UEFA Euro 2012 what to do in Kiev

jorge33 posted on Jun 15, 2012 at 11:54AM
hi all!
being in Kyiv for several days I with my frinds found some activities to do. apart form drinking beer and watching pretty girls ) Of course football above all but still )

1. Traditionally good as in any city. Double deck bus

2. i run often in my hometown, and i here i miss my morning runnings. I found company who combines sightseeing + running.

running guide friendly and professional.

3. night club, i like disco of 80-90s, Sorry babushka disco plays it daily, cant find the link but every taxi driver knows (that is how we got there)))

4. for today my frind book some intellectual activity ))), workshop-game? about Ukrainians, ihave no idea what it is, but price good and we have time till evening match

5. we like one restaurant for food, it in the middle of park next to red building, university? opans or something i dont remember exactly

Hope this will help.

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