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energizerbunny posted on May 15, 2012 at 04:01AM
I made a pick on this and a good bit said "Yes" or "Maybe" so we're gonna try this out(:

So I choose a Tv Female Character and you suggest a song that you think describes them the most. I'll give it about 3 -5 days Then I'll put the choices in a pick and people pick which song they think best describes that characters out of the suggestions we have.<3


Winner - 2 props

Round 1 - Buffy Summers [Buffy The Vampire Slayer]
Round 2 - Veronica Mars [Veronica Mars]
Round 3 - Summer Roberts [The O.C]
Round 4 - Elena Gilbert [The Vampire Diaries]
Round 5 - Peyton Sawyer [One Tree Hill]
Round 6 - Quinn Fabray [eelG]
Round 7 - Jenny Humphrey [Gossip Girl]
Round 8 - Spencer Hastings [Pretty Little Liars]

Round 1 Winner: link
Round 2 Winner: link
Round 3 Winner: link
Round 4 Winner: link
Round 5 Winner: link
Round 6 Winner: link
Round 7 Winner: link
Round 8 Winner: link
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