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posted by badcats10
I don’t take no for an answer P.s this is a story im working on so plzzzzz tell me what 당신 think
Chapter 1
It was Friday, a sunny 일 for all of Los Angeles except for Winter, Los Angeles’ only Goth. Winter hated sunny days with the loud honking of horns of people trying to get to work 또는 the laughing screams of kids as they play outside of her house. But she hated to 일 the most because as her alarm went off it marked the first 일 of school. As Winter looked for her clock in her dark room the only light other than the light of her lava lamp and a streak of light that managed to seep...
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posted by ICEhanica
4th part of story!!!

…“Sandara are 당신 vampire?”
“Yes, and I bite you!”

“What, why?”
“Cause I want 당신 live forever whit me.”
“OK, but we than can’t go in same school that all years!!!”
“I know. I already buy tickets for plain.”
“Where we go?”
“We go in SAD, there is school for vampires!”
“OK, than where are my parents?”
“Are 당신 don’t see message?”
“What message?”
“Message it’s on table, in the kitchen!”
“I go pack my things and call ma parents, then we can go!”
“I pack it all your things and tell your parents already.”
“At time...
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posted by LOLsweetsweet0
-Hawaii,Summer,May 10-
Roxxy didn't like sun,sun,sun all the time. It made her look awsome,but her amount of awsome-ness didn't need a skin-burning-follows- you-everywhere-un-nessasary-skylights.Meet Roxxy Qwick,an all atitude bad b**** that didn't like the serious stuff in life. Ironic,I know. 당신 should just SEE this chick. A pale skin Albino(move over Kristen Stewart)Mexican mix with one red eye,one green. Her hair was cut at the bottom edge of her ear and spiked perfectly with 랜덤 red streaks of color. The boots she wore however,all different 색깔 to show her mood(but never to match...
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posted by Sacred_Love1550
 Undying 사랑
Undying Love
Okay here's my 초 story and I hope everyone will read and like it. It's not a Twilight saga fanfiction - it's something I totally created. I got the inspiration to write it from 읽기 asesandwine's Forbidden Love, and she so kindly let me use "Lovers..." for the preface. 사랑 you!


Embraced in the middle of nowhere... Nothing but themselves, surrounded 의해 the unknown, 의해 forgotten fear and overthrown grief...
The forgotten pain waiting in the distance (not as fair as it should be) for a new opportunity, awaiting for an inopportune moment that makes it come back! There's no change,...
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posted by GWENxTRENT
 10 million fireflies
10 million fireflies
CHARACTERS: 아델 LEE(main character)
EMMA LEE(little sister)
HANNA AND ROB(mom and dad)
ETHAN ANDREWS(main character's 사랑 intrest)

chapter 1 the runaways

I can hear Hanna and Rob fight from the bathroom, tears runing down my siver eyes.
"second shift?" Hanna starts softly. "MORE LIKE CHEATING ON ME WITH A SKANKY WHORE!" 더 많이 tears fell from my eyes as I covered my ears. I sniffed, got up, and walked to the bedroom. I tryed to opend my door, but it was locked. I had to ues my hair pin to open it, but I had to be really quiet...
I gasped...
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posted by deedeeflower
I found this poem on the back of my Vampire Vineyards Pinot Noir bottle.

But first on this earth as vampire sent,

Thy corpse shall from tomb be rent:

Then ghastly haunt thy native place,

And suck the blood of all thy race;

There from thy daughter, sister, wife,

At midnight drain the stream of life;

Yet loathe the banquet which perforce

Must feed thy livid living corpse.

Thy victims are they yet expire

Shall know the demon for the sire,

As cursing thee, thou cursing them,

Thy 꽃 are withered on the stem.
posted by Punkchick1061
As I Am

시 의해 Aria Antonia Angell

If I am gone
I will be gone
Sing a somber song
But I till will be gone

Nobody knew
What I would do
To 당신
If I was gone

Might I return
As ceature of night
to give 당신 a fright
If I was gone?

So leave me as I am
In this dirty hole
In this wintry cold
And death across my face

As they eat me alive
the person inside
I wait
for me to go

Because if someone is dead
The'll scoop up their head
and if 당신 were not good
if 당신 did that thing
Looking to give 당신 a fright
then they too will make 당신
a lonesome, hungry, dead,
creature of the night!
posted by EBRCBrit
OK so im 글쓰기 a story in my journal aboyt two people that fall in 사랑 and one of them is a vampire...I cannot copywrite anything..so i can't use 인기 names from twilight 또는 vampire diaries...You should see my delema!!! I need a girl name and i need a guy name.they guy is the vampire and he has 1 brother and 1 sister that is also a vamp...i need names..Ok so another probleme is i want them to go together...the two people that fall in love,their names need to go together...

Edward and Bella

Elena and Stephan

Alice and jasper

Rosalie and emmett

they go together. Oh and if 당신 have any ideas for what i should name the story that would be agreat help to me please!!! If 당신 can be my life saver then i will 사랑 당신 forever and i will send 당신 a message sying wheather 또는 not i use what 당신 said to me. :) :)
posted by Adritha
“Leon, wait,” Yelled my little sister Yuffie, who was adopted. I was half way out my bedroom window.
“Shush, you’ll wake mom.” I told her
    “But, Leon, 당신 shouldn’t sneak out. You’ll get in trouble again.”
    “No, I won’t, unless 당신 tell on me again.” I whispered to her.
    “What happens if mom wakes up?” Yuffie asked.
    “Just go back to 침대 and stop worrying about me.” I almost yelled. I jumped the rest of the way out of my window without another word. As I hit the ground I started...
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I must have made quite a sight with my cloths stained with mud and torn, my hair wet and full of mats. I had no clue how long id been out but it had to be at least a week because my body was weak and shaken from hunger. For 뱀파이어 when going a long time without blood we experience similar symptoms drug attics do when going through with drawl. I leaned against the door for support; my head was going foggy like I was going to pass out. The problem with being a vampire is that 당신 can’t pass out; you’re just stuck in a foggy state till your system gives out.
“You look horrible Fang, what...
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posted by SarBear1579

Chapter 4

I was dumbstruck
“Vampires? Your kidding me right?”OK,I was getting an idea about how much sanity is REALLY in this kid's noggin'
“No Miss”He said,I was starting to get stressed. I drew in a deep breath
“OK,you have a lot of explaining to do”As we walked on in the forest,I noticed that the trees where becoming thicker and thicker “Do 당신 know where where going?”
“Just another few 분 and we will reach a house,we will stay there tonight and go to the station tomorrow”

Shortly after that,we reached an old wood house with looked like...
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posted by Fangirl99
"no this cant be!" Vanessa shouted in anger."im not a vampire!Th-Th-thers got a be another explanation!"

"im sorry,vanessa,'Dr.Vamp siad,getting up from is chair."If 당신 dont believe me,you can always ask your mother."Dr.Vamp disappeared into the drakness,and Vanessa wet on her way.

When Vanessa got home,she went straight to her mother.

"mom,i need to talk to you."

"sure,sweetie,whats up?"

"well,i bit Susans arm today,and.."

"oh no!did 당신 get in trouble."

"no,i left before andy teachers are the principal saw.Then,when i was walking,i saw a sign saying if 당신 have strange behavior,visit Dr.Vamp"

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posted by Rockgrl
     My name is Aramantha. I am a sixteen 년 old vampire. I have shoulder length, blonde hair, a tall, flexible pixie-like body, blue eyes, and a crazy vampire family. I have an older brother, four older sisters and a mother. My oldest sister and brother are twins. My older brother is five 분 older than my sister. Their names are Lucine, and Alla. Then comes the triplets, Elvira, Aleera and Verona. My mother’s name is Nardia. We are the last of the Brax family and clan. We live in the small country town of Luckey, Ohio.

Ch.1- New House, New Town
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The breathtaking Carpathian Mountains are 집 to many old vampire stories, including today’s. Today you’ll learn about a case of supposedly real vampirism that was reported in the early 1900s, so get comfortable and prepare yourself for a tale of horrible death and fear.

June 10, 1909 was when the vampire of the Carpathian Mountains was first reported in the Neues Wiener Journal in Vienna. The 기사 chronicled in detail how terrified villagers in a town in the mountains were suffering the loss of their children at an alarming rate. Many of the villages’ beloved children were dying at...
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posted by _Blackhearts_xx
Vampire Bite
I wonder innocently through these dark alleys,
fearing the dark shadows i feel are lurking behind me,
The smell of my flesh and blood rushes through the air,
ive ran for far too long,
Im now out of breath,
i need to rest,
i pause for a moment, finding myself standing directly infront of a brick wall,
how could this be? this wasent here before?
i could swear there was an alley was for me to walk,
i turn, but as i go to head back,
i see another 벽 blocking my path,
have i been trapped?
or is it that i have been captured,
Have these alleys been their bait?
these creatures of the night,
they stand...
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posted by canal
I guess i fell asleep but when i woke up kooroo was in the 침대 too.When i sat up she rolled over like she knew i was going to wake her up."Kooroo get up"i said."just a few 더 많이 minutes"Kooroo said."Kooroo come on"i said.Kooroo got out of 침대 and went to get her clothes.She went to school while i went back to the cemitary.I had no real school because my mom always told me there will be a girl i like then i will tell her my secret then she'll tell everyone.I walked around for a while and came up short on 음식 like alot of times happen.Meanwhile Kooroo got a new boy in her class his name was koodo.He had red hair black leather gloves a black tanktop and a blue jacket.Koodo took the 좌석 in front of kooroo.When school was over i walked to the school to get kooroo."Kooroo 당신 might not be expected for a while longer"i said."Why"kooroo said."Because i saw them again well only one but he had red fur"i said."Fine"kooroo said as we walked back to the house
Chapter 3- Family Secrets

The 다음 day, I woke up to a knock at the door. I quickly pulled my strait, black hair into the perfect ponytail. "Just a minute!" I shouted as I sprinted over my 침대 and to the door. "Willie! Why are 당신 awake so early?" I shouted as I pointed to a wooden chair for him to sit in. His honey colored eyes were now black and he seemed really angry. "Brittney, we gotta talk." He said not looking at me. "What is it?" I asked scared at his reaction. He turned around, his back facing me. "Ready? He asked, "What 당신 are about to see will frighten you." "Yes,I'm ready I said...
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posted by HOU0007
Are 당신 Real?
Your hair is indescribably soft and smooth. Your eyes, remind me of honey-sickle in the glistening sun. Your lips are gentle and plump like a peach. Your skin is white as snow and as smooth and hard as marble& stone. 당신 sometimes speak of a time that is not known to me. Your smell is indescribably sweet and, just wonderful. 당신 dress commonly to fit in with the world and its surroundings. 당신 are very kind and considerate of how 당신 affect the ones 당신 love. I hear about 당신 a lot, and to what people say, like how you’re so hot, and they wish that 당신 were with them. I see...
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posted by Kimi4312
Chapter six:Forget about memories

Alucard sits on a 망대, 망루 with his blood red 재킷, 자 켓 on with two of the collars of his 재킷, 자 켓 is around his neck and he sits there with his arms around his knees Becca climbs up the tower "Alucard?" she asked "What is it now?" he asks angry "Listen to me...Aly is worried about 당신 she has been telling me that since 당신 left...I know 당신 still loved your father but 당신 have to let them go" she tells him feeling guilt "Becca...how can I trust 당신 when 당신 kill people?" he asks feeling hurt 의해 her "Listen I know what's like my dad hated my grandfather because...
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posted by renesmeeroxx11
Chapter 1: Something strange
“Did 당신 hear?”
“I can’t believe it!”
“I’m scared!”
That’s what everyone’s been hearing and saying for about the past month.
I’m 데이지 BTW, just your average 7th grade girl living in a not so average town.
I’m guessing 당신 wanna know what happened, well just read on!
It was a dark and stormy night, midnight….
Hahaha just kidding, here’s the real story.
It was a warm, but dark summer night. So Ms. Katie Banks decided to take a walk.
She should have thought it over.
In her backyard are some woods, and that’s where this...
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