Robbie:Ho ho and ho!
Cat:hi hi and hi!
Sikowitz:Alright young 연인들 of learning and short pants!
Cat:I do 사랑 short pants.
Jade:Cat,Guess what I love?
Jade:Slapping perky red heads.
Cat:*laughs,sees hair,gasp*
Sikowitz:Now Jade,Don't be a 크리스마스 Grunch!
Rex:Ha ha,Grunch,that's my word!
*Tori and Andre come in fighting*
Robbie:Ho ho ho!And jingle bells!
Tori:No Andre!Don't do that!
Andre:*Flips Robbie out of his chair*
Tori:Ah,ya did it.
Jade:I bet that jingled his bells.
Andre:I'm sorry but all y'all can just keep 크리스마스 spirit to yourself!
Sikowitz:Andre,You gotta beef with Christmas?
Cat:I 사랑 크리스마스 beef!Every 년 my brother steels a chuck roast and then rubs it
Beck:Hey hey.You woke me up
Sikowitz:Oh sorry Beck,certainly don't wanna keep 당신 AWAKE during my class.
Beck:Thanks your the best!*tries to go back to sleep*
Sikowitz:Now,Before I get my WA HA!Teacher on.
Sikowitz:Andre,Why the 사워, 사 우 어 puss?
Rex:Yeah Why the 사워, 사 우 어 puss?
Andre:*Sigh*I don't wanna talk about it
Tori:Andre,Wrote a 크리스마스 Song for his creative 음악 class
Tori:And it was a really great song!
Andre:*continues moaning*
Tori:But,His teacher gave him
Andre:A D!Ah!I said it out loud!
Sikowitz:A D?
Andre:*sigh*I've always gotten As in music,How does a person go from an A to a D?
Jade:Happen to me in 8th grade.
*Robbie and Cat laugh*
Sikowitz:Well I'm sorry Andre,Now YO!
Beck:Oh wow wow wow
Sikowitz:Why Becky so sleepy?
Beck:There's a stupid cricket in my RV so I can't sleep 'cause it chirps all night long!
Jade:So just call one of those bug murderers.
Tori:Uh there called Exterminators!
Jade:yeah why sugar 코트 it?
Sinjin:Hey Sikowitz!
Sikowitz:Yes what is it boy?
Sinjin:I have your Hollywood Arts "secret Santa"Assignment.
Sikowitz:Oh!Who am I buying a gift for this year?*reads*Corni VanClif?Oh no that kid is a freaky little weirdo!
Sinjin:Shes my sister.
Sikowitz:I know!I don't know why your parents didn't stop with you!Can I please switch "secret Santa"Assignments with someone?Come on please?Tori?
Tori:Sorry,I didn't sign up for the "Secret Santa"Thing.
Andre:Yeah none of us did!
Sikowitz:Why not?
Rex:Cause it's stupid!
Jade:Why should we buy gifts for 랜덤 people we don't care about?
*Everyone Agrees with Jade*
Sikowitz:Alright,You kids need a big fat douse of 크리스마스 Spirit Ramed into your teenage hearts!So there such,as your teacher,I require 당신 to participate in,Shh!Secret Santa!
Sikowitz:No adlib complaining!I'll text 당신 all your secret Santa assignments and I expect 당신 all to give very good,very creative gifts.
Jade:And what if we don't?
Sikowitz:*gets in Jade's face*Who ever give the WORST gift,*gets out of Jade's face*will have to 가입하기 me on 크리스마스 eve,for,Christmas Yodeling!
*Everyone moans*
Tori:Whats 크리스마스 Yodeling?
Sikowitz:Yoda lay who yoda lay who
Cat:*Laughs and claps*
Sikowitz:*Yodels and Claps*