Not in any order:
사랑 Droid
Beyond the Spectacle of the World
With Respect Lelouch
Poker Face
Coward Mont Blanc
Lie and Diamond
Happy Synthesizer (with Luka)
Be Myself
Blue Butterfly
Matryoshka (with Miku)
Full Volume
Liberty Heart
Naname World
Raid of Glass
Eat Me
Eye Examination
Late Excuse
Panda Hero (with Luka)
Bad Apple
Bird's 사랑 Song
Cutoff Line
Dance Floor
For My Soul
Killer Lady
사랑 is Certainly Fast
Mozaik Role
Sorry to You

This list consists of songs under the genres of pop and rock. Gumi is a Vocaloid under the 제목 of "Megpoid." With an interesting voice, Gumi has made herself Hatsune Miku's closest rival. I prefer Gumi over Miku, but that is only my opinion. Recently, Gumi made an appearance in a 3D 음악회, 콘서트 called Vocafarre, featuring new technology called AR (Augmented Reality) that was used to make the 모델 come to life. Also included in the 음악회, 콘서트 was Lawson Akiko, Tone Rion, and Aoki Lapis. Gumi performed two songs with Akikoloid, one of which is listed above (Beyond the Spectacle of the World.) Unfortunately, Gumi has not yet been seen in 음악회, 콘서트 alongside Miku yet.