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posted by alicia386
This is a continuation of The Dying Ashes. I am Katherine Adams and I have received this manuscript my aunt had sent me weeks ago. She has gone missing. I fear for her life and I wish not to speak of her. I must continur this tale.

I knew Dylon very well. He was like a 초 father to me so his death took a great toll on me. To continue my aunt's research I have had to follow those four demigods very closely. I have learned so much about them. I think that maybe it is better to 옮기기 from city to city so they can't get a good lead on where I am. So far it has worked.

Gabriel and Maycen were the sons of Zeus so they are the most dangerous. Their powers are not like any other demigod powers. They control not only the weather but sometimes they control your mood. Yes, shocking, I know. I have come up with the theory that since weather can sometimes have an effect on your mood, they have learned how to 마구, 하네스 weather and change it into something completely different. i feel angry sometimes when I am following them.

Elysia is the son of Hades as 당신 probably already know. He mostly controls the dead. There are some cases that he could control the living and make them murder themselves but I wish not to see any of that.

Lastly, Arthur who I belive is the most dangerous. He is a son of Posiedon. The sea god. Arthur controls water mainly. It is extraordinary to watch him 옮기기 the water in such a way that he could have created tsumani on the spot. Luckly I have not been around ot see him do that.

They meet every thursday at their cave. That is where they were today. They all wore black.

"Has anyone noticed Dylon's disappearance yet?" asked Maycen.

"His wife," Arthur replied. "She moved to 유럽 though. I felt her crossing the ocean on the boat."

"Should we follow her? She most likely knows whatever Dylon told her. What if she knew . . . the secret?" Gabriel looked to one person after the other. No one murmured a word.

Jade came in through the door. She refuses to wear any 색깔 that aren't red 또는 black. She is the twin sister of Elysia. He would never mention that though. "Hello boys," she greeted. "Did 당신 honestly think 당신 could avoid me forever?"

This is where I must stop. Too much information at one time can harm me. They know now. I can sense that they know what I am doing. If anything is to happen to me. I will make sure to hand this down to someone in the family. I only wish you, the reader, luck. If they know I am 글쓰기 this then they probably know that 당신 are 읽기 this. I fear for the both of us. I wish 당신 the best of luck.
posted by Dhampires
I sat on my window sill looking down at the city below, just weeks 이전 I lived as an orphan a peasant now I have the looks of a Queen.

I still can't believe it after all it's funny how life throws new things at 당신 but life can always change take now for instance. As look out over the sky gray huge clouds began ti roll in the news had announced that a hurricane of the fifth category will come—producing golf ball sized hail, 70 mile 시간 winds and 110% chance of rain. I sighed as lighting lit the sky with a large long crack of thunder rumbling the glass in front of me.

I slide from the...
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posted by alicia386
Sorry this isn't the best chapter but I didn't really have time to write it out better. I understand if 당신 don't like it either

Please review and comment. Thank 당신 and enjoy!

Chapter Eleven

It was the big premiere of his movie Hourglass and all of the 유명인사 showed up. It was a huge hit and he had to say that it was amazing. Since Cassidy and Milo were arrested, he had to re cast their parts. Actually the girl to take Cassidy's part really liked him. He would totally go for it but he just couldn't was not looking for a relationship. Her name was Amber Washington and she had dark...
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Like I said, it was a dark and foggy night. I thought my eyes were deceiving me. I think I saw a Jew. This time around, there are practically no Jews. They are either in concentration camps- awaiting their death, 또는 dead already. The Nazis are not being easy with the Jews. This Jew was covered with a black cloth, and he appeared to be standing over a cowering boy, twelve years old of age at least. I moved in closer, cautiously, with my Saumensch, and we were both suspicious. The Saumensch's eyes met mine. "Is that...a murder, Carls?" Matna, the Saumensch, was definitely suspicious. She never...
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posted by alicia386
Chapter Ten 

Mason had gotten a call from Olivia. Since he didn't answer, she left him a voicemail. What really hurt him was listening to it. If he wasn't a tough man, he probably would have cried his eyes out. Olivia left for Vermont saying she needed 우주 and needed to find herself. He didn't actually understand it but he listened anyway. He spent hours replaying the voicemail. He could tell 당신 everything she said word for word.

There it is. That upsetting feeling he has whenever he blew something. Last  year he blew a big movie deal and that feeling came. The 다음 일 he fixed it and it...
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"SAUMENSCH!" I hollered from 다음 door. Saumensch isn't really the nicest thing 당신 can call someone, it is like an insult, that is, like calling someone a pig in America. But right now, I am not in America, I am in Germany, so live with it. You'll get used to it, don't worry. "SAUKERL!" Matna hollered back. Saukerl is about the same thing, except used to call men and boys that, while Saumensch is used to call girls and women that. Her name is Matna Johanasen.Anyways, my name is Carls. Carls Shotansen. Pleased to meet you. The story of "Way to Go, Saumensch: A Note From the Saukerl" all started on one foggy night...when everyone was asleep, except for one very peculiar being. And, he, was not German. He bore the symbol of the 별, 스타 of David. He was a Jew.
 별, 스타 of David
Star of David
Vincent's body was glowing red and orange. He looked handsome in that evil sort of way and it looked like he was literally on fire. His eyes were glowings read sockets and his whole body was a ball of fire. Chasity was terrified but intrigued because she never had seen Hell break loose in Heaven. It was just un heard off.

"Calm down," she pleaded but the ball of 불, 화재 just grew wilder. Before she knew it, the fireball was traveling down to Earth. "Wait, 당신 can't do this Vincent. 당신 can't kill for your own selfish needs!" She dashed after him in the human world as everything he came into a...
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I fought through the process,
And I was determined through it all.
I was 메리다와 마법의 숲 and strong
And now I survived.

At first I was worried to death,
When the doctor said that I had cancer.
I stayed strong
Cuz I knew that my family and 프렌즈
Would care for me,
And spread the word
So I would survive.

My 프렌즈 and I
Were always supportive of me,
And we could talk for hours,
Playing on our DSes,
Talking about Legos
Like great 프렌즈 ever should.

Later, I was cancer-free
And I celebrated
We did everything great
It helped me cheer up.

I found out
That many people have cancer
Not only me..
And I'm...
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posted by hgfan5602
It's cold in this room
Without your warmth for me
Hard to say the truth
Can I say it now....
I 사랑 당신

Am I so ashamed
To 사랑 you?
Oh no I'm not....
And I feel your warmth upon me

I will still 사랑 당신 everyday of my life
Ever since
I came on your watch
And every 분 of my life

I will still 사랑 당신 every 초 today
Cherishing all the moments that we had

And I will bring every moment I've had
Together, with you
I will still 사랑 당신 everyday of my life
And no one will
Keep me away from you

It's so cold here in this room
Unable to...
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*Thanks for all the 코멘트 :) Please read and review and please don't copy*    
Chapter 15
    You’re a Pyke, darling, not a Connor
    There he was Marcus Pyke, not Connor, and there was one picture of him, and it was my father. Which meant he used to be Marcus Pike, not Connor. But that means he must’ve changed his name, and mom kept the same one.
    Your guess is as good as mine.
    There was another picture, way at the bottom, it was of father, my mom, a little...
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posted by wantadog
Chapter 3

Juliet muffled her scream as she saw what was standing on the other side of the door. It was Phil, but not any Phil she had ever seen. Phil’s skin was black and bubbling, steam was being emitted from what used to be his skin, his pupils were gone, and he was giving off an awful odor, even worse than the cigarettes. He wasn’t looking her way so she dived behind the bar. “Oh my god, oh my god, OH MY GOD!” She clamped her mouth shut as her whispering rose to a shout. There was a grunt from the other side of the door and she heard a rattling noise as he beat on the door, trying...
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baby i want 당신 so bad but idk if 당신 want me to i think about 당신 everyday wen im around 당신 i feel soo 안전한, 안전 feel like no harm can be done to me wen ur here there the rain disappears to a bright yellow sun

wen ur with me i feel like were the stars lighting up the night sky were burning up inside i wanna make 당신 mine 당신 are the spark that ignites inside of me

youve been there for me for as long as i can remember now its time for me to be there for 당신 and tell 당신 how i trully and i hope 당신 feel the same just dont want to let 당신 go

wen ur with me i feel like were the stars...
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*Short romance story, I'm guess it's cliche. Please don't copy and please read and review, summary under :)*
Summary: Jonah Grey is really getting on my nerves. Everyday at lunch he keeps on throwing 캔디 to my spot at the 표, 테이블 with my friends. Why? He’s trying to aggravate me…or maybe not.
    “He’s doing it again! Why can’t he stop!” I whined, swatting away a 캔디 bar.
    “You should just talk to him, that’s all he wants.” Vivian, my best friend since pre-k suggested.
    I scoffed. “All he wants is another...
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*Thanks for all the 코멘트 :) Please don't copy and please read and review. This is a special treat to all my dedicated reader's! I send 당신 all love!!!!
Chapter 13
    Mother’s and daughter’s have a lot in common
    I traced my finger’s along the sides of father’s books, for a violent soul he was a very dedicated bookworm. I remember having to throw out some of my things so all his possessions could come with us. I still held a long hard grudge after I had to give up a some very sentimental things so father could fit the rest of his stuff in...
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posted by hgfan5602
I stood 의해 you,
Ever so proudly,
In the darkness of war,
Never betraying you,
Always 의해 your side.

I protected you,
Never let 당신 down when
Things got rough,
I stood 의해 you
Through 일 and night,
Summer and winter.

Stand 의해 me now,
Be my loyal friend,
Never falter when the Fuhrer
Shoots his nasty gaze down at you.

Be strong,
My faithful friend.
Be strong,
And protect me from the evils
Of the world.

Be strong,
Never falter,
And always have courage.
Go now, my faithful friend.
Run free.
posted by hgfan5602
Now that 당신 left me....
My soul is crying
Out to the world
Above me.

Now that 당신 left me....
I couldn't figure out
How to go on with life
And I stayed right on....
With my despair.

Now that 당신 left me....
당신 broke my heart,
And now it's covered in broken glass,
Oh broken glass......

It's time to 옮기기 on now...
But I can't help feeling the tragedy
Of that lonesome night...
How the world jeered at me.

The world hurt me.
There's no 더 많이 hope left,
So face the truth.
I am a piece of broken glass,
Shimmering in the dark and dreary night

My 심장 broke
When it felt like the end of the world...
And boy, was it the end of the world.
I was broken glass,
And nobody seemed to care about me.

I am broken glass.
I am heartbroken.
I am...
No more.
posted by IlovePatch97
I wasn’t sure how to start this story at first; most stories usually just come to me as I go along. It’s kind of like playing the piano, as 당신 put 더 많이 notes together it eventually becomes a song. So I figured I’d write what I was thinking at the time, so here it is. As an author it’s my work and I won’t let anyone say it’s bad 또는 pointless. Most people can be awfully critical of other peoples work, it’s not always because they are jealous 또는 cynical people. Perhaps they just don’t understand the meaning in the story, that’s okay; the story only needs to make sense to the...
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posted by Problematic129
*Thanks for all the 코멘트 :) Please don't copy and please read and review*
Chapter 12
    A guilty red head’s confession
    “Look, I just wanted to thank you, for everything.” Cali said, not looking me in the eye. “I just… 로스트 control, I guess.”
    I nodded, hugging her. “It’ll be okay.”
    She nodded and then headed off to the buses, I was about to follow until I heard a voice calling my name. I turned around, thinking it was Azerien but surprised to see America running towards me.
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How to Hate My Very 사랑

How tragic is the story of the lady on White Chapel road

How her 사랑 so dear and faithful was scared of death row

Now her veins full of poison thick as oil and hate

That poison she spits out to feed her pet snake

And yet she remains in the darkest hours of night

Though in hell were Satan never leaves her sight

With her 사랑 so thin and frail and on his dying bed

He whispers his last words to her ears which they fed

To the cliff she goes now that lady on White Chapel road

To step off that steep cliff to what pain waits below


I have a garden where I...
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posted by hgfan5602
Hand in hand,
We stroll towards the beautiful beach,
Never taking our eyes off the red sky.

We are together now,
And we face anything that will take us on,
With determination and unity,

The wave washes us into the ocean,
Taking us in,
Slowly, killing us bit 의해 bit,
But we never let go of each other.

When we are together,
We will never die.
There is no chance of that,
It is impossible.

The power of being together
Surges into both of our souls,
And the angry waves crash against
Our faces,
But we still never let go.

We are undivided.
Nothing, ever, can keep us apart,
또는 even separate us.
Because, 당신 see,
We are bound.

We are bound
의해 the ropes of love,
No one,
Can cut those ropes.
Not now,
And not ever.
posted by Problematic129
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Chapter 11
    Bonding is bittersweet
    “One time I got 로스트 in the mall because I kept going on those escalators things I got so scared, and then I found them 의해 sitting atop our car,” Cali told me. I laughed. ‘Well, one time I 로스트 my family on an airplane?”
    “While 당신 were flying? On the airplane?”
    Because my father left me there, “I kept looking...
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