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 "Don't 당신 people knock?!"
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별, 스타 was in the middle of her confessional when Sierra burst in
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"Oh, come on Heather. Don't be like that" Alejandro tried to reason with me.

"What do 당신 want?" I snapped.

"Just let me hang around with you, please" his warm, 초콜릿 brown eye's bore into my hazel ones, sending me into a trance.

"Well, I guess we could at some point" I smiled.

"I'll see 당신 around then, Princesa" he smirked as he walked away.

"I guess" I sighed.

Woah, what just happened there? Did I just willingly agree to hang around with Alejandro?

I mentally facepalmed myself for being so foolish.

"Hey Heather" Justin greeted.

"Oh, hey" I replied.

"Are 당신 ok?" he asked.

"No, I just... never mind"...
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(spoiler) who is going to win heather 또는 alejandro
Chris: Campeeers!

Heather: Oh, where’s that jerk?!

Courtney: I think he’s talking from a speaker…

Chris: That’s correct!!

*Courtney’s confused*

Chris: Anyway… a new season is coming! And I got a new cast!

Heather: And what about us?!?

Chris: Let me finish my sentence, sheesh! 당신 have one month, only 30 days to return home, if not…
you know what I’m about to do…

Courtney: Chris? Chris!! *no answer*

Owen: Waah, huhuh, where are we gonna find foooood?

Courtney: Idiots…

Duncan: *cries* Where the heck is my knife?!?

Gwen: Catch!!!

*Duncan slowly turns around, catches the 칼, 나이프 and smiles...
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*Trent saw courtney at the park*
Trent: hi courtney I have something to tell you.
Trent: will 당신 marry me?
Courtney: yes.but my mom won let me.then that wil be secretly. Courtney: ok. *3 years later Courtney has marry with Trent then goes home*
her mom: Courtney were haw 당신 been?
Courtney: I was 로스트 and then I found the way home.
her mom: it's ok meny people are lost.*phone rings*
Courtney: hi Trent.
Trent: hi Courtney. my parents arent let me to go with 당신 in 유럽 so I can come and get 당신 with my car.
Courtney: ok I 사랑 to.
Trent: come I'm hear under the window.
Courtney: ok.
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Im sorry
So sorry
sorry like a flower
after the first frost

and Im sorry
like a mitten
thats been dropped
and feels so lost

oops I really meesed up
at least I fessed up
(you didnt fessed up, 당신 got cought on national TV)
(its Internacional Geoff, Total drama is seen all over the world)

but Im sorry
so sorry
sorry like a surfer
that jas just busted her board

and Im sorry
like a band
when they play
a wrong chord

ooops I really screwed up
I felt some dude up
(Internation TV huh?)
(in front of all my friends)

but Im sorry
so sorry
Geoff, I really think 당신 rule
당신 are so cute when 당신 make me drool

and if 당신 give me chance
I will make my happy happy dance
(youre pretty cute when 당신 dance)
(Aw no, no!)

Geoff, 당신 are the one for me
And Im so incredibly, wildly, madly, crazily
oh, so completely, infenitely, beyond