"Oh when is he going to get back!?" said Cinderpaw in the apprentice 굴, 덴 impatiently. "Calm down Cinderpaw, he wont take long" said Brackenpaw sleepily."Im looking for him!" she said as she came running out of the apprentice den."Where are 당신 going?" asked a voice behind her. It was Longtail. Im looking for Fireheart!" she said excitedly. "Youre as skittish as a squirrle" Lontail said "Off 당신 go!". She ran to the entrence of the camp and bumped into someone."Hello, Fireheart!" she said."Looks like I came just in time" he teased."I thought a 오소리 ate you!" she also teased."No cat would be foolish enough to do that" said Tigerclaw. "OR 당신 got ran over 의해 a monster!" she said. Fireheart yawned. "You should go back to the apprentice den, its late" said Firepaw.