It's a shame she doesn't sing
I'm really in the 기사 making mood. So I thought I'd make this article. This one won't be as long as my other articles. I hate that Eilonwy can't be included in this 기사 because she doesn't sing. However if she did sing I think she'd sound something like this link the girl 노래 this even has her accent. Anyway please leave a comment, enjoy.

9.Lilo(Lilo and Stitch)
Daveigh Chase
I know what your thinking "SHE DOESN'T SING" well your half right. She doesn't sing in the original but she sings in the series and in Leroy and Stitch go to 0:48 link see. It's nice but her actress isn't even trying. I think her sister is such a great singer but Lilo is just nice at the most. Ironic since her voice actress is a singer in fact here's her voice actress 노래 and actually trying link

8.Jenny(Oliver and Company
Myhanh Tran
Her 노래 is kinda pretty. However to me it's too childish and can't compare to the others. It's nice that they got an actual child to do the voice of a child. However her voice can't compare to the 노래 of Rita, Dodger, and maybe Georgette. While her 노래 is pretty it's not as mature 또는 WOW as the others.

7.Alice(Alice In Wonderland
Kathryn Beaumont
This is probably the only thing I have Alice low on. Her voice is pretty and has patential but it was delevered not that good. Kathryn said she took 노래 lessons after Alice In Wonderland because she kept straining her voice. It's not trained like the others. Besides they dropped the song Beyond The Laughing Sky because she couldn't sing without straining her voice. As Kathryn said "I was no Judy Garland" and In a World of My Own made it easier for her. It's pretty but the others have such beautiful voices.

6.Wendy(Peter Pan)
Kathryn Beaumont
This is the thing I 사랑 most about Wendy, her voice. I hate her and her movie but I mean come on it can't be denied that this girl has a gorgeous voice. After Alice In Wonderland Kathryn took 노래 lessons to improve her voice, which had impressive results. Her voice is so mature for her age. I don't like her song at all but I keep listening to it over and over because of her voice. It's so beautiful it made the pirates cry, that's just amazing. Brits always have the best voices. She's one of the best 디즈니 heroine singers. Her voice isn't strained when she sings high notes like she did with Alice. Yes for once I'm loving on Wendy and somewhat hating on Alice. No your not dreaming. She's not higher because the others are 더 많이 unique.

5.Penny(The Rescuers)
Shelby Flint
Well it's debateable if she sings 또는 not, in my opinion she does, if 당신 don't think so than that's just fine. I think the girl who sings all the songs in the movie(except for Rescue Aid Society) is Penny singing. Her voice is very mature for her age and so beautiful. I 사랑 listening to her sing because it's so beautiful. During Someone's Waiting For 당신 it's so beautiful and 심장 breaking. I think Tomorrow Is Another 일 fits her the best, because she always hopes that she'll find happiness someday and tomorrow could be that someday. All the songs I think suit her. However I just 사랑 the others more

4.Shanti(The Jungle Book)
Darleen Carr
Her voice is definitialy the most mature of them all, especially since she's only ten. She continued the classic of charming her 사랑 interest with her beautiful singing. I actually wish she had sung in the 초 movie as Mae Whitman. I've heard her sing and she has an amazing voice. Here take a listen link so beautiful. I like the others 더 많이 because they're just 더 많이 of my type. But if Mae Whitman was her 노래 voice(which is impossible considering when the original was made) she would be in my 상단, 맨 위로 3.

3.Melody(The Little Mermaid 2: Return To The Sea
Tara Strong
Yeah another thing Melody is high on but she use to be in my bottom three. I thought her voice was childish and nothing special but now I see it's beautiful. It's sweet like an angel. I think she somwhat does justice to as Ariel's daughter. I loved when she did her final note with Ariel in For A Moment. However I prefer her french voice link it's amazing. I 사랑 the others 더 많이 because they're 더 많이 mature and give me goosebumps.

2.Jane(Return To Neverland)
Jonatha Brooke
Just like with Penny from The Rescuers it's debatable if she sings 또는 not. Jonatha has an amazing voice and I find myself playing her 노래 over and over again. I always get 구스범스 when I hear her sing. Before anyone says her voice is too mature for her, take a listen to Shanti's voice. I'm glad 디즈니 chosed her for this project otherwise I never would've heard her singing. I'll Try is my 가장 좋아하는 out of all the young heroines songs. I just 사랑 her voice! She shows so much emotion in her voice when she sings. I think it's possible for this to have been her voice. However she's not as amazing as my number 1.

마일리 사이러스

I know there's going to be alot of hate over this but I really don't care. I 사랑 her voice! I 사랑 that she has a Tenesse accent to her voice, it gives her a unique quality. I've loved her voice ever since I first heard it on 디즈니 Channel when they first announced Hannah Montana. She can sing live and she still sounds almost exactly the same as she does on her CD's. I was glad that Penny joined because Miley Cyrus is her voice actress. I 사랑 the song I Thought I 로스트 당신 but than again I 사랑 all of Miley's song. Whenever I hear her voice I know that it's her. She's in my 상단, 맨 위로 5(maybe 3) 가장 좋아하는 female singers ever; along with Jobi Benson, Sierra Boggess, Raven Symone, and Demi Lovato. Also I have to say 당신 shouldn't hate her. Hate is a strong word especially when you've never met her and she hasn't killed anyone, inslaved anyone, 또는 harmed 당신 in anyway. If 당신 don't like her voice 또는 her 연기 than that's fine but hate 또는 dislike is kinda taking it too far. To me she's beautiful, talented, funny and is the complete package. I know pretty much everyone is going to hate on her in the 코멘트 but at least I know that pretty_angel92 will 사랑 on her. No matter what I'll always be a dedicated Miley Cyrus fan.