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posted by Tia4
Most Irritating Moments
- Morning Alarm
Most Difficult Task
- To find Socks
Most Dreadful Journey
- Way to Class
Most Lovely Time
- Meeting Friends
Most Tragic Moments
- Surprise Test in 1st Period
Most Wonderful News

Maybe this happens with everyone.Nobody likes school life but it get interesting with our 프렌즈 playing tricks with others,not doing homework,tests ect.We learn lots of things from school and we doesn't know how time get pass spending time with our friends.
It's fun.
posted by TeanRose424
When 당신 think 당신 think your in love. Its just a trick. When 당신 feel like your falling 당신 are. Your fallin down and down intill 당신 fall on spikes. The spikes peirce every part of your body but most of all they hit your heart. Thats why 당신 fell like your bleeding from the inside to the outside. Thats why it hurts so badly.

사랑 can be a trick. But sometime it can be real. It takes a long time to see if it is. During that time your in danger of falling on spikes. BUt if it is real, then, when 당신 fall, your falling into a heaven on earth. When 당신 fall with the one your supposed to be with then your arent in danger with the spikes anymore.

Tell me what this artical makes 당신 feel. If 당신 think Im right, 또는 if im wrong, im curios to what 당신 think. Thankyou!
posted by London_Victoria
 Now i Will Always Remember You<3
Now i Will Always Remember You<3
Hurtful word's can mean so much but nothing means 더 많이 than to hear your beautiful word's.
Because when 당신 cry i will too because noone
knows how much i 사랑 당신 only me and my heart
do,And it tells me that i would die for you.
When 당신 say i cant take it anymore it surprises me that 당신 mean it because i think it's
beautiful that 당신 would give your 심장 to me.
People might say i'm wrong for 당신 but their words dont matter because me and 당신 are different from everyone else.
I know sometimes im not always there for 당신 but i will try my best to tell 당신 the truth because nothing really matters...
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posted by funnyshawna
Life is an iPod. The different melodies, the ups and the downs, the changes in tempo, every song, and every experience differs a little from the next. Start with the tinkling bells, meaningless lyrics, and soothing sounds of early childhood. Everything is simple; repetition, a song meant for young ears, nothing to think about, nothing to ponder, just to breathe and to live. One song flows into the next, changing subtly, barely noticed. Then the words begin to gather 더 많이 depth; the beat becomes a little faster, a little louder. The 음악 plays, slow and monotonous during the school day, dragging...
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Making A Screenplay Better With Feedback 의해 Kathie Fong Yoneda at Story Expo 2014 via link For 더 많이 videos, please visit link
film and 텔레비전
글쓰기 Character For Film and 텔레비전 - A Film Courage Screenwriting Series via link For 더 많이 videos, please visit link
Most Underrated Skill In Screenwriting 의해 Lee Jessup at Story Expo 2014 via link For 더 많이 videos, please visit link
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posted by EmzLovesCheryl
About me and my amazing best friend <3

Me and my best friend
My best friend and me,
We were always together
Inseperable 당신 see.
Our imaginary games
Our funny little chats,
That special secret language
The 요정 and the cats.
The way we always laughed
At every single thing,
The way we loved to dance
Dance and act and sing!

You were always my partner
In everything I did,
Always together
Just like twins they said.
You'd help me with my homework
You've always been clever,
And then I'd help 당신 with your story
We'd imagine those kind of things together.
I could skip and hop and twirl around
And I always knew,
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A nice video on 글쓰기 :)
famous authors
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My name is Annabelle. I am sixteen and I am beaten.

I lived with my dad and mom in that trailor park on the edge of town between the bar and the strip of stores everyone avoids. We lived happily until my mom, Mary, died in that car crash five years ago. My dad became depressed, drinking alcohol and gambling. He was soon unemployed, so to keep the trailor I had to drop out of school. He is now a deep alcoholic and gambles with his buddies every other day.

Whenever we run out of spirits he hits me. He keeps hitting me until I go to the bar nearby and get more. This happens every two days 의해 his...
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posted by PFEIFFER11
It was Bri. She backed away slightly looking at them. Her head snapped up as she heard the dogs.

"This way." She went down past a fallen tree. Matthew, Evie, Leven and Cameron looked at each other skeptically but followed. She led them to an old cabin. It had most of the walls in contact but was over grown with plants. To Evie she couldn't of seen it but since Bri had opened the door she did.Bri then opened a hatch from the floor and ushered them. She followed the and closed the hatch. It had a musty smell to it and it was completely dark. They sat in silence for a few moments but they could...
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I know what happened,
I know that your parents are divorced,
because I was the first
당신 told.
I want to help you,
but I don't know
what all that
and sorrow feels like.
Like you're drowning
in a pool of tears
and your friends
are just watching and
like it's a joke.
But it's not a joke,
it's your life.
They aren't even
your friends,
they are just people
who say they earned
that title.
I don't understand.
My parents aren't
they don't fight
every time when
they see each
others face.
I can't help.
But you're
my friend.
My best
And I will
try to help.
I will stand 의해
your side even when
we are miles away.
Because even though
it might not feel like it,
당신 are never
posted by problematic124
*******Sorry for the wait. Please don't copy******
Chapter 2
Even though we both screamed loud enough to blow your eardrums the thunder was much 더 많이 louder than us.
We don't know where it came from but we obeyed. We ran for our lives out of there and kept on running.We ran into the rest of the guys.
"What was that thing!"Blake yelled
Wilderness shook her head and sat down. I followed suit and then said "will 당신 at least tell us what happened"
"I left 당신 in the classroom and I ended up in the cafeteria 다음 thing I know something is breathing heavily on me and when I turn I scream at...
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posted by Lore_Master
He couldn't stop stareing at his reflection "What am I? who am I...?" he asked himself looking at the black wings on his back, he took hold of his wings ripping them off violently howling in pain, massive amounts of blood were gushing from his back he began feeling weak soon falling to the ground into the puddle of muddy water he layed there lifeless he had completely given up, he slowly faded out of consciousness as his blood slowly filled the muddy puddle he started to laugh feeling the madness took over his mind, he rolled over to look at the star's once 더 많이 before he was completely dead...
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posted by Insight357
“Hey, bitches!” Espen laughed throwing open the door. His blonde hair fell into his eyes. “Come on in,” he stepped aside and let us all pass. One 의해 one, we all trailed into the crowded, alcohol smelling living room.
    Music was softly playing behind everyone’s chatter. Boys and girls danced with and groped one another. In a corner, some students I recognized sat in a group smoking. A few boys stood in the kitchen, cups of liquor in their hands.
    “Tatum, Nia, and I are going with Shayde and Lear to pick a game, 당신 coming?” Celeste asked...
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posted by mitchie19
I got bored in the laptop so I opened MS Word and start typing whatever. Then I come to this.
Plus I like 글쓰기 stories, so enjoy.
Note: Fan-made

I woke up in the middle of the night, feeling heavy and uneasy.
My mind rushed through the memories. I pushed myself back to sleep not remembering any parts happened earlier. Bonnie. Bonnie, I thought. She had been killed 의해 Katherine. Oh, God. She can’t be! She can’t be dead! My fingers harden the 베개 so I could hardly breathe. I felt moisture rushing to the surface of my eyes. I shouted, nor pouted. Though, no one can here me. Jeremy’s out...
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posted by hannah_vampire
thxs for the 코멘트 plz keep commenting thxs so much :)

I had not been to school which I kinda liked but I had to get out I hated it here and when i know that he likes me it makes it 더 많이 hard just to even look at sefo it kills me.

I stayed away from him for aleast a week, I had to talk to him but alone and the only time i could talk to him was now, He was standing near the water and it was sunset how perfect is this!
He turned and saw we walk down towards him 'Hey Belle look before 당신 say anything your wrong i know that' I stayed at him excuse me did he just say I was wrong 'Look here sefo...
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