Since "Parks and Recreation" wrapped, I've worked on a list of 디즈니 characters that I believe closely match our most cherished Pawnee citizens in terms of personality and (sometimes) looks.

Anna -- Leslie Knope: A bubbly go-getter whose optimism is infectious. Oh, and they both happen to 사랑 consuming large amounts of sugar+would do anything for those they 사랑 (including their ungrateful public).

John Silver -- Ronald Ulysses Swanson: This self-sufficient, intimidating gentleman is a man of self-dictated principles which are usually at odds with his surroundings. Although he doesn't believe in conformation, and does resist governmental influence as much as possible, he's nonetheless established some semblance of order and will only tolerate a certain amount of disregard for anything which disturbs that precious balance. Both anti-heroes befriend the very people meant to serve as their nemeses, and tend to offer their appreciation through actions. But the guidance they do extend is invaluable.

Milo Thatch -- Ben Wyatt: An exceedingly intelligent lad who refuses to let his past shortcomings dictate his future. Each revel in their nerdy nature and remain patient with workers that eventually become confidantes and learn to appreciate -- and even embrace -- their presence.

Kronk -- Andy Dwyer: A dim-witted pretty-boy who's kind of attracted to the dark side. Although they might mess up frequently, they remain sincere in their effort(s) and are determined to follow their true passion(s) in spite of financial and societal backlash.

Vanellope von Schweetz -- April Ludgate: A cynical, sharp-witted young lady whose sarcastic/badgering insults mask surprising insecurities and a few soft spots. Each possess an affinity for crudeness and things usually considered undesirable in the sociable sense.

Pocahontas -- Ann Perkins: A beautiful introvert whose underdeveloped personality has the fandom divided: is she actually bland, 또는 intriguing in an understated manner? Both are healers/protectors, subtly comedic, appear to be multi-ethnic -- Poca's looks were also inspired 의해 Naomi Campbell's, and she is of Asian/African heritage -- and remain kind to those that have wronged them.

Prince Eric -- Chris Traeger: An energetic man whose athleticism indicates health-consciousness. Both are usually happy-go-lucky, and tend to laugh easily, but still display the thoughtfulness it takes to keep everything and everyone in balance+their initial attraction seems to stem from a pure form of infatuation rather than lust when it comes to their ladies.

Kuzco -- Tom Haverford: This guy is a prime example of the Napoleonic Complex, and delusions of grandeur would be an understatement considering his improbable list of expectations. However, both display rare moments of growth and sincerity... these occurrences just happen to coincide with their inevitable failures 😉

Katrina 봉고차, 반 Tassel -- Donna Meagle: A mysterious, mischievous spirit whom intends to enjoy the finer things in all walks of life, and will always be able to achieve just that thanks to her gorgeous appearance and alluring nature. 당신 can tell each is cultured, as they maintain dignity when presented with overwhelming affection and are shown to be unimpressed 의해 the mundane, but this instilled confidence only serves to enhance their exceptionally generous nature(s).

Maurice -- Garry/Jerry/Larry/Terry/Barry: A rather portly fellow that clearly managed to enchant a universal beauty, and produce equally lovely offspring in the process. Both are shown to be instrumental in their field, but nonethless prone to occasional miscalculation and frustration. They're often judged 의해 everyone else but their own adoring families, whom are shown to give unconditional 사랑 and seem to find their misgivings endearing.

Mike "Goob" Yagoobian/Bowler Hat Guy -- Jean-Ralphio: An adult male who's clearly stuck in a state of arrested development, as his behavior proves to consistently disregard everyone else's welfare. Both would rather choose scapegoats than accept personal responsibility for the disastrous results all of their schemes yielded, and are ultimately depicted to have run away in a poor attempt to escape their negligent lives.

Owl -- Perd Hapley: A recurring character who holds himself in significantly high regard, and arguably much higher than others at that. Both speak in a manner which demonstrates a stream of consciousness, often stating details that are already apparent to everyone else and typically provide sensationalized commentary on otherwise unremarkable circumstances.

Bobby Zimmeruski -- Harris, the Animal Control guy (RIP ❤️): A relatively-young slacker whose antics are generally amusing to those around him if they're involved. Although neither is malicious in alignment, it is hinted that they'd rather dabble in "recreational" activities than be proactive in their respective environments 🍄

I hope my odd 기사 at least offered mild amusement for everyone that graciously took the time to read it, but either way, I plan to compose another 다음 week ☺️ As a big 팬 of the show, I'd greatly appreciate it if fellow admirers sounded off in the 코멘트 section, but of course general constructive criticism is always welcomed, too.

(I enjoy distributing props across this site *hint* *hint*)