Wrath of Ashardalon Elacra (The Forbidden part of the Death kingdom)

RoleplayCraz98 posted on Mar 25, 2013 at 06:57PM
In the forbidden part of the death kingdom is monsters and acid. No one sets foot in that part of the land except for one goal to acieve which is held in a high tower with severus the hound gaurding this prechiese iteam. The iteam is named Elacra the name of this forbidden part of town. Legon has it the Elacra holds all death power and once you old it true death will overcome your body and you will go mad with power and posseses more than one person. The Elacra gives enough power that you could rule all of Topiana( the world we are on now.) It also tells why the citys are enemies with each other.
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over a year ago StReNgThHoPe said…
Im in! Can I put in Sinseta Marco and Miza???V
RoleplayCraz98 commented…
yes please do over a year ago
RoleplayCraz98 commented…
I do this if im reppresenting an action ( ) And ill say the name of the person for exaple Takius: blah blah blah if she is saying it over a year ago
over a year ago RoleplayCraz98 said…
(A craft falls from the sky and lands in a pile of acid. Black smoke apears and a girl with long black hair apeares as the smoke disapers. She flips of the craft onto the stingy purple ground and starts walking without even looking back at her ship. It was like she ment to crash it)
over a year ago StReNgThHoPe said…
*three shadows hide just outside the border*
Voice: Who is she?
Another voice: We've been scoping this area out for weeks and ive never seen her
Male Voice: Weel don't let her get in our way we are still going
Voice: Of Course we are *The three emerge, one is a boy with dark purple hair and beady eyes, the other two have the same matching purple eyes as the boy, one has shorter black hair that has bangs just above her eyebrows and the other has bangs covering the left side of her face*
over a year ago RoleplayCraz98 said…
(The girl still walks at fast pase and slowly looks over her shoulder to see the three shadows she quickly pulls her head forward she takes a sharp and begins running)
over a year ago StReNgThHoPe said…
The girl with longer hair: Hey follow her!!!!
The other girl: *takes of at in human speed after the girl avoiding the acid by flying*
over a year ago RoleplayCraz98 said…
(Her eyes gre a light ting of blue as she ran She was stoped by a shadow monster. Her feet slid as she stoped at the monsters feet. She pressed a button on her arm and a blaster covered her arm .She blasted the beast with a grave blue light and the monster slowly crimpled on the ground she turned back to face the three and pressed another botten to make the blaster bigger.)

Ash: fhjdhbjaerbhuiwfejgyulajdshyvbawhklGSRIJDF­HIS­BJA­FDG­IVB­hus­hsi­ndk­hus­vfb­j g7fuibugvriwbjPBGPHUBDJO
 (Her eyes gre a light ting of blue as she ran She was stoped 의해 a shadow monster. Her feet slid as sh
over a year ago StReNgThHoPe said…
The girl flying: *suddenly stops and lands beside the other two*
The other girl: *she smiles and her eyes light a illuminating purple and the girl hears screaming so sharp and harsh in her ears they bleed*
the boy: Clenches his hands in fists and shadow creatures form around him* Three against one choose your side and put the blaster away we only wish to talk*
over a year ago RoleplayCraz98 said…
Ash: hbgvfdrkmjnigyfvtdrgfvhnjkmihugvyrftdefgvh­njm­kin­yhb­vtf­sbh­uyn­jhn­unj­bhh­hhn­bsj­

(She stills holds her gun and slowly backs away)
over a year ago StReNgThHoPe said…
Girl flying: Sinseta *peers at the other girl* She could be more useful if you let her hear herself think
other girl AKA Sinseta: Shut up Miza don't tell me what to do! *scowls at Miza and the screaming in Ash's ears gets louder and more painful*
over a year ago RoleplayCraz98 said…
(She starts to cradel into a ball in the ground and covering her ears. Her blaster powers done and transports her arm back into a arm. Her eye starts a giant blue flam almost bigger than her faceand starts to scream)
over a year ago StReNgThHoPe said…
Sinseta: * she grins with satisfaction and the screaming slowly decreases*
Miza: *she crouches closer to Ash and sends waves of calm and focus into her head* Now.... *searching inside Ash's head* Ash? Tell me... what you know about the Elcra?
over a year ago RoleplayCraz98 said…
Ash slowly walks towards Marco grabs his shirt and kisses him then throws him to the ground. she suddling can now speak english

Ash: What the hell are you fucking doin in my mind ( as she faces miza)

Ash: Stay the fucking away from me

over a year ago StReNgThHoPe said…
Miza: Laughs at Marco*
Marco: Oh fuck *spits and wipes his lips*
Sinseta: *the screaming starts comeing back* Answer Miza's question!
Miza: Cool it Sinseta! We are memory thieves, we can play with your mind if we want to know tell me - what do you know about the Elacra or Ill let Sinseta have her way with your senses!
over a year ago RoleplayCraz98 said…
(She wipes her lips and starts to hold her hand up into a fist then lowers it and just says nothing)
over a year ago StReNgThHoPe said…
Sinseta: *her eyes gleam* What the fuck does that mean?!?!?!? *the screaming starts getting loud and painful again*
Miza: *emotions of dread-fear and overwhelming start to creep into Ashes mind*
Marco: *Ash starts sweating and her muscles get achy and burn*
over a year ago RoleplayCraz98 said…
Ash: i dont fucking know anything about the fuck you just said

(she quickly presses her button on her arm and blast the ground in front of the the three which blows them to there butts. a dust appears from the rock and she starts to run
over a year ago StReNgThHoPe said…
(all three of them quickly stand up but Miza's powers are the only ones that work from far away)
Miza: *again Ash feels a blood curtling sense of fear and discouragement*
(The three start running after Ash)
over a year ago RoleplayCraz98 said…
( she runs and sees this tower she jumps and can reach the top of the tower
< because she trained in high atmosphere which basically means she kinda really strong>
and slips through the top window
* why the hell do they want with me so bad

over a year ago StReNgThHoPe said…
( the three sprint after her and when they reach the tower base they say "Zerro" and there finger nails and toe nails grow into long sharp knife like prongs that they use to climb up the wall)
Sinseta: *when she gets to the top she drags her fingers down the wall wich makes a terrible noise* Yu know what makes me angry? *drags them harder* When little kids like you don't tll me what I want! * she screams at her and the screaming in Ash's ears is unimaginably terrible and painful*
over a year ago RoleplayCraz98 said…
Ash: I serously dont know what the fuck you guys talk about and hey i about your age........ well atleast i think i am ............. well what ever

( she blast the wall and all exits collapse she starts to wonder around the place still hering thart horible screach in her head. she wacts her head a couple of times to scure slience. she walks down the stairs and finds a door with a green glow comming from beneath the door she just walks past the door where theres a giant pile of chicken. she looks at the door then the chicken then the door then she couldnt decide, but she made a wise decision to eat the chicken

ash: man im starved
over a year ago StReNgThHoPe said…
Miza: *the three are normal although Sinseta is still pissed they lean in the doorway and watch her* Well then?
Marco: *rolls his eyes*
Sinseta: Oh forget her lets get the Elacra and get the fuck out of here
over a year ago RoleplayCraz98 said…
She hears them behind them and blast them

Ash: no more mr nice girl

(her eyes glow with purple fire and and blast them several times)

Then she goes in the door
over a year ago StReNgThHoPe said…
Sinseta: *in a flash she comes up behind Ash the the other two behind her* Sorry what was that???
Miza: Memory Lane... *without Ash thinking her worst memories start flashing before her eyes*
Marco:*Crumble:*Ashes legs are suddenly too weka to hold her up *
over a year ago RoleplayCraz98 said…

Ash:my memorys dont matter to me no more because i fucken don't care she burst out to pur flamesshe quickly swiches to a life blast and blast Marco to the door when she looks back at Miza her eyes grow bright red and hits her with her giant gun. she looks over her shoulder and she finds a floating green elemit that has green mist coming out of it she draggs herself over there grabs the elemit and holds it in her hand cleching it so hard.

Ash: is this what you looking for well to bad

she smashes it on the grouns
over a year ago StReNgThHoPe said…
Miza: *she grits her teeth and screams in anger*
Marco:*stumbles a bit* Oh mother fucker!!!!
Sinseta : *punches a wall so hard her knuckles bleed but she doesn't look at all effected - just angry as hell and she collapses showing only the tiniest bit of emotional baggage when her eyes get watery*
Miza: *rocks back and forth screaming - they both look totally insane*
over a year ago RoleplayCraz98 said…
Ash: well as you cry to death im going to get .....mubles a word......... then leaves the room
over a year ago StReNgThHoPe said…
Sinseta: *her anger gets ahold of her and suddenly she turns into a creature that is obviously Sinseta but is fast and strong*
over a year ago RoleplayCraz98 said…
(Ash stares at Sinseta with a wide eye )
*Really a bad ass girl can collapse so easly. I wonder what she will do if i really told he that wasnt Elacra *
(Ash walks over to Sinseta and pats her on the head then looks at Marco)
Ash: I have no time to deal with this bull crap
(she walks out of the room and heads down another flight of stairs. She yelles from off in the distance)
Ash: Theres a reason why I picked the chicken and not that plastic junk on the floor pretty boy

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over a year ago StReNgThHoPe said…
Marco: Sinseta stay! your both so weak! *sprints on after her*
Sinseta: *goes human again* What did I do???? '
Miza: Oh Sinseta we are such dumbasses what about the hounds and the monsters???
Sinseta: Oh I wish you had said that sooner *they follow Marco but Miza is the fastest and catches up to her easilyI
over a year ago RoleplayCraz98 said…
(Ash grabs a torch on the wall and still walks down the stairs with no rush)
Ash: I'm surprise you didnt figer that out sooner. You guys were pissing me off so I decided to Mess with you
over a year ago StReNgThHoPe said…
Miza: I like this chick
Sinseta: *growls a little and scrapes her still sharp fingers on the wall*
Marco: Oh I know - these two are just a little too emotional to be logical *gives them both a sharp look*
Sinseta: Don't forget there are two teams who both want the same thing here *her face is stone cold and mean as hell*
over a year ago RoleplayCraz98 said…
Ash: well one i'm not a team i work alone and Legon has it the Elacra holds all death power and once you hold it true death will overcome your body and you will go mad with power and posseses more than one person. Otherwise then stone would have already been dead by now
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over a year ago StReNgThHoPe said…
Sinseta: Exactly and we are going to be those people *gestures to Miza and Marco*
Marco: Cool it! *shoves Sinseta a little*
Miza: That's not what we meant by team we mean we both are aiming fir same goal why not we *shrugs* team up? *sends waves of assurance and appeasement into Ash's mind*
over a year ago RoleplayCraz98 said…
Ash: I'll travel with you guys there, but once we get there your on your own im going there for a diffrent prize
(ash looks strait forward like she was uncoferabal grouping up. She gets to the bottom of the stairs and there are three door ways leading to complete darkness)
Ash: the only way to get there un noticely is through the underground passage
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over a year ago StReNgThHoPe said…
Marco: Standing next to her* Huh so we got a smarty
Sinseta: *pulls him back and takes his place - Ash can tell Sinseta is used to being the leader*
over a year ago RoleplayCraz98 said…
(ash shoulders Sinseta out of her way and walks to the third door she turns around smirks at Sinseta then just keeps walking)
Ash: If it was up to you, you would have already been toast down here
over a year ago StReNgThHoPe said…
Sinseta: *rolls her eyes* that's true *Sinseta's irritation causes there to be a slight buz in everyone's ear*
Miza: Uhg Sinseta!
Sinseta: I would stop it if I could so sorry! *looks at Ash* But we don't spend all of our time searching through holes and tunnels our abilities don't easily allow us to do that
over a year ago RoleplayCraz98 said…
(Ash Ignore's what Sinseta said and starts to think of asharladon)
over a year ago StReNgThHoPe said…
*Suddenly there is a high pitched alarm in everyones ears*
Miza: Dammit Sinseta stop thinking of Sasha!
Sinseta: Oh im SO SORRY!!!! *sarcastic and the ringing stops*
Marco: Sinseta if you didn't have the most useful ability out of our trio you'd be fucked you cant control your thought to save your fucking life!
Sinseta: Im new at this!! *they keep bickering*
over a year ago RoleplayCraz98 said…
Ash: Will you please just shut up. Jeeezzzzz. Like i said earlier i don't got time for this shit.

(A moooaaaaannnn comes from the distance in the passage)

Ash: God dammit you draawwweeeddd attention to us by your bickring

(Ash pulls out her gun)
over a year ago StReNgThHoPe said…
Sinseta: *they shut up and Sinseta whispers and Ash and Miza's hearing improves by 200%*
Miza: Sends huge adrenaline rushes and courage to all four of them*
Marco: *places his hand on the ground to sense the creature's movement*
over a year ago RoleplayCraz98 said…
(The Beast is appears ahead as just one then 10 walk up behind the group and 10 walk up in front of the group)
Ash: well don't just fucking stand there
(Ash flips up onto the celing and starts running towards the biggest Hound. She comes down hitting the beast with her gun)
 (The Beast is appears ahead as just one then 10 walk up behind the group and 10 walk up in front of t
over a year ago StReNgThHoPe said…
Sinseta: Blind! *instantly all the beasts are blind* DEAF! *the beasts are also deaf*
Miza: Decay!!! *the beasts are filled with sadness and heartache*
Marco: Crumble! *the beasts collapse under there own weight*
over a year ago RoleplayCraz98 said…
Ash: Well then
(She kicks a hound and raises her hands in the air like she acomplish victory)
*wow im pathedic*
(she steps over the dogs)
over a year ago StReNgThHoPe said…
Miza: Lets go.*they turn to leave but Sinseta stops*
Marco: Sinseta.....
Sinseta: Just hold on! *runs over to the biggest hound and puts her hand on its forehead*
over a year ago RoleplayCraz98 said…
(Ash looks with a concernd face. She blast her gun at the creature almost hitting Sinseta)
over a year ago StReNgThHoPe said…
Sinesta: Don't kill it yet!!!! *shakes her head and moves to another one and when she places her hand on its forehead a purple energy comes from its forehead- the process looks painful to the creature but it doesn't move
over a year ago RoleplayCraz98 said…
Ash: sorry i thought it was thouse ........omg hes still alive oooohhh nooo....... I just wanted to kill it already if it was that
(she looks at Sinseta with simpathy)
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over a year ago StReNgThHoPe said…
Sinseta: Oh no- I was takin it... stealing it's memory????
Marco: Its what we do
over a year ago RoleplayCraz98 said…
Ash: Ahhhh
*well it seems like im the week one here*
(She walks away and towards two paths leaving Sinseta behind. One path has a flower trap and witch gaurdens and the other one with the sounds with grouns of monsters and a spike trap
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