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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Theme song >>>> link

Seanthehedgehog presents

The Season 1 Finale of...

Ponies On The Rails


Peirce Hawkins "Hawkeye" From Seanthehedgehog

Red Rose From Chibiemmy

Honey Bee From NaomiWinx

Coffee Creme From KarinaBrony

Snowflake & Orion From Alinah09

Gordon, Percy, Jeff, Bartholomew, and Pete from Seanthehedgehog

Episode 10

Back From The Future

June 8, 1951

The sun was setting, and the wind was blowing cool air around the station at Cheyenne. Everypony was getting toward the end of their shift.

Gordon: *putting oil into engine*
Pete: Gordon, come here.
Gordon: (FUCK!!...
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Johnny: What's this about Ray?

Ray: Nothing., Were 프렌즈 aren't we.

Johnny: Really.. I thought 당신 hated my guts after that musiem stunt.

Ray: Noo, no Johnny, I don't hate your fuckin guts.

Bodyguard: Than what the hell are we doing!? I thought we were gonna ki-


Johnny: Sometimes I guess.

Ray: Great.. Say, can 당신 do me a favour? Do 당신 see that painting behind you?

Johnny? (looks behind him) What about i- (Ray suddenly knocks him unconscious).


Ray: (slaps Johnny).

Johnny: (wakes up...
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(hey everyone now I was recently inspired to make a list because of WWGuy430 and Deathding's awesome Thanksgiving list so I decided to make this. hope 당신 enjoy and sorry for any unprofessionalism. lol)

10-Roxas from Kingdom Hearrts 358/2 days

So I just finished playing K-Hearts 358/2 days and i really found myself attached to the main character roxas. he has a cool design, is great at fighting, and who doesn't think the keyblade looks cool?

Just wish they gave him 더 많이 personality. XD

9-Kirby from Kirby LOL

i think deathding said it best when he described in the 상단, 맨 위로 10 Hungriest Video Game Characters...
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The series is meant to be based off of Japanese anime. The story follows a young high school student named Shusaku, who is told 의해 his partner, an 앤젤 named Akio, that he is a Death Angel, an 앤젤 from Heaven sent to earth to fight demons. Shusaku is born as an Earthborn Death Angel, meaning that the time he was born, a Death 앤젤 set foot on earth, giving him it’s powers. However, this means that he is 더 많이 stronger than usual Death Angels, and that he is now a target to Munemitsu, the Demon King who plans on taking over the world and making humans his slaves. Akio now wishes...
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Now, even though people believe there are only a few swords in Zelda, there are actually quite a lot. So much in fact that I have decided to tell 당신 all my five favorites. Now, before I begin, this is just my opinion, so, sorry if a sword 당신 wanted to see isn’t here. Now, with that said, lets start the list

 Phantom Ganon Sword
Phantom Ganon Sword

#5: Phantom Ganon’s Sword - Now, this is lower due to the fact that this is a pretty easy sword to find. However, the way 당신 sue it is amazing. Once 당신 get trapped in a maze in Ganon’s Tower in Wind Waker, 당신 will then have to fight Phantom Ganon. Once...
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Chuck: So, we've been waiting for like...three hours
Stacey: It's been five 분 Chuck
Chuck: Well, I just want to know when something happens Explosion) Something happened. Gotta go check it out
Stacey: Wait, 당신 don't even know where it is happ- (Chuck leaves)
Chuck: (Sees soldiers robbing casino vaults) Hey, 당신 can't just do that
Soldiers: (Aim 총 at Chuck)
Chuck: ..................... Uh............ Please don't shoot.......
(Later, after the fight)
Chuck: (Panting) Man, I hope that is the only time I have to do that (Phone rings) Hello
Stacey: Chuck, it looks like that three other casinos...
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