Walt Disney's 28th Animated Feature, The Little Mermaid (1989)
Hello fellow 디즈니 Fans.

Now, as 당신 all know, I 사랑 디즈니 Animation. I 사랑 to watch the movies, hear the songs and look at the characters. But one thing I really 사랑 is watching the 애니메이션 in slow motion. It gives a great insight to how much work the animators puts into their work. It's facinating to me to watch a scene 또는 a sequence in slow motion, as then I get 더 많이 details the 다음 time I see the movies.
Now, 당신 all know how much I 사랑 The Little Mermaid. My 가장 좋아하는 movie of all-time. Ever since I discovered to to make gifs, I have made many gifs from various 디즈니 Classics, but most from Mermaid. So, one 일 I though "Why not make some gifs in slow motion and make an 기사 about it." So here it is. But it is not done yet, as there are MANY gifs I want to make in slow motion. So 당신 better keep checking this 기사 if this sounds like something 당신 would want to follow as well.

Image #1: Vanessa and the 랍스터 and the Starfish:

A blue 랍스터 has landed on Vanessa's head and pinches her nose with his claw. As Vanessa bows her head down to let out a scream, notice the squash and stretch of her face. When the starfish starts to cover her body, notice the speed in the animation. Suddenly the 애니메이션 is done on ones, instead of twos. That is because its a fast scene. Until the last starfish hits her on the mouth, the 애니메이션 goes back on twos. Also notice Vanessa's fringe as her head is pushed backwards.

Image #2: Princess Ariel blows her hair.

Ariel blows her hair as she can't tell Prince Eric her name because she has given her voice to Ursula. Can 당신 see where the 디즈니 animators have used one drawings instead of two?

Image #3: Princess Ariel:

Crawling up on a reed and grabbing a cattail as if it was a microphone, Sebastian leans over to sing in Prince Eric's ear. Eric ask Ariel if she heard anything and she shrugs her shoulders. Notice that Ariel is animated on two frames, but the moving background are framed at ones.

Image #4: Vanessa and the Pelicans.

As sealions jumps over the railing onto the wedding ship, Vanessa turns her head with an sullen expression on her face. Suddenly she is hit in the face with water 의해 a flying pelican. As she recovers from the water and the confusion of what just happend, another 펠리컨, 펠리 칸 flies toward her. And again she is covered in water, but this time, also with green fish. As she stand up again, she notice a third 펠리컨, 펠리 칸 flying toward her. Before Vanessa can do anything, she is yet again attacked with water and lobsters. In this seqence, notice how the pelicans are animated on the ones as they fly into the frame. But as the hit Vanessa, they go back on twos.

Image #5: Ursula Singing.

This one surprised me a little. When I made the gif, there were certain places where I was sure the 디즈니 animators would have animated on the ones. They do, but I thought they would do it as Ursula puts her hands up to her face. But they didn't do that. But I do 사랑 the frame where Ursula suddenly grows six arms xD

Image #6: Vanessa Gasping.

Vanessa coming up from the ground, as the blue birds swoops over her head. She's looking up at Scuttle and the birds who are now headed right for her direction again. This one always makes me laugh as 당신 can see the squash and stretch of her face and her eyes are popping out of her head in surprise. It even looks better in slow motion.

Image #7: Vanessa looking at her Shell.

Now this shot is my 가장 좋아하는 of Vanessa. 당신 might have noticed I have a soft spot for Ursula as Vanessa. But I just think she looks really beautiful here. She goes from sweet to evil here.

Image #8: Princess Ariel, Sebastian and some Fish.

This sequence was quite tough to make as 당신 can see the 물고기 moves on the ones, while Ariel and Sebastian are animated on the twos. So I had to capture every frame and make sure they were in the right order. But it's a beautiful and fun sequence from the film.

Image #9: Vanessa throws her hair pin.

The scene where Scuttle learns the true identity of Vanessa. This sequence was great to do a gif of, as Vanessa here, is full of attitude! I even noticed a mistake I never seen before! Look at the pin, in one frame, the 상단, 맨 위로 dissapears! xD Crazy that I never noticed this little mistake before, but there it is.

Image #10: Vanessa & the Starfish.

After she has been covered in starfish, Vanessa begins to pluck them off of her body. Angrily shouting "Get away from me, 당신 slimy little..." before an unknown force makes her fall on her back, lifting her into the air.

Image #11: Princess Ariel bows her head.

After shyly walking up to Prince Eric, Ariel bows her head after he tells her she looks wonderful. I always loved this short of Ariel here. She's just so cute. And the way she smiles at Eric is just great.

Image #12: Vanessa bounced up and down 의해 a sealion.

Vanessa is flipped over 의해 a sealion and tossed up into the air, unto to fall down again on the head of the sealion as blue birds fly around the chaos. This one was also funny to make, as 당신 see some very funny shorts of Vanessa. Also, where are her legs? In the short where she lands in the wedding cake, they are clearly visible. But not here.

Image #13: Princess Ariel pulls Ursula's hair.

This little sequence is made up of 25 frames. I can understand why the directors wanted this sequence staged like this, but I wish we got to see Ursula's tentacles in this shot as well.

Image #14: Princess Ariel.

Prince Eric has taken Princess Ariel to the marketplace, and she is delighted 의해 all the activity. This is such a cute sequence of Ariel. She is just like me, when I went to Walt 디즈니 World in 2014. So many things to see, to hear, to smell.

Image #15: Princess Ariel, 가자미, 넙치 & Glut.

Glut the 상어 breaks through the floorboards as it seeks out Princess Ariel and Flounder. Notice how 가자미, 넙치 swims right into Glut's mouth and right back out again.

Image #16: Vanessa & Scuttle.

As Vanessa and Scuttle are fighting over her shell necklace, Max runs over and bites her in the ass. Vanessa lets out an enormous scream, releasing her hold on Scuttle and the chain break, sending the seashell flying into the air.

Image #17: Vanessa.

Prince Eric has run to Princess Ariel and Vanessa yells to him "Get away from her" but in Ursula's voice rather than Ariel's voice. I 사랑 her little "Oops,-I-have-my-own-voice-now" shock face.

Image #18: Ursula, Princess Ariel & Prince Eric.

Ursula, steaming with anger, becomes a giant and rises out of the sea. As her crown rises to the surface, Eric and Ariel, who are hanging on 상단, 맨 위로 of the crown, leap off into the sea. Notice Ursula's body suddenly dissapears from view as Ariel and Eric fall. Also, this is the frames that got people talking back in 2013 when The Little Mermaid first was released to Blu-ray Disc. As 당신 can see in the upper right coner, when Ariel and Eric hits the water, there seems to be a tear in the frames. Those wasn't present in the Limited Issue DVD from 1999 또는 the Platinum Edition DVD from 2006.

Image #19: Princess Ariel.

After King Triton calls humans barbarians, Princess Ariel yells at him, saying "Daddy, they're not barbarians!". I really like Ariel in this little sequence here. I bet if she was a teenager on land, she would have stomp her feet as she says this line.

Image #20: Sebastian, Princess Ariel & Scuttle.

A very excited Scuttle has flown into Ariel's room, waking up the Princess and Sebastian. Scuttle tells Ariel "Congratulations, kiddo, we did it!" I always loved Ariel's groggy expression in this sequence and when Scuttle startles her, her eyes go full open, only to be half closed again. It looks so funny. xD

Image #21: Princess Ariel & Flounder.

This is one of my 가장 좋아하는 sequences from Part of Your World. Just the way it is staged and animated is just beautiful! And I 사랑 the 애니메이션 of Ariel's hair! So flowy, full of life!

Image #22: Ursula.

This little sequence is just pure gold! 당신 can just see what Ursula is thinking here and it's "Haha, got 당신 now!"
Another thing I like in these frames, is that 당신 can see the Xerox 애니메이션 on the coloring. Look at the outlines of Ursula's hair.

Image #23: Vanessa, Prince Eric, Scuttle & the Blue Birds.

This little sequence lasts for exactly 24 frames. Again, this is a fun sequence. There is one mistake here. The blue birds are still flying from Vanessa as she looks up in surprise. They should have been away from there.
Notice that Scuttle doesn't fly under Vanessa's dress, but straight pass it, causing it to open up so the blue birds can fly under it. Also, another thing I noticed as I was making this GIF was, poor Scuttle has 로스트 his feets. xD They're just gone!
Look at the faces of the blue birds as they come out from the dress! :D They're just having a party! xD

Image #24 & 25: Ursula.

The Death of the Sea Witch, Part 1 and 2. This gif was hard to make. But fun at the same time. I had to make this one into a two part as the single gif file was too big to upload. (12,0 mb). So that is why this is a two-parts. But it's an interesting scene as Ursula meets her doom. In some storybooks I have, it says that the trident backfires and electrocuting her body. I can see it in the first gif. I also 사랑 that we see Ursula's seleton in one frame. But darn, she's hit with the lightning many times!

Image #26: Princess Ariel & Her Sisters.

Princess Ariel, humming, plucks a 꽃 and smells it. Then she swims off while her sisters, Princess Attina, Princess Adella, Princess Andrina and Princess Aquata are amazed 의해 her unusual behaviour. I really like the 애니메이션 of Ariel in this sequence. I think she's beautifully animated here. One thing that baffles me, is that, when does the animators know when to animate Ariel on twos instead of ones. Like, she starts off animated on twos. She then goes on to be animated on ones as she reaches for the flower. Then she goes back to being animated on twos for some frames as she plucks the flower. As Ariel takes the 꽃 up to her nose, she goes back to being animated on ones. When she starts to smell the flower, she's back on two frames. And finally, as she starts to swim away, she's back on one frames.

Image #27: Princess Ariel.

Princess Ariel sings about her desire to be where the people are. This is just another great sequence from Part of Your World, animated 의해 Glen Keane. I 사랑 the lightning on the rock Ariel is 노래 on. It's really beautiful.

Image #28: Prince Eric.

Prince Eric, realizing that Max is still on the flaming ship, jumps into the water to return to the ship and rescue Max. As he has come on the deck, the mast of the ship breaks and this is Eric's reaction to it.

Image #29: Cheif Louis & Sebastian.

Sebastian dashes under a 상추, 상 추 leaf, using it as camouflage as he attempts to scurry away. But when Louis pounds the 물고기 with a mallet, the force causes Sebastian to pop in the air. I always loved this sequence. Especially Cheif Louis' hat! Just look at it as he hits the fish! xD So funny!

Image #30: Prince Eric & Princess Ariel.

Leaving the village in a carriage, Prince Eric offers the reins to Princess Ariel. She grabs them and the horse take off, bouncing the carriage over a ravine. CAPS (Computer 애니메이션 Production System) are used in this sequence. Also, notice the mistake here as the wheels on the carriage don't 옮기기 as it moves on the ground.

Image #31: Princess Ariel.

Princess Ariel is extremely happy 의해 the news Scuttle has announced. She runs down the stairs but comes to a sudden stop when she overhears a conversation between Prince Eric and Sir Grimsby and she sees Vanessa for the first time. This is another CAPS shot as the whole staircase behind Ariel is computer animated.

Image #32: Vanessa's transformation back into Ursula.

As Princess Ariel is too late to get true's love's 키스 from Prince Eric before sunset on the third day, Ursula decides to ditch her Vanessa human form and reveal her true ugly self. This is my 가장 좋아하는 transformation scene in the movie. It is just pure awesome, with lightning and the way Ursula's tentacles just burst out of the wedding dress. I also chuckle the way the animator (Kathy Zielinski, I believe, did this transformation scene) made her boobs pop out before the rest of her huge body is changed back. xD But it is certainly a great moment in the movie.

Image #33 & 34: Ursula's transformation into Vanessa.

When Princess Ariel is getting a little too close to get a 키스 from Prince Eric, Ursula decides to take matters into her own tentacles and disguise herself as a human girl named Vanessa.
This is another great sequence, but I have to say, that this was also the hardest one to make. I can even see I made a mistake in the first GIF, as the light flickers a moment. Nevertheless, this is also a great transformation scene. It is interesting to see how Ursula becomes Vanessa. Look at her face as she transforms and her hair. Did 당신 guys notice all the smoke that appears as the scene fades to Eric's castle? One thing I always wanted to see was how did Vanessa get from Ursula's lair to the surface. Did she swim? In some storybooks it says she transported herself with a loud thunderclap.

Image #35: Prince Eric & Vanessa.

Upon hearing that Eric will be married to the mysterious girl, Ariel runs away in tears. When Vanessa sees Ariel flee, she snuggles up to the Prince.
I 사랑 the 애니메이션 of Vanessa here. In the frames after she has closed her eyes, it looks like she has 초 doubts. But it only lasts for two frames xD

Image #36: Princess Ariel.

The Youngest Princess of Sea returns to her dream Prince, once again fully human.
This is such a beautiful sequence. I really wish we got to see some 더 많이 scenes with Ariel in this beautiful dress!

Image #37: Flotsam, Ursula & Jetsam.

Ursula sings to Princess Ariel that she used to be nasty and that people weren't kidding when they called her a witch.
This little sequence is full of attitude from all three, Ursula, Flotsam and Jetsam.

Image #38: Princess Ariel & Prince Eric.

As Ariel hears Eric breathe, she starts to sing to him.
This is a beautiful sequence, as we see Ariel as a mermaid, lay 다음 to a human. I also really like her fins, they act like a 동물 tail. One tiny little 애니메이션 error I discovered when I did this GIF. Take a look at Ariel's fins. In two frames, some of her fins dissapears and then reappears again. This was another mistake I never noticed before now xD

Image #39: Max & Princess Ariel.

Max jumps up and licks Ariel's face. She smiles greatly and turns her head away from the dog. Suddenly Max hear Prince Eric call his name and he runs back to his owner. Ariel, also hearing the sound of Eric's voice, turns her head toward the sound.
Just look at Ariel's face when Max licks her cheek. I 사랑 her smile here. She looks really cute here.

Image #40 & 41: Vanessa.

Ursula, disguised as the maiden Vanessa, walks along the 바닷가, 비치 at night, 노래 with Ariel's voice. As she sings the glowing shell around her neck, releases a strong hypnotic spell that gets the hold of Prince Eric.
This was another rather difficult one to make, but I got through it! It was tough, as 당신 can see the glowing on Vanessa's shell keeps on changing on every frame. So I had to capture A LOT of frames to make sure I got every singe one, then I had to make sure they were in the right order. The scene is really beautiful! I always loved this sequence of Vanessa with her long hair and the cape that is blowing in the wind. Two things I will say about this sequence here. One is, if 당신 notice in the beginning of the 초 gif, notice Vanessa's hair. In a couple of frames it goes so high that it makes a 우주 between her shoulders and her hair. It always bothered me as it doesn't make sense with the hair that is on her left side. The 초 thing is, watch the glowing light on her shell in the 초 gif as well. In one frame, the shell moves, but the glowing effect on the shell doesn't 옮기기 with it. Just a tiny little funny mistake I've noticed.

Image #42: Princess Ariel.

As Prince Eric walks over to Ariel, she fixes her hair as she's both excited and nervous at the same time.
This little sequence is just so beautiful drawn! I really 사랑 this shot of Ariel as she looks straight in the camera and the way she kinda bites her lower lip. I also 사랑 her left eyebrow in the end of the sequence.

Image #43: Princess Ariel.

Princess Ariel signs the contract with Ursula.
I 사랑 the 색깔 of this sequence. I also 사랑 how dramatic this is. The way Ariel closes her eyes and writes her name.

Image #44: Vanessa & Prince Eric.

Vanessa and Eric are standing in front of the Priest and as he asks the groom if he will marry the bride, Vanessa takes a glance at the sunset and smiles wickedly.