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 The Am-AH-Zon Race
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The Am-AH-zon race.
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Noah: Keep it down, so I can win the loot!
Owen: Try, I will. But I still got to fart. No, toot!
Noah, Heather: Shhhh!
Heather: Toot on, but your still out of luck. 당신 suck the 레몬 chuck.
Gwen: Wait till you're voted out for being such a lout!
Courtney: I'll dance a jig when Chris shoves 당신 out the plane!
Alejandro: When 당신 don't hold back and lead the pack, truly there is nothing stopping you, you, you.
LeShawna: Swimming in your eyes, there's 나비 and suddenly there's nothing I can't do. Sorry, Harold
Lindsay: Wait, something's itching in my brain! Someone's back in the game! My former flame! And Tyler's your name! You're Tyler just the same! Oh, Tyler, Tyler, Tyler, Tyler back 당신 came.
Tyler: 당신 remember me? She remembers me! YEEEEEESSSSSSSSS!!
I was walking 집 when someone tapped me on my shoulder. I whirled around to face the person I least wanted to see; Alejandro

"What do 당신 want, Alejandro?" I sneered.

"Aw, come now, is it so bad that I want to spend time with you, Linda?" he asked.


"No, Linda, its means pretty lady, beautiful, Princesa" he explained.

"Stop calling me that" I snapped.

I continued to walk away until I got to the start of my road.

Alejandro grabbed onto my hand and kissed it lightly. I froze, my mind going hazy.

"W-w-what're 당신 doing?" I snatched my hand back.

"Bye, Princesa" he just chuckled before sprinting...
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TDWT my version
Chp.1: Here we go again
: Gwen’s P.O.V:
Oh great. I thought as the bus drove…somewhere. Well, at least Duncan, Leshawna and Bridgette are going to be here too…
“Hey girl, what’s up??” asked Leshawna; while Bridgette was crying since Geoff couldn’t make it here.
“K, 또는 least think so.” I replied
“Geoffy*sniff*I miss You*sniff*I shouldn’t leave 당신 alone*sniff*”
“Hey Bridge, it can’t be THAT bad” We tried to comfort her.
“How *sniff* can you…” Bridgette was cut off by
“DUNCKY!!!!!!!!!” Everyone jumped and turned to see Courtney and Duncan arguing...
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*izzy saw noah calling hes 프렌즈 from school*
Izzy: 저기요 noah whats that?
Noah: its my thelephone I'm calling my sriends from school.
Izzy: give me that give me that I want that pleace preatty preatty pleace.
Noah: NO!
Izzy: why?
Noah: cuz 당신 will break it.
Izzy: then where did 당신 buy it?
Noah: I won teel 당신 cuz 당신 will break it in the store.
Izzy: pleace.
Noah: ok go left rite and there is a store.
Izzy: ok tanx.
*Izzy baying some phone and then break it*
Noah: did 당신 buy a phone.
Izzy: yes.
Noah: did 당신 break it.
Izzy: yes. Noah can 당신 give me money to buy a new phone cuz I don't have money.
Noah: NO!NO!!NO!!!!!!!!
*Izzy goes 집 and starts kraying *
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Bridgette: The strings of my 심장 are a 라푼젤 mess!

Gwen,Heather and courtney:ooh mess!

Bridgette:It's beatin' so hard it's jumpin out of my chest.

Gwen,Heather and courtney"ooh chest

Bridgette: i tried to fit two men in my soul

Gwen, Heather and Courtney:ooh soul

Bridgette:i ended up, stuck to a pole

Gwen, Heather and Courtney:she got stuck! should have ducked! worst of luck! Stuck, stuck to a pole

Bridgette: i fell for every little thing that he said.

Gwen, Heather and Courtney: ooh said!

Bridgette:And when i closed my eyes he jumped on a sled!

Gwen, Heather and Courtney:ooh sled

Bridgette:now he,s gone, I'm still stuck in this place.

Gwen, Heather and Courtney:ooh place

Bridgette:would someone pour warm water down my face?

Gwen, Heather and Courtney:she got stuck! should have ducked! Worst of luck! Stuck, stuck to a pole! stuck, stuck, stuck to a pole!
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