It was all started 의해 a mouse...
Hi everyone,today I'm going to talk about the 디즈니 characters that resemble be.
First of all,these are the 디즈니 characters that resemble MY personality,I'm fine if 당신 either 사랑 또는 dislike these characters,I just want 당신 guys to respect my opinion.
Now,without any further ado,let's begin.
-I often lose my temper and snap at the ones I love,even though I'm a peace loving person,they usually force me;
-I don't really like goofing around;
-I 사랑 deeply,even though I usually act very grumpy towards my family,I still 사랑 them,and I'd be crushed if something happens to them;
-I have great eyes to detail;
-I look good in blue,though I look better in black;
-I don't smile that much,I'm usually depressed,angry and just not that smiley;
-I'm very secretive towards others;
-I have a sense of responsibility;
-I'm the ruler of my own kingdom(figuratively);
-Love chocolate(Who doesn't ?);
-I isolate myself from others because I don't want to hurt them with my anger and I prefer staying alone because I got used to the loneliness;
-I have a nasal voice;
-I'm very shy;
-I don't need anyone to complete me;
-People usually misjudge me,even though I'm a peace loving person and a straight guy(most of the boys think I'm,even though I'm not);
-I have a playful side to me;
-I'm 더 많이 mature than the others of my age;
-I'm much 더 많이 different than the others of my age;
-I put others needs above mine;
-The cold never bothered me anyway.
-My hair is a mess when I wake up;
-My room is an explosion sometime;
-I'm often awkward;
-I'm often bubbly;
-I'm imaginative;
-I'm often ignorant;
-I'm usually clumsy;
-I'm selfless(most of the time);
-I care 더 많이 about the ones I 사랑 더 많이 than I care about myself.
-I'm a bigger 팬 of 동물 than I am for people;
-My name is also Kristof(but with one F);
-I have a messy hair;
-I have a big nose.
-I ignore what everyone says to me and mind my own business;
-I'm kind but I have my limits;
-I'm looking for something grand,something that I can barely comprehend because my life is pretty boring;
-I care 더 많이 about the ones I 사랑 than I care about myself;
-I can get mad is somebody doesn't listens.
-I'm not very social,I'm usually,angry,stern,grumpy and emo,and well,just,Beastly.
-I'm usually stern,grumpy and a stick-in-the-mud;
-I prefer order and discipline over loud noises and childish deminers.
-I'm often kind,warm and understanding;
-I'm gentle souled inside;
-I'm pretty strong;
-I'm obedient;
-I apologize if I did something wrong.
-I have anger issues;
-I'm at times lustful;
-I think of painfully torchering the people I hate;
-I have a good charisma.
-I often stand up for what's right.
-I 사랑 painting and drawing;
-I'm at times over-the-top;
-I feel guilty if I did something wrong.
-I always feel like I don't belong where I am right now;
-I can't control my anger and at times snap at the ones I love.
-I have big anger issues.
-I'm often neurotic;
-I'm often lawful;
-I'm usually organized;
-I'm often worrisome;
-I'm often sensible;
-I'm usually pessimistic.
Wreck-it Ralph:
-I have big anger issues;
-I often have a big heart;
-I'm pretty strong;
-People misjudge me;
-I hat it when people don't appreciate my effort.
-I hate it when people interrupt me when I just wanna listen to 음악 또는 when I'm doing my stuff.

So there 당신 have it,these are the 디즈니 characters that resemble me the most.I hope that this list helped 당신 guys to know me better.
As always,Smell 'ya later!
They look weird in infinity.