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posted by maritina12345
 Vanessa Hudgens Talks Tanning Tips!
Vanessa Hudgens Talks Tanning Tips!
Scary fact #1: Skin cancer is the most common type of cancer in the United States. 더 많이 than 3.5 million skin cancers in over two million people are diagnosed annually.

Vanessa Hudgens opened up about how she maintains her healthy, sun-less glow with fashion.

“Do it fashionably 의해 wearing hats and sunglasses. I personally 사랑 the hats. I mean like big brimmed are so fun and bohemian now, so you’re being stylish and you’re protecting yourself,” the 22-year-old actress shared on the carpet at the 2nd Annual Neutrogena Wave for Change launch.

Scary fact #2: On an average day, 더 많이 than one...
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 “People are going to be taken on a fun fantasy-filled adventure to this crazy place where we find the novelist. 당신 just have to go for it and go for the ride,” 별, 스타 Vanessa Hudgens shares
“People are going to be taken on a fun fantasy-filled adventure to this crazy place where we find the novelist. You just have to go for it and go for the ride,” star Vanessa Hudgens shares
Check out the new poster and featurette for Journey 2: The Mysterious Island!

“People are going to be taken on a fun fantasy-filled adventure to this crazy place where we find the novelist. 당신 just have to go for it and go for the ride,” 별, 스타 Vanessa Hudgens shares in a new featurette for the flick.

The flick follows Sean Anderson (Josh Hutcherson), who partners with his mom’s (Kristin Davis) boyfriend (Dwayne Johnson) on a mission to find his grandfather (Michael Caine), who is thought to be missing on a mythical island.

Journey 2: The Mysterious Island opens February 10th.

“Journey 2:...
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posted by 2468244
Sometimes I feel his love, sometimes I don't
There's times when he proves it, and times when he won't
It's time I know the deal about how he truly feels
I guess what's killing me is just not knowin'

My 프렌즈 all tell me maybe I should seek a psychic
They tell me just beware I may 또는 may not like it
But either way I know I need to get some answers
About where I stand with him
How do I know, (I need to know) I need to know

If he's for real won't 당신 please let me know
Or is he jsut playin', what you're magic card show
Something 'bout when he's here makes me not see so clear
Does your crystal ball show...
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 Christopher Chaney, this is the name of the wily hacker, should be convicted, they face up to 120 years in prison. For the moment, however, has been released 의해 paying a deposit of 10 thousand dollars
Christopher Chaney, this is the name of the wily hacker, should be convicted, they face up to 120 years in prison. For the moment, however, has been released by paying a deposit of 10 thousand dollars
Vanessa Hudgens 사진 스캔들 stopped the hackers that stole

The hacker who spread the 사진 of Vanessa Hudgens hot faces up to 120 years in prison: it is right? Have your say!Hollywood stars can breathe a sigh of relief: the hackers who had stolen some time 이전 from mobile private 사진 of Vanessa Hudgens, Scarlett Johansson has been identified and arrested. The two hot shots of the stars depicted naked and poses quite embarrassing had been around the world shaking their legs to anyone with a public image to protect, but finally justice has been done: the FBI, U.S. intelligence, have arrested...
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 Vanessa on the Cover
Vanessa on the Cover
Here are some great snippets from the High School Musical’s revealing interview:

How are 당신 feeling about the [nude picture] scandal? I’m much better now. But truthfully I don’t like talking about it. It was something that was meant to be private, and even though it isn’t anymore, I’d still like to keep it as private as I can. It was very traumatic, and I am extremely upset it happened. I hope all my 팬 can learn from my mistake and make smart decisions. But I wouldn’t have been able to get through it if it wasn’t for my family, friends, and fans, who supported me all along...
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posted by Bubble464646
OMG! I heard on the radio yesterday morning that Zac and Vanessa broke up! Zac broke up with Vanessa because of the pictures! And did 당신 hear about the other pictures she took with another girl? I also heard that because they broke up, Zac is quitting High School Musical 3! But who knows with him? But 당신 can't have a High School musical 3 without all the actors and 여배우 as in the 1st and 2nd one! Nobody will like it! And to me I think that it is Vanessa's fault, because she is the one that decided to take the pictures, which caused Zac to break up with her, whiched caused Zav to quit High School Musical 3, which made High School Musical 3 a disaster!!!!(Suposubly)
Vanessa Hudgens is blonde now for “Spring Breakers“! At least, while she’s filming since we’re pretty sure she’s wearing a wig in the 사진 above.

The picture here was taken on March 5, 2012, and Vanessa is the only 별, 스타 of the movie who kept her face uncovered for the paparazzi.

Selena Gomez and Ashley Benson were also spotted, but they both made sure to hold pillows over their faces.

You’d think that the paparazzi would be asked to leave the set where the ladies’ are shooting if they really don’t want to be seen…

P.S. Do 당신 like Vanessa as a blonde?
this is why i think vanessa anne hudgens is amazing she played in the high school musical ,hsm2 and hsm3 she also appeared and tv series such as the suite life of zach & cody ,Drake & Josh still standing and a lot of other tv shows throughout her years she also played in several 영화 besides hsm like suckerpunch beastly 겨울왕국 and shelter but we know about some of her old 영화 when she were younger but what makes her awesome is all her characters were completely different.
as 당신 can see she is an amazing actress but she also use to be a singer she was an amazing singer she have...
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Happy Birthday to Vanessa Hudgens: 23 years birthday today!

Today is the birthday of Vanessa Hudgens! Leave your message of good wishes for his 23 years!

Vanessa Hudgens celebrates her birthday today: 23 years makes!

Vanessa Hudgens was born in Salinas, California December 14, 1988. It owes its success mainly to the role of Gabriella in High School Musical, alongside her ex-boyfriend Zac Efron.
Now blow out the candles with Austin Butler, her new boyfriend?

Leave your message of congratulations to Vanessa and ... percent of these days!
And her recent roles are ones that’d make Gabriella Montez blush: She plays the daughter of a drug addict in 다음 year’s Beastly and a tough, edgy girl in the action 판타지 Sucker Punch…

Glamour Magazine: 당신 were a 디즈니 girl. Do 당신 feel pressured to behave a certain way?

It’s funny because before High School Musical, I wanted to be a nitty-gritty actress. And High School Musical came along, and, I was like, “Oh my god, fun!” But the 더 많이 we did it, the 더 많이 prude I became… When I am around kids and they come up to me, of course I am going to act a certain way, but at the end...
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Vanessa Hudgens: short hair! Look at the photos!

Vanessa Hudgens has cut his hair and said goodbye to his long curls: Paice you? Photos!

Vanessa Hudgens has cut his hair and said goodbye to his beautiful curls: do 당신 like?

"Guys, I'm not used ... I still miss my long hair! Sometimes I try them with your hands to touch but there are no more! "Vanessa joked in an interview. Here are the first 사진 of Vanessa Hudgens with the new look: short hair on the sides and behind his head and longer on top. A comfortable fit, disheveled and downright cool effect, which leaves uncovered the beautiful face of Vanessa Hudgens! What do 당신 think? Do 당신 like Vanessa with short hair? What pensaerà Zac Efron, her old boyfriend?
Vanessa Hudgens was named the 4th ranked Sexiest Woman Alive 의해 Smartasses.Net on Saturday, March 17th 2012, when Smartasses Online Magazine revealed their ever-popular “who's who” of the hottest women on the planet via Twitter. 2012 marked the seventh annual 년 for Smartasses 상단, 맨 위로 100 Sexiest Women List, which comes out every St. Patrick's Day. For Hudgens, it was her fifth 년 on the list. In 2011 she was ranked 7th and she has never been ranked lower than 24th. For 더 많이 visit her bio page on link
Vanessa Hudgens was named the 7th ranked Sexiest Woman Alive 의해 Smartasses.Net on Thursday, March 17th 2011, when the online men's magazine revealed their everpopular who's who of the hottest women on the planet. 2011 marked the sixth annual 년 for the increasingly 인기 Smartasses 상단, 맨 위로 100 Sexiest Women List, which comes out every St. Patrick's Day, to coincide with March Madness. For Hudgens, it was her fourth 년 on the list. Last 년 she was ranked seventh also. For more, visit Smartasses.Net.
posted by zanesaaomgfan
 "I'm sorry guys."-Vanessa Hudgens
"I'm sorry guys."-Vanessa Hudgens
All of 당신 need to STOP making 코멘트 about her nude pictures. Its a mistake. She said sorry. END OF STORY!

If 당신 keep talking about her, I will have no other choice but to 신고 you. This has been going on for to long now!

Some people don't need your 코멘트 to put the rest of us DOWN

By now, 당신 shouldn't care about it.

I'm sorry but Vanessa haters need to go somewhere else thats not this spot.

If 당신 have a question, send me a message!

Gabriella and Charlie
P.S. If 당신 hate Vanessa, we want to know why! AND BE DESCRIPIVE! Thank you.
posted by vannesashaheen
Put your sneakers on
Put your sneakers on,
We're goin' dancin' all night long

I got somewhere to be (where to be, where to be)
I want 당신 to come with me (come with me)
See, I've put my sneakers on
`Cause I'm gonna keep dancin'
After they all go 집

So are 당신 ready?
Did 당신 eat?
Do 당신 have the energy?
Are 당신 reloaded?
Are 당신 able to stay on your feet?
Don't want 당신 passing out
After a couple o' hours of beats
We're gonna keep going, and going, and going
Yeah, `cause...

Basically what we're gonna do is dance
Basically what we're gonna do is dance
Basically what we're gonna do is dance...
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posted by skyhudge
So I recently had like a huge argument with a 랜덤 stranger on 팬팝 about Vanessa Hudgens' racy pictures. I just wanted to say, everyone is entitled to their opinion. I mean it is a free country, right? Vanessa Hudgens is my idol, and it really bothers me when people shoot her down for making mistakes. I understand what all 당신 Vanessa-haters are trying to say, I just don't agree. So we're all just going to have to agree to disagree. Obviously, we're not going to change each others minds, so we should save ourselves the arguing.

Truce with Leytonfan4ever

We had a huge argument and ended it peacefully, maturely, and respectfully.
posted by Crazy-Chica
Heyy all 당신 Vanessa Anne Hudgens fans.. I would like to tell 당신 all she made me dissapointed for all the naked pics for Zac.

She is from High School Musical, and I didnt expect that from her! Maybe Britney Spears 또는 Jessica Simpson but not a 디즈니 star!

I mean come on! She dissapointed us.. and for all 당신 people who still 사랑 her .... If 당신 have seen the photos.. Im very surprised that she didnt change at all to ya

so tell me what u think about vanessa now.. because to me shes just a different person...

Luv ya!
posted by tagrle
What do 당신 think about Vanessa and zac are some of 당신 girls jealouse do some of 당신 girls think he should be on his own? 또는 should 당신 think that they should break up? well for me I think they should break up and break up for sure I mean what do 당신 think should they go there seprate ways? should they stay together? should they always live together and get married. Some girls who 사랑 him will say break up so he can be mine I am for sure. just put that aside. and think about what would 당신 say to them if they wanted your opiuion on breaking upp 또는 staying together?
posted by eels4liff
1. Buy a coat.
2. Buy an umbrella.
3. Buy a house with central heating...and a roof.
4. 사랑 sheep.
5. Get an education so 당신 can leave.
6. Learn welsh.
7. Feel the pride of being welsh.
8. Participate in an Eisteddfod.
9. Learn the Harp.
10. Learn Rugby.
11. Eat cawl.
12. Eat a daffodil.
13. Learn knitting.
14. Sing and dance.
15. Be wary of farmers.
16. Do not buy solar panels.
17. Learn the National Anthem.
18. Do not enter the valleys lightly.
19. Be happy.
20. Grow leeks in your garden.
posted by maritina12345
Vanessa Hudgens swings 의해 Marshalls for a last 분 크리스마스 gift in Los Angeles on Wednesday afternoon (December 21).

The 23-year-old actress was spotted out earlier in the day, picking up some products and indulging in a facial for herself.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa 게시됨 on her official site, “Awww I 사랑 my penguin! 당신 can bring one 집 too 의해 adopting a 펭귄 from Oceana. It’s for a good cause!”

Find out how 당신 can adopt your own 펭귄 at Oceana.org!

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