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posted by twilight-7
I woke to the feel of someone stroking me cheek. The cold, gentle fingers were soothing to me and I didn’t want to open my eyes but I heard his velvet voice speak to me.
“June 20.”
“Hmm?” I murmured. I was still half asleep. I had no idea what he was on about.
“June 20,” he repeated softly. “My birthday.”
I was wide awake now. “Your birthday?”
I looked up into his golden eyes and saw them full of some kind of emotion.
He nodded.
“When were 당신 born?” I asked. “What year?”
“1901,” Edward said, quietly. “In Chicago. I was seventeen when Carlisle changed me. I was dying of Spanish influenza. My mother and father had already died.”
I sat up. It was dark in my room. Not 일 yet. Some time during the night. Edward was lying 다음 to me. He was still stroking my cheek, not noticing that I had moved.
“I was all alone. There was that many people in the hospital, sick and dying, that they wouldn’t miss one person.”
I hugged him, pulling him close to me. He shifted and laid his head on my chest. It was always the other way around. I usually sought comfort from him.
I stroked his soft bronze hair as he listened to my 심장 beat. This was the first time Edward had spoken about his life before Carlisle. He hadn’t said much but it was a lot considering he never really spoke about his human life.
“Carlisle said I had her eyes.”
“Whose eyes?” I asked, quietly. I don’t know why but it didn’t feel right to talk loud.
“My mother’s. She was called Elizabeth. She was worried about me being drafted. They had lowered the age to 18 and I was only a 년 away from it plus World War 1 was going on, so 당신 can imagine how scared she must have been. She must have loved me.”
“Of course she did,” I said. “Every mother loves their son and you’re no different.”
“Would she have still loved me if I was a vampire?”
“Yes,” I answered. “Without a doubt. Even if 당신 were deformed with six eyes, three noses and no legs, she would still 사랑 you. You’re her son.”
“Yes, I was,” Edward murmured.
“No,” I shook my head. “You are her son. No ‘was’ about it.”
I kissed his hair, something he usually did to me. Was it role reversal time 또는 something?
He took my hand, the one that was stroking his hair, and kissed it.
“You are truly amazing, Kayla,” he said. “Do I deserve someone as wonderful as you?”
“That what I keep asking myself,” I said. “Do I deserve someone as wonderful as you?”
Edward was suddenly gone. The movement was so fast I hadn’t noticed he wasn’t 다음 to me until I was stroking thin air. I looked up from the 우주 he was in only half a 초 이전 and saw him in the corner.
“I’m not as wonderful as 당신 think,” he said, quietly. His face was shrouded in darkness and I could only see the glint of his golden eyes. “I’ve done some terrible things in my past. I’ve killed humans.”
I watched him carefully. Was he trying to scare me off him? Was he trying to break up with me 의해 saying he wasn’t worthy enough of me? I hate it when he did this. It was like he was speaking in riddles.
“I only killed the bad ones,” he continued. “Only ones that truly deserved not to live. I used my ability so I didn’t kill any innocent humans.”
“You were a vigilante?” I asked.
“You could say that,” Edward nodded.
“Why are 당신 telling me this?” I was confused. “So 당신 killed a few people but 당신 had a reason, didn’t you?”
“I thought it was justice. That the killings were justified. He had done wrong, he needed to be punished. But was it really my decision whether the person should die? Maybe a few years in prison, some rehabilitation would have corrected whatever was wrong in his brain but was I right 의해 taking his life?”
I crawled to the end of my 침대 and sat there. He was still covered in darkness and it was only his eyes that told me he was there.
“That happened years ago,” I said. “You’re not really a killer. Not now. I know that.”
“You’ve only known me a short time.”
“True but I know you. You’re not like that. 당신 wouldn’t kill anyone but 당신 would go to Carlisle and get 조언 from him.”
“How did you...?”
“You forget, Edward. I see 더 많이 than the thought that is running through your mind. I see everything.”
He watched me now. It was a long time before he came out of the shadows. I was sitting there watching him and 다음 thing I knew I was flat on my back, my head on the 베개 and he was laying 다음 to me.
“You should go back to sleep,” he whispered.
“I’m not that tired,” I said. “I went to sleep quite early tonight.”
“I know 당신 did.” He chuckled. “You were out cold when I climbed in through 당신 window. Still in your shoes, as well.”
I looked down at my feet then and saw I wasn’t wearing my shoes.
“I took them off,” he explained. He began to stroke my cheek again. “I wanted 당신 to be 더 많이 comfortable.”
“Why didn’t 당신 take my clothes off as well?” I asked. I tugged at the pale blue 셔츠 I was wearing. It wasn’t really comfortable to sleep in.
He snatched his hand away from my skin, as if I had burned him.
“What?” I said.
He was staring at me, his eyes wide. It was only then that I realised what I had said could have been taken in a different way.
“Oh.” I laughed. It was hilarious the way Edward took things like this. “I didn’t mean it in any sexual way.”
“What about in the car?” he said.
“Can’t 당신 take a compliment?” I asked. “When someone says that, it doesn’t always mean they want to jump 당신 right there and then. Keep up with the times, Edward.”
He began to stroke my cheek again so I took that as he was satisfied I wasn’t making any sexual advances on him. But that made me wonder if he could actually have sex 또는 if he has had sex before.
“Do not even think about it.” his voice was low and dangerous in my ear.
“Don’t think about what?” I tried to sound as innocent as I could.
“My 사랑 life has nothing to do with you.”
“I am your 사랑 life.”
“Before 당신 then.”
“Have 당신 ever had anyone before me?”
Edward went quiet then. He continued to stroke my cheek but he didn’t say anything. When I did reach out to his mind I found nothing. Absolutely nothing. It was like there was a 벽 blocking me from 읽기 his thoughts 또는 seeing into his mind. How did he do that? I would have to ask him.
“Fine then, don’t answer me,” I huffed, folding my arms across my chest. “I just won’t tell 당신 about my 이전 relationships.”
I heard him chuckle.
“Don’t laugh at me!”
“I can’t help it,” he chuckled. “You just do funny things.”
“You think I’m funny?” I sat up and tried to get away from him but only succeeded in falling off my bed. I landed with a dull thud.
“Ow,” I whimpered. I stroked my backside which I had hurt in the landing. I heard Edward trying to stifle his laughter. I picked the right times to do stupid things.
“Are 당신 ok?” he asked. He was lying on his stomach across my bed.
“I’m fine.” I stood up. “I meant to do that.”
“Of course,” he said, not at all believing me.
“I swear, Edward Cullen, I am going to make 당신 regret laughing at-” I didn’t get to finish my threat as he had pulled me onto the 침대 and kissed me. He was lying on 상단, 맨 위로 of me 또는 rather just hovering above me. He daren’t put his weight on me for fear he would crush me. My hands knotted in his hair, pulling his face closer to mine so that his lips were crushed against mine.
His hand moved slowly down my arm and across my chest and over my waist. His fingers lightly caressed my thigh before he hitched my leg up around his hip. His lips moved away from mine and he kissed my cheek. His kisses began a trail down my neck down to the hollow of my throat. Although his lips were cold, wherever they had touched left a burning mark.
“I can see the benefits of a bed,” he whispered against my skin. “I might have to get one.”
“Beds are great,” was all I could think to say. He had never done anything like this before and it had quite literally taken all my concentration just to remember to breathe. He chuckled and his cool breath blew against my skin, making me shiver, but not from cold.
He rolled over, onto his back, taking me with him.
“I guess 당신 like this?”
“Very much,” I answered. My leg was still around his waist and he was holding it there. I was not objecting. I was lying on 상단, 맨 위로 of him and his marble chest was moulded against mine perfectly. My 심장 was hammering against my chest so loud he must have both heard and felt it. His lips were back on my throat, tracing back up to my lips. He had only just lightly kissed my lips when we heard the creak of a door open. We both went quiet, not daring to breathe. Footsteps sounded across the hallway, heading to my door. Edward gently and quickly lifted me off his chest and lay me down on the bed. I sat up and he was gone, probably out the window.
My door opened and Charlie peeked his head in.
“You ok, Kayla?” he asked me, sounding sleepy. “I think I heard 당신 fall out of bed?”
“Yeah, I did,” I replied. “I’m ok though.”
“Good.” He closed my door quietly and padded back to his own room.
I slid down my 침대 until my head was back on the pillow.
“I hate you, Charlie,” I muttered in the darkness.
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