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posted by AislingYJ
I was really bored, so I decided to make wordy gurdies for the OC’s. If 당신 haven’t heard of these before, this is how they work. The answer to the wordy gurdy is a 2-word phrase that rhymes. The first word is the name of an OC (it can be hero name, secret ID/civvie name, whatever). The clue to the wordy gurdy is another 2-word phrase (it can be 더 많이 though) that doesn’t rhyme, but gives clues to the answer. The name clue could be their last name, civvie name 또는 hero name, etc. The 초 word is usually a synonym 또는 설명 of the 초 word in the answer. The goal is to figure out the answer (duh).
Clue: Kyra’s smiles
Answer: Fin’s grins
Get it? Good.

1. Dimension’s huge parties
2. Watson’s birthdates
3. Coaxoch’s gelatins
4. Kyra’s bad deeds
5. Gunfire’s yards
6. Howard’s cleaning ladies
7. Ducky’s medicine
8. Adams’ objects (southern style!)
9. Dev’s numbers
10. Becca’s knives
11. Willow’s dollars
12. Scarlet’s restaurants
13. HotShot’s spider-homes
14. GravityBoy’s bombs
15. Eclipse’s arm covers
16. White Lightning’s plant holders

Yay. I might possibly give props to the first person to get ‘em all! xD
posted by Mclovin_69
Name: Ethan Huseak ( H-yu-z-ak)

Alias: RedMist

Age: 16 ( would be 20 now)

Status: deceased

Appearance: dark brown hair, green eyes, 5'11, he wore sunglasses most of the time to hide his eyes.

Personality: he had the leadership role in the group and was the team leader. he was calm and handled situations well. He was serious and did just anything that was best for his team. He was someone everyone looked up to.

Powers/Abilities: he was the famous hero for using Logan's teleport smoke bombs and was highly skilled in combat able to outsmart any aponnent he had using his instincts. he had the abilities...
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