Lately all I seem to care about would be Dragon Age. The universe, the characters, the story, everything. So here is a list of my favourite DA characters :) Please note that this list will be excluding the Warden, the Champion and the Inquisitor. So no sassy-Hawke here I'm afraid!

Honourable mention: Dog.
My mabari Barkspawn is a cutie.

10. Sandal
Enchantment! Ah yes, the supposedly simple (although I'm not buying it) Dwarf with a talent for enchantments comes in at number 10. He is such a sweet character and many times I've found myself laughing at his odd charm. And yes, do I find the fact that he's voiced 의해 Yuri Lowenthal (Sasuke Uchiha) to be incredibly amusing? Yes. Yes I do.

9. Dorian
I wont lie, I was concerned about starting Inquisition because I hadn't clicked with any of the characters that Bioware showed off before the game released. How wrong I was when Dorian showed up. Such a charming, humourous and confident character. I loved how Bioware handled Dorian's companion quest regarding him confronting his father about his sexuality. A nice guy, and a rather complex character. Oh, and the ultimate power house as a mage in my party. He's my go-to mage.

8. Iron Bull
Iron 황소, 불 surprised me. At first I thought he would be similar to that of Sten from Origins. Wrong....very, very wrong! 황소, 불 is a riot, an absolutely hilarious character with some of the best one liners in the whole series. But what confirmed him on my list for me was not just his humour and likability, it was how the game portrayed his relationship with the Chargers, specifically Krem. He cares for them and is there for them. Never will I ever part 황소, 불 from the Chargers when given that choice. Probably the easiest choice in the game.

7. Wynne
Wynne is like a motherly figure in Origins and I absolutely adored her for that. She always shared 조언 with the Warden, showed concern when the Warden pursues a romance, just like any mother would. It was nice to have her around in Origins, she kept the game grounded in that sense of family. Not to mention she is a great healer in times of tricky battles. Also her party banter with a romanced Alistair is absolutely precious.

6. Varric
Now we're getting to the 더 많이 serious contenders. Varric is awesome. A smooth talker, keeps 당신 interested no matter what he is saying, is one of the only characters that will never, ever piss 당신 off in the game, not even for a moment from my memory. He's pretty good in battle with his crossbow Bianca, although I just mainly prefer his company and conversation. Varric is that best friend that 당신 always wanted to have. Just a stand up guy who exudes life experience and understanding.

5. Morrigan
Ah, the Witch of the Wilds, Morrigan. The incredibly powerful apostate who joins 당신 during your first journey. At first, I hated Morrigan. She just seemed impossible to please, found pleasure in, well, being a 암캐, 암 캐 to everyone, and she had a dang awful moral compass which lead to disapproval at almost every decision I made. It wasn't until I advanced through Origins when I started to really 사랑 her character, to understand her character and to want to see 더 많이 about what her character is planning on doing next. Her appearance in Inquisition was quite the contrast to her personality in Origins, where she is now a mother (in my story that is), and her character is a lot less, err, intimidating and cruel, and has instead been softened. Interesting character development indeed, not to mention an extremely valuable party member in battle.

4. Fenris
Fenris... if it wasn't for a friend telling me to pursue Fenris instead of Anders, I would have never gotten to see what a complex and wonderful character that he is. And regarding DA2's ending, thank God I didn't pursue Anders. Fenris is broody. Extremely broody. But not just for the sake of being broody, it is definitely justified 의해 his past. His story is sad, his fear of emotional connection was also upsetting. His character is very layered, understanding what he had been through and fighting for his freedom in his companion quests in DA2 was the highlight of DA2 for me. 의해 far the most intriguing DA2 companion and provides a very interesting relationship with him if 당신 play as a mage who is pro-mages seeing as he is extremely anti-mages due to his enslavement 의해 them. Slowly getting him to understand and even eventually care for a mage was very heartwarming.

3. Cullen
Ahem... yes I am completely unashamed to say that Cullen is here mainly for the romance the player can have with him. It was cute, it was heartwarming, I swear that Bioware has kidnapped a 디즈니 prince, because he is almost too perfect. Some say his character is bland, but his personality is my favourite to ever find in a person; shy, awkward and endearing. Aside from the fluffiest romance Bioware has ever created, what I most like about Cullen is his character growth. From his time in the Cirlce Tower in Origins, his confusion and rebellion at Kirkwall in DA2, to finally seeing him grow as a leader with a big 심장 fulfilling the Commander role and one of the Inquisitor's advisors in Inquisition. His growth has been exponential and I'm very glad that Bioware gave a minor character from the first two games such a big role in Inquisition, he deserved it.

2. Cole
Cole has been my biggest surprise of all the Dragon Age characters. I did not have any expectations of this kid, I had not read Asunder so I knew nothing about him. But talking to him in Inquisition I quickly discovered a new favourite. The way he speaks is so beautiful, so poetic, 당신 can't help but be engaged 의해 every word he says, even if at times 당신 have no idea what the kid is going on about. His companion quest was my favourite from Inquisition and was definitely the most difficult choice I've made in the game, that being whether to make Cole 더 많이 like a spirit, 또는 더 많이 human. His dialogue is interesting, understanding his past tugged at the heartstrings, and his naive banter he has with other party members is the key reason why he never leaves my party, ever. Cole is a wonderfully written character with much likability and is a decent fighter.

1. Alistair
And here we are, my number one all time favourite Dragon Age character is definitely Alistair! Oh boy, where to begin with Alistair...
Likable. No, lovable. Whether in a platonic 또는 romantic relationship with Alistair, his wit, charm and awkwardness is the best 당신 will find in the Dragon Age universe. The thing with Alistair is that what 당신 사랑 most about him is getting to know him. Each conversation slowly reveals bits and pieces of who he is from being a bastard Prince who doesn't want to claim the throne, to being a dork who loves cheese and claims to have been raised 의해 dogs. That's the perfect thing about Alistair, he manages to be serious and humourous at the appropriate times and can switch between them so believably. The romance with Alistair is just the 체리 on 상단, 맨 위로 of the cake of such an endearing and likable character. Alistair always shows honesty and loyalty through your journey, and makes a dang good King (I made him King in my game) that continues to grow as a character, while maintaining all his quirks that made him my favourite in the first place.

So there 당신 have it, my 상단, 맨 위로 10 Dragon Age characters. I know there aren't many Dragon Age 팬 present on 팬팝 but regardless, I hope 당신 enjoyed~