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posted by twilight-7
Same as before ..... 별, 스타 then italics - Loretta
Italics - Kayla

I burst into the Cullen household to see Emmett and Jasper fighting to hold onto Edward. Esme was trying to calm Edward, her hands touching Edward’s face, hair, arms. She was speaking in gentle tones, telling him to be calm and think things through. They didn’t see me. Their concentration was all on Edward.
“She doesn’t want me, Esme,” he cried to her. “I saw her, draped all over him. I saw the 사랑 in her eyes for him and when she looked at me and spoke to me she was cold and hard. She doesn’t 사랑 me.”
I stood,...
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posted by MissCupcake
로잘리 헤일
Rosalie Hale
Name: Rosalie Hale

Type: Vampire

Special Ability: None

About Them: Born Rosalie Lillian Hale, Rosalie Hale is the adopted daughter of Esme and Carlisle Cullen, adoptive sister of Edward, Alice, and Jasper, and wife of Emmett. Rosalie throughout the 책 acts as the sister of Jasper and that they are Esme’s niece and nephew. Gorgeous even compared to other vampires, Rosalie acts and looks like a model. She is mean to Bella due to jealousy of her being human, and not wanting Bella to choose a life as a vampire. Rosalie is known for being vain and self centered. She wishes to be human and have...
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 i started to think of peaceful places.
i started to think of peaceful places.

''Edward.'' Esme rushed to me,as soon as she saw me. My neck treeking with blood. I had patted my neck with a papertowel to stop the bleeding. ''Emmett.'' she turned to him. Her body still angled toward me. Dissaproval in her eyes as she glared at him. ''You and I are going to have a talk.'' Carsisle came out then. He took his hand and motioned for the others to come with him. Alice and Rosalie both still staring at me. Both of there eyes looked as if they wanted to tear. Rosalie's suprised me. She had never seemed to care about me till now. I knew she didn't approve of...
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 Im finally in love...I never knew that it would feel like this.
Im finally in love...I never knew that it would feel like this.
So here it is.Part 4.This grabbed 더 많이 of 팬 then i would think in just the same night the last was released.Thankyou,and please Enjoy!

12:00 PM
''Edward its beautiful that you've found someone that 당신 feel passoniate about,but is it worth it?'' Esme spoke to me.Her eyes gentle,voice soft as if like a quiet windchime in a fresh spring breeze. The 부엌, 주방 was empty,considering no one ate.Emmett and Rosalie in their room.Not suprising. Alice and Jasper in the living room. Carsisle in his office. Esme was on the other side of the counter in the middle of the kitchen.Her scent...
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Chapter 17: Awakening Nessie’s POV

    My eyes slowly opened. I noticed that I could see a tiny bit clearer and my sense of smell was a little 더 많이 finely tuned. I didn’t feel exhausted 또는 weak anymore and there was no pain. I looked down in a panic, I was wearing different clothes and my stomach was flat. That is when I realized that I must be dead.
“Renesmee?” Jacob asked his voice breaking
    As I sat up in confusion he was at my side. He was looking at me so strangely.
    “Oh god, did 당신 die too Jake?” I gasped at...
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posted by twilight-7
Guys, I know these are coming out like nearly weeks apart but you'll happy to know that my last exam is tomorrow and I can dedicate like the 다음 10 또는 so weeks dedicated to 글쓰기 only for 당신 guys. Woop! I would also like to thank 당신 for being so patient 당신 are all wonderful!
So here it is, Chapter 27.

Kayla’s POV

I woke up to darkness. At first I was scared. The darkness meant the cell and the cell meant Loren had kidnapped me and the kidnapping meant I was going to die. So I screamed. I screamed because of all the fear and anger in me. I had thought I had escaped. That I was free from...
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posted by 2bearz
here's the story, its a lil like Breaking Dawn but watevr!

I was in the Cullen's living room again with Bella. After I told Sam a huge fight happened and now the pack was 스플릿, 분할 in two, and Jacob had his own pack with Leah, Seth, Embry and Quil in it. Since I was Seth's imprint and had no problem what so ever with the Cullens I was now staying there and was to protect Bella while Jacob's pack circulated the area, and Sam's pack was protecting their 집 on the Quiluete rez.

" So, Nizhoni...you never did tell me how 당신 beat Edward in a match when you're human." Bella said with a questioning look...
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I don't know about the rest of you, but the other night I was watching Harry Potter and the Goblet of 불, 화재 and Rob's part as Cedric came along. I couldn't but picture him as Edward Cullen. I am a Harry Potter fan, but this to happen was a first for me.
So, from now on I can't help but to see Edward and not Cedric. I dont know about everyone else here feels the same way.

Other things that make me think about Edward.
- Chicago Style Pizza.
- Some elderly person mentioning Debussy.
- I see a shiny volvo 다음 to me when I am driving
- Listening to Indie 음악 and wondering if edward would like...
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don't 당신 ever wonder what your life would be like if your boyfriend was a vampire? i do every 일 there are a few things that i know for sure:

1. they will never get old.
even when 당신 are thirty they will still look young.

2. they will never cheat on you.
It is to risky for them to cheat on 당신 because 당신 know there big secrete that they are vampires!

3. they will be able to defend 당신 and protect 당신 for ever.
no one could ever touch 당신 또는 hurt 당신 again he could defend 당신 from all danger.

reads 다음 months for the downsides of having a vampire boyfriend.
Hello, My Name Is: Death
Volume Five
    Along the way, a girl ran up to me, and she looked . She help a whip like that one girl I killed a few days ago.
    "You kill my sister, I kill you!" She said, and cracked her whip at me.
    I raised my leg, and it wrapped around my leg. I brought my leg back and her weapon of choice was now on my right leg.
    "I did kill her, just like I'll kill you!" I said, raised my gun, two shots to her abdomen, and she went down.
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posted by a-jforever
Thos is the start of my new story. Please let me know how to improve.XX

My hands began to shake and my knees were bashing together. Why would Aro do this? Alice told me on the plane he would say no, because Edwards’s power was too valuable.
“Bella? Bella!” Alice said as my hands clutched the dashboard.

We were now half way back to the airport. She has to go back. Just in case she was wrong.

“Alice!” I sobbed.

“Bella. Please believe me, I know it’s...
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posted by Darktimes104
I wanted to take a 분 to thank all of 당신 who read my story and comment...PLEASE continue to do so.(thank you...now to the story :D )

Emmett's POV

I tried to open my eyes, it worked for a minute. I saw her, my angel, the one that saved me. I tried to leave them opened but the pain got worse so I had to close them. After the pain subsisted I tried to speak, I heard screams, it was coming from me. The pain was getting worse now, it was starting at my 심장 and shooting all around my body. I was still screaming. "Father, Edward!" I heard someone call in an angelic voice. At that moment my heart...
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Well twilighters todays the 일 당신 DEMANDED.The twilight saga New Moon sound track is in today.So as most of 당신 know HOT TOPIC is having a LISTENG PARTEYYYYYYYY TONIGHT AT 7 NATON WIDEEEEEEEE!Exciting right.So at about 3 pm today i went to the mall to go to Hot Topic. OMG.so much new NEW MOON things.Edwards JAKET ,and Bella's Jacket. I had to touch them. New shirts,Edward umbrella,book marks,and more.So the first thing i pick up was the soundtrack.But i reallyyyyyy wanted Paramore's new cd BRAND NEW EYES. I've listened to the album like a thousond times and HAD to own it.But both PARAMORE...
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Chapter 11- Carmen
    “Are 당신 okay, Wendi?” Colleen asked and I noticed that my whole body was shuddering. I focused on calming down, not wanting to feel weak. It helped some and the shuddering slowed slightly. Colleen figured out that I needed some help and once again, she calmed me down with her curious talent. I often wondered how it worked. It seemed so impossible. I was still a little upset so Stefan scooped me up into his arms and hugged me to his strong chest.
    We walked into the 부엌, 주방 and Stefan sat me down in a chair at the long, mahogany...
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posted by Bella11700
With her begging, my cold 심장 softened, but I still put up an annoyed face and walked in the park. I was just sitting on the benches looking like I wanted to leave. She went to the big oak 나무, 트리 and she was looking for something. I knew she was looking for what we wrote on that 나무, 트리 with a silver ink pen half a 년 ago. If I remember it right, it said, "Chris and Susan was here, Chris had 차 and Susan was drinking hot chocolate. Hope Chris and Susan would always remember this day, always loving each other, forever." She was looking around for quite a while, then she came back slowly with...
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posted by felinefan
Link on Fanfiction.net


Summary: Nessie's POV Had to get this down. What if when Nessie matures she falls for someone else instead of Jacob, One-Shot, no happy ending.

Leaving Our 심장 Behind

My dad always told me that one 일 I would fall in 사랑 and he and my mother as well as the rest of our family would go 의해 my decision no matter who it was. It was funny but when ever I would ask him what Uncle Jake would think he would always stiffen up yet say that he would always have my best interest at heart. Finally the 일 came...
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posted by patrisha727
I see some people's 아이콘 with twilight confessions so I decided to post as many confessions I can find in order. I don't own 또는 made these confessions, I just want people to enjoy them as much as I did. Thx.

I poured glitter on my boyfriend so he'd be just like Edward

Fictional characters dazzle me. Frequently.

Lamb chops are delicious

I stabbed Edward Cullen with a fork. And lived to tell the tale.

I stay up at night, waiting for Edward to show up

Ballet sudios give me chills.

I developed a wierd habit for biting people.

I'm willing to bet against Alice.

Shiny Silver Volvos make...
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Summit Entertainment seizes up the 다음 three books

LOCATION: Forks, cont.

THE SKINNY: Despite TWILIGHT not even being out in theaters yet, Summit Entertainment knows they have something major on their hands.

The studio has scooped up the rights to the 다음 three novels in Stephenie Meyer's teen vampire series. Not only that, but TWILIGHT screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg is already planning to write scripts based on the 초 and third books, NEW MOON and ECLIPSE. A writer has not yet been attached to the fourth book, BREAKING DAWN.

TWILIGHT, which introduces audiences to the relationship between regular teenage girl, Bella, and a vampire, Edward, will be out in theaters this Friday.
posted by Isabellaashley
My Favourite Book: New Moon VS Eclipse

New Moon was a 심장 breaking book and it was the first book that I’d bought to start my twilight collection despite my parents’ protest. It had a great storyline which kept readers wanting 더 많이 towards the ending of the story wherelse Eclipse is the battle of two loves that would end with the ultimate sacrifice from one 사랑 and I found myself entwined 의해 the power of the 사랑 삼각형 between the major characters: Bella, Edward and Jacob.
In New Moon, Bella is fearful as she celebrates her 18th birthday with the Cullens and because of her clumsiness;...
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 The Cover
The Cover
Ok, this is an interview that Rob gave to a Brazilian magazine in November and i translated it for 당신 guys!!! (sorry if it doesnt make much sense!! )

*How´s your life in LA?
Rob: I always come here for work and i even like being alone here. In general i stay here for three months. This time, since i´m here for longer than that, i miss the London´s streets.

*How was your audition?
Rob: They look for me in 런던 and, after that, i sent a tape. The audition happened in the director´s house (Catherine Hardwicke). Me and Kristen made a 사랑 scene. When i got there i was nervous and a little intimidated...
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