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Across the road
Not down the street
If 당신 keep going
Then you’ll meet
A shadowy figure
With a black hood
Death is calling
And u know u should
Be scared, afraid
And begging please
키싱 his feet
While on your knees
But 당신 were prepared
And wrote in blood
Cause it’s too painful
And knew 당신 could
Make it all go away
당신 went to the mirror
Broken with ur fist
Shards were biting
Your ruby stained wrist
Holding ur tongue
So no1 can know
And all your pain
Just let it flow
As 당신 hit the floor
Stained glass raining down
Slowly your smile
Quietly slips to a frown
Suddenly 당신 realize
당신 didn’t want 2 go
But it’s too late
To stop the flow
And in a puddle of scarlet
Gathered at ur feet
The hooded figure 당신 get to see
Cause 당신 went down the street
So that why 당신 go across the road
If you’d listened u would’ve known
Now just like always
Your all alone
posted by Xenomorph
I am in my heaven.

Your soft embrace is like the warm sun,
When I am in your arms,
My head nestled against your chest,
Your arms lovingly wrapped around my body,
The sound of your 심장 beating in my ear,
There can be no better place.

당신 are like a goddess to me,
I admire, love, honor and respect everything that is you.

When we are apart,
당신 are the only thing I can think of.

But I Don't Know Why I Am Here,
I Need Help I Need To Know Why Im Here Someone,
Anyone Help!

This Poem Is To 빠른, 스위프트 Yuki <3
posted by Xenomorph
She's on the edge
feet dangling below
she knows if she jumps
there's a long way to go

But she's weighing her options
and setting things straight
cause she's tiered of being
controlled 의해 her own fate

She thinks she old enough
and that she can choose
She knows what's best
and she has nothing to loose

she's tiered of living
and life's just a game
one 당신 can't win
with blood, tears and pain

And she turns around
to a noise on the roof
there stands her family
aware not aloof

Her mother's in tears
and her dad is upset
but she promised herself
she wouldn't regret

So she went to the edge
turned around to face them
her tears raining down
like tiny glass gems

She starts to fall
and waves good bye
and now like her
they're starting to cry
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The feelings 당신 put in my tummy
When we speak makes me feel funny
And the smile 당신 put on my face
Makes me put happiness in sadness' place
To hear your voice is like a pleasant melody
That only 당신 can play for me
It makes my 심장 jump
Against my chest it thumps
And I wish for the feeling of your fingers
To touch my skin, let the feeling linger
당신 are my only love
My 앤젤 from above
No matter what others say
With you, I am here to stay
It was 사랑 at first sight
당신 made my eyes bright
I haven't known 당신 for very long, my dear
But I know I'll 사랑 당신 forever, don't fear
당신 could never lose me, I'm with you
No matter what people say to you
Cherry, it is 당신 that is forever in my heart
And there's nothing that can tear us apart
posted by Xenomorph
I am so cold
My blanket I must hold
Why can't I stay warm
Is it because i ain't holding your arm

Why have 당신 left me here so alone
So long youve been gone
I wish you've stayed
because now i must wait for the day

Here as I lay
I dream of us having a day
A 일 to ourselves is what i want
but instead i must be taunt

with the hope of 당신 coming back
please oh please do come back
i 사랑 당신 더 많이 than anything
and as i keep on blabbing

i notice how i start to cry
oh how i wish my eyes would dry
But they will keep dripping
As my 심장 is ripping.

Why must 당신 leave me so coldly
당신 didnt have to do it so boldly
당신 brought many joys in my life
but now im left here to strife

When i hug you, 당신 turn away
I wish i could like we used to everyday
will our 다음 키스 be our last
was it ever meant to last....
posted by Xenomorph
No words are spoken
They don’t need to be
The feeling is mutual
Anyone can see

They found each other
When they weren’t even looking
They came across their treasure
When they didn’t think anything was missing

Past relationships are forgotten
As well as memories of 심장 brake
Everything they need is shared between them
Past wounds they think of as mistakes

This time there’s no regrets
They’d run miles forever
And they’d give up all they had
Just so they’d be with each other
It’s been too long, like a 이전 life.
And my feelings for 당신 still burns inside.
No one has moved me the way 당신 did.
No one has left scars as deep as 당신 did.
The warmth 당신 spread in my heart, I miss.
The joy 당신 blessed my soul with, I miss.
The twinkling light that glows in your eyes-
Like a million stars in a new moon night.
I still see it in dreams and wake up crying.
The feeling of loss still boils in mind.
Like a summer rain in the barren land,
당신 passed through my life,
Like an 앤젤 of light.

I know you’ll read this,
Sweet my friend,
These words that bleeds
Through the pen from inside.
The parting agony will be healed
As time moves on- I thought.
I was wrong.
It only grows worse as life goes on.
It burns my soul from the deep of its core.
Read these words, please, sweet my friend.
You’re always the one I wanted the most.
Never can I go on without 당신 along,
So this noose before me is my painkiller now.
posted by Xenomorph
I can't stop crying today
My world walked out the door
With her she took my heart
For I will 사랑 no more

The hours passed like seconds
When our two hearts were one
The 초 passed like hours
After she said that she was done

She was going to 사랑 me forever
At least that is what she said
Her 심장 belonged to someone else
That is what her letter read

I no longer live in color
My world is black and white
I always wonder what she is doing
As I lie awake at night

I hope tomorrow is better
This is what I pray
But right now my 심장 is broken
I can't stop crying today
posted by Xenomorph
How do 당신 heal a wound inside?
It’s something that can never heal, it only hides,
Don’t 당신 see?
I need some help, not only me,
But anyone who feels this way
Hell at home,
The devil’s saint.
당신 can’t believe your eyes but sin’s a feeling
당신 can’t help it…
Broken and alone you’ll only find inside pain
And look there on my arm, hate.
I’ll put up those walls so 당신 all can take them down,
No use in painting them now.
Just another 일 in fear and loneliness.
I’m helpless,
There is no use for me.
I’m a hollow book- no pages-
The pen in my hand only stabs.
Unwanted graces, shivering inside your mind
Let out from captivity of stupidity,
You’re better than that,
whispering, deceiving, making even pain and sorrow.
I’m looking 앞으로 to nothing from tomorrow.
Counting ages restless, finger to your mouth,
Realize the taste of blood on your tongue,
Nothing left to do now
posted by Xenomorph
What I was
I cannot be again
and what I am
I do not want to be

There is no other way
There Has Never Been
I have used my imagination
To give me hope
But now it is all gone
and I am alone once more

It Feels no different
than before
Always the outcast
Never Fitting in

Why should I Be like this
Why Should I try to live
when I just want to say bye
and die

So I take My Blade
That has tasted blood
many times before
I let the coldness touch my arm
wait till I know that it is there
and then I 옮기기 it off
The Pinkness has turned Red
The Blood is dripping
And I know That I am Still
Alive When I don’t want to be
And I cannot Change That Yet
posted by Xenomorph
As the rain continues to fall in drops of painful moments,
Drumming into the puddles of past memories that lie not flowing,
Watershed events that still wet splashing upwards,
That they have passed does not help at all in the knowing.

The single point to point of time moves in darkened past coordinates,
Not a continuous circling of the globe, the light seems so adept in its avoidance.

Responsibilities removed and attention turned negative.
Placid acceptance of delusion through drug induced delirium.
Alcoholic stupor to refrain from further thinking,
My mother leaves a legacy of nothing worth keeping....
continue reading...
posted by Xenomorph
Secret song sings in my ears
Stumbling down the 거리 in tears
Head held low no need to see
The cars swerving to avoid me
I've forgotten fear
A stupid sheep
음식 for a pack of 늑대 to eat
Give me some pills just let me sleep
Oh dear I'm anchored down so deep
But there's nowhere I'd rather be
Than this eternal nowhere dream
My rage is gone
There's no desire
To cut 또는 light my skin on fire
I'll just lie here on the bathroom floor
And drown and choke on blood 당신 whore
Oh it's not 당신 who I abhor
It's just 당신 opened up that door
With the fucking 질문 mark
Rooms dark and laughing at the dead
Hark the hollow hellbound bled
Just go ahead say what 당신 will
Give 당신 a gun so can 당신 kill
It isn't 당신 I do not think
It's only me that's on the brink
A debt I owe myself 당신 see
I'm just a worm a rotten deed
I'll never change
But I won't squirm
So fucking bang I guess I'll burn
posted by Xenomorph
Remember when we were happy?
Now a cold shroud of bitterness
Is the only remnant of what used to be.
I'd like to think 당신 still care,
But I'm not ignorant.
I know the truth.

What ever we used to have is gone.
I'm not sure if it was even ever there.
When we met don't 당신 remember the sparks?
Oh how they flew.
I guess 당신 don't remember,
This part I always knew.

Friendship was never an option for us.
We held too much hatred for that.
I hope one 일 당신 realize
Just how much harm you've caused.
And one 일 I will realize
There is 더 많이 to life than you.