Hi All

Sadly we didn't come away with a BAFTA for Young Dracula last night - The Revenge Files of Alistair Fury won. But thanks for all your support – it meant the world!

So what next? I say let’s keep making cool stuff!

Mia Jupp, Producer, and myself are planning to shoot a new series. The working 제목 is Post - we're saving the final 제목 for the launch.

If 당신 liked YD I hope you’ll 사랑 this! I can't say too much yet but let's put it this way - it's gonna be scary. We'll be frightening parts of 당신 that we weren’t allowed to with YD! And they’ll be some familiar faces from Beaker and Young Drac too…

THE VIP LIST - So, if this idea sounds to your taste, 이메일 me at joss@jossagnew.com. I'm compiling a VIP list of 팬 that will hopefully get the first look of Post.

Spread the word.

Something wicked is coming your way soon!

Best wishes

Joss Agnew