under his breath.
"I already gave 당신 all the pain meds 당신 can have right now." Ivara stood from the 침대 and relocated to the vanity mirror, observing the wreck of her appearance: hair in wild...
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