zero lift bloody rose to kaname saying:
it's over vampire!
kaname hurt zero using power saying
I'm afraid that's not true!my over is not now over will be when yuki will tell and we know that's not gonna happen because she 사랑 me
you're wrong (smile zero)
zero!!!stop!!!(screaming yuki)
yuki!!!(saying zero)
what are 당신 doing here?(ask yuki)
what? I kill the vampire! this is my job and I know 당신 사랑 him but he is a vampire and a vampire is our enemy!(screaming zero)
zero!!!!kaname is my broather!!!!!
what? are broathers?
yes!!!so do not kill
sory!this is my job!(saying he kill his)
why zero?! why? 당신 do not really care it's my broather?
sory yuki but good people is above but 사랑 for you
this is the life!(saying zero starting repulsive)