Total Drama World Tour If i were to make up versions of TDWT songs on youtube,who should i use as who?

Pick one:
Sideshow Bob as Alejandro
Norm the Genie as Chris
Cyborg as Chef
Francis as Duncan
Chester McBadBat as Geoff
Ace as Trent
Lenny Baxter as Harold
Libby Folfax as Leshawna
Wakko as Ezekiel
Squidward as Noah
Princess Morbucks as Blaineley
Comic Book Guy as Owen
Timmy as Tyler
Bubbles as Lindsay
Jinx as Heather
Sedusa as Courtney
Sam Manson as Gwen
Jonesy as Justin
Blossom as Bridgette
Buttercup as Eva
Wanda as Katie
Goo as Izzy
Mama Cosma as Sadie
Starfire as Sierra
Robin as Cody
AJ as DJ
Tootie as Beth
 sturmelle15 posted over a year ago
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