X-Men "X-Man of the Week" : Week 26 : Villains

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Lady Mastermind / Regan Wyngarde
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Dark Beast / Henry "Hank" McCoy
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Proteus / Kevin MacTaggert
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Toad / Mortimer Toynbee
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Holocaust / Nemesis
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Arclight / Philippa Sontag
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Juggernaut / Cain Marko
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Stryfe / (clone) Nathan Summers
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 x-menobsessed26 posted over a year ago
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x-menobsessed26 picked Lady Mastermind / Regan Wyngarde:
This poll is now CLOSED. Regan Wyngarde / Lady Mastermind is the winner for this week. The new poll will be posted shortly.
posted over a year ago.