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posted by mermaidgirl112
These are the 상단, 맨 위로 4 mermaid spells that have been known to work, we did number one and got the side affects instantly.

(These side affects will occur for any spell 당신 do)
Side affects:
Keeping legs crossed
Very itchy legs
Singing a lot
Rash on legs
Making un-normal sounds
Acting a bit out if the ordinary (goes on and off for about 6 hours)
Drinking lots of water.

Where it says the 색깔 of blue and gold, that was just an example. 당신 can choose your own 색깔 and powers. (Ex. Freezing, heating, shaping)
Most girls that have done these have started getting tails (when wet) within 45 hours. The time...
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This is a persuasive essay I had to write for my English class, I 게시됨 a 포럼 asking for opinions on addressing the reader. I know it's a dangerous thing to do, but I thought it would be okay to do here. Opinions are great, I would 사랑 to here anything 당신 have to say. Also, if I made any mistakes (i.e. spelling, grammar, puncuation) please point them out so I can fix them, thanks:D

Do 당신 remember that feeling you'd get on the last 일 of school? Remember how excited you'd be to finally get to do those summer things like ride bikes with your friends, stay up all night planning pranks, and...
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posted by ZekiYuro
San Francisco is a very cool place.It's the 집 of hippies and 'flower power',and it's full of friendly,relaxed people.It's also one of the USA's most attractive cities.

Facing the Pacific Ocean to the west and San Francisco 만, 베이 to the north and east,it's famous for its hills with their fantastic views of the Bay,and its beautiful bridges.It's a perfect base for a holiday,close to the Napa Valley,home of the Californian wine industry,and a few hours'drive from the mountains of the Sierra Nevada.
The best way to explore San Francisco is on foot.Walk slowly through North Beach,with its relaxed...
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In a weekly "test" single people who are looking for a partner ask their mother and their best friend to help.Their mother chooses one partner and their best friend chooses another.The test is to see who can choose the best partner!
This week's single man is Richard Taylor,a 26-year-old musician from Southampton.His mother Meg chooses one girl,and his best friend Danny chooses another.Then Richard goes on a 날짜 with each girl.Which girl does he prefer?Who knows him better,his mother 또는 his best friend?Who chooses the right girl for him?

"I usually work in England but sometimes I work abroad...
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posted by ZekiYuro
Catherine Orr is 19 and is a non-identical twin.She tells us about her relationship with her sister,Michelle.

How do 당신 think it is different being a twin?
'I think it's very different.We've been through exactly the same things:the same birthdays,the same parties,the same first 일 at school,the same evil maths teacher.'

Do 당신 think 당신 and Michelle are 더 많이 similar than ordinary sisters?
'Definitely.If I don't like a film,then neither does she.We pick up the phone at the same time to call each other.If I get ill,so does she.'

Do 당신 get on well with Michelle now?
'Yes,I see her about once a week,although...
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posted by Luna-Lacrimosa
Built For Sin
Darkness poured into the hybrid's room, filling the room with great depression. Rain drops made little trails down the window, almost like tears, down the cool glass surface of the window. Luna still needed to 답변 to her questions. Why was she here? What does she need to do? Why did her 심장 finally feel warm after what Hades told her about Leon's feelings?! The 답변 never showed up to her, no matter what she thought 또는 did.
A big bewilderment sigh danced in the cool quiet air of the depressed dark room. Luna crashed her head into her hands and grabbed a hold of her hair...
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posted by fangs286
Jacob part 1

have 당신 ever had a secret? the answer is probably yes. but have 당신 ever had a secret that 당신 could never tell anyone?that if 당신 did, it would effect thousands,billions of people? no. 당신 haven't. that is the weight i carry on my shoulders. it is the weight carried 의해 people. Many people. across the world. i am one of many that are different then other people but yet the same.i wish to be what is around me. only a few are like me. i want to have a friend in this world that is like me. Someone who understands the pain and constant despair, even when i feel happy. 당신 are probably...
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posted by TeamRosalieHale
16: Memories

As fast as master had made up it’s mind to wait until they were mortal again, it decided to send IT out to get her again. IT was not pleased with this decision, though IT did not let IT’s emotions show. Although IT was not fully healed, Dr. 기중기, 크레인 said it would be 안전한, 안전 for IT to attempt another mission.
At the same time IT was preparing to leave again, Alice had safely reached the Denali clan and the carriage trooped on without Michael though Tristan, Jack, and David didn’t seem to care. Rosalie kept to herself though Jack stayed close.
Shortly before they crossed the border...
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posted by cullens-rule
the crystal night
Chapter 2 the sightings

I woke early the 다음 morning feeling surprisingly refreshed, I had slept like a rock, every thing was fine, I got up and went to the bathroom I brushed my teeth and washed my face, I got back to my room and glared at the window, the sun was glowing through the curtains, I sighed frustrated, we have had a long sunny summer this 년 which is bad news for me I burn very easily so I have to be extra careful to stay out of the sun when possible.
I got dressed, brushed my heir and sat and scowled at the sun shining through the window, at half past eight I...
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posted by FalliNgSparks
The girl I saw had a pure soul
Her eyes sparkled like a precious stone

Her 심장 was much golden than her hair
her charming hair flew in the air

.......But I knew she had an aimless life

Every part of her body was filled with an innocent tear
But I made her comfy and told her dear,

nobody is useless.

As she heard this,
every part of her body went fearless.

In a hand I saw a pearl...
& that hand was of the blonde girl.
posted by rory2011
chapter (2)

john and carrie went to the museum ,they tried to find anything that give them some information about room 780 but sadly they didn't find much
the keeper saw them ,he know that something bad happened to them
the keeper call them "hey ,you", john and carrie "you meant us "
the keeper "yea ,follow me"
john and carrie followed the keeper they have no idea where they're going
the keeper entered carrie and john to his room
john asked "what 당신 want from us?"
the keeper "your friend died? "
carrie" how did 당신 know that?"
the keeper "oh come on this museum is suck no one visiting it ,and you...
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posted by MickCayla133
Logan was walking through palmwoods looking for Carlos, he saw him 의해 the pool with Jennifer's so he walked towards them, he said Hi". The Jennifer's said 저기요 Logan. Carlos had said 저기요 logan, what are 당신 doing. Logan says I am good, I am trying to get away from Camille she gets on my last nerves. Camille says 저기요 logie want to go out with me saturday night for 키스 and tell. Logan says no i can't maybe i will ask someone else okay. *camille had left*. Carlos says i better find a girl to go with me at 키스 and Tell. Jennifer 2 says i wanna go with 당신 *She had smiled*. Jennifer 1 says No,...
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posted by zutaraforever
It was five o’ clock in the afternoon and I was listening, singing, and dancing to music. It was at that moment that my parents came into my room.

“Yuko, I am afraid we have some bad news,” she said in a sad tone of voice.

So I stopped what I was doing and listened. My parents sat down with me.

“Yuko, I know that 당신 like it here in 일본 and so do we. But I am afraid we have to 옮기기 somewhere else.”

My stomach sank and my 심장 broke. I have started to cry. I was devastated.

“B-But we can’t move. What about my friends?”

“I’m sorry, Yuko, but we can’t afford to continue living...
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posted by para-scence
"I knew it," I said, tears filling my eyes. I ran away from them, even though Mother begged me to come back. I ran upstairs, slamming my door behind me. The house seemed to rattle, but my anger was still there. I wanted to 펀치 something; to just get it all out.

I collapsed onto my bed, and stuffed a 베개 into my face. I screamed, with everything I had. I screamed because I was scared... unwanted... guilty... a mess... I screamed until my throat was sore, and I could feel my diaphragm trembling.

Then there was a soft knock at the door. I clutched the tear-soaked 베개 to my chest, afraid...
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posted by para-scence
"Alessandra, 당신 have two 분 to get down here!" Dad shouted from downstairs. I quickly pulled on my ratty old converse, not bothering to tie them. I ran downstairs, probably just making it to the two 분 mark. Dad folded his arms, probably upset that I'd made it in time.

"You're going to be late," he said. "You'd better get your 나귀, 엉덩이 out of here." I grabbed my bag off the chair, and grabbed a 캔디 bar from the pantry. Just as I got out the door, he grabbed a fistful of my hair, yanking it back. I yelped as my head jerked backwards, and I fell back into the house.

"Go say goodbye to your...
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posted by ambers1999
Ring, ring. “Hello”? ”Hannah I need 당신 to come to my lab today”! “Doc”? but I thought”
…” I know, I’ve been working on something and I need your help”. “OK nice to talk to 당신 again…bye”. In excitement I jumped out of my chair and put my best clothes on. Wondering what Doc was up to? I haven’t seen him in over a year, now that it’s the summer I finally have something to do. I raced down to Doc’s lab. The door creaked as I opened then I knew I was at the right place! “Hello” I said softly, “anyone here”? “Ah here 당신 are I haven’t seen 당신 in awhile...
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posted by Insight357
    I was lying in my bed. Waiting for my being discharged. I was finally going 집 today, after four long years.
    The room I had been staying in was white. The walls, 침대 sheets, equipment; everything. Except the big, brown door that lead into the hallway. I had mostly stayed in my room the past years. I’m a bit antisocial. I never was really interested in interacting with the other patients.
    I stood from the bed, and walked around the room. Looking at all the things I’d come to know here. I wouldn’t miss it.
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posted by Supergirl14
The club
We got to “Club monstruo” Their was the bouncer who really smiled when I showed up he let me in and looked at my 프렌즈 with discontent, “They are with me, Mitchell!”He smiled again, “any friend of Angela is a friend of mine,”He replied in his gruff voice.
Smoke and strobe lights, half-dressed girls and boys dancing filled the room, “where is Juli,"I yelled, a girl almost half my size(I am 6'5)black hair /w pale 담홍색, 핑크 streaks in a messy bun came in, the bulimic look did not fit her, she looked like a skank and did not look good as one. “ready to get it good?” I asked."only...
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posted by Me_Iz_Here
(Not a very creative name, I know)


I sat on the bed. Doing nothing. Nothing. Nothing. I looked at the clock. Friday, five-fifty-eight PM. Five-fifty-nine. Waiting. Waiting. 심장 pounding. Counting seconds. Every week. Every week, SHE came. SHE would try to kill me. Then I would scream for help and they would come. Then I would get a lecture that nothing was there, possibly some treatment 또는 whatever. Then 다음 Friday at six, it would happen again.
Forty-five seconds. I glanced at the book. I brought it with me. That way, no one else would read it. It was old and leather-bound, and had pictures...
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posted by Insight357
The 벨 rang, Elizabeth, and Wyatt had to go to class. They had every class together except for first period. Elizabeth went to art class while Wyatt went to music.
All through art Elizabeth drew out a sketch of her left wrist. This piece of artwork would be hanging on the 벽 outside the art room. She was glad people would see it. She was going to be curious to see how many people she could piss off.
* * *
During 음악 Wyatt stared out the window, thinking. Thinking of the best time to tell Elizabeth. He figured he would do it during Algebra two. It would be one of the easiest classes to...
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