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 The Am-AH-Zon Race
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The Am-AH-zon race.
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duncan:duncan was voted off first he does coem back and 가입하기 team 아마존 but he doesnt hav a good chance to win considering he won season 2,hes being a jerk to harold,and courtney is pissed at him for being near gwen(i liek it)but the contestants dont.

ezekial:ezekial was actually the first loser but hid with the kargo and came back he wont give up on winning hes very weak and scrawny ppl do stuff with him and he still wants to win spoiler:hes voted off 2nd also chris stand him cuz hes 더 많이 wont shut-upier and blabbier.

harold:SPOILER:hes voted off 3rd harold is a bit of a nerd he still loves...
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its awesome.spoiler alert.
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A/N: Part 30?! Woah... Enjoy... :)

-Chris' P.O.V-

"Ok, so your first challenge is... to sing!" I sang gleefully.

"No, im not singing. Im tough, i dont do... singing" Duncan complained.

"Well, if 당신 DON'T sing, your eliminated. Simple. As. That" i explained.

"Fine" he mumbled.

"Good. Now, Courtney, your up first" i smirked at Duncan.

Haha, the dude's gonna be putty in her hands if he carries on like this...

"Erm... can i get ready first? Ya know... prepare a song. And such and such" Courtney mumbled.

"Sure! Be back here in half an 시간 to hear princess sing!" her and Duncan scowled.

They all walked off...
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I think that this is about the fith TDWT trailer. Sorry, I couldn't find another video without the user's name sprawled across the screen that doesn't have bad quatlity.
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Source: Teletoon & Total Drama Wiki
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Source: Teletoon & Total Drama Wiki
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chris-hello and welcome to total drama island d.j one immunity an decided to put duncan courtney and tyler wit lindsay for elimanation 당신 팬 got vote and i will start with the to 안전한, 안전 people duncan and courtney.ok tyler lindsay times up for tyler sorry dude but its time to send 당신 packing

tyler-duncan win it for me

duncan-i will 당신 just trust me trent was in for the biggest war ever

courtney-duncan sadly the fairy tail wont happen because im going to win ok

lindsay-sure sure but all my beatiful 팬 are going to make me win ok duncan and courtney

duncan-she finally said my name right

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I'm going to try to write a desent 팬 Fiction, so don't laugh at me 또는 anything if this completely sucks ^///^


Sierra's Point of View:

I woke up, sprawled on the floor. My head hurt, and it seemed like I'd slept wrong, because there was a pain in my neck.
I'd fallen off the little 침상, 소파 that I'd been sleeping on.
I was actually surprised that i was able to get asleep on this plane.
Flying, it scared the wizzlers out of me.
"Hey, Sierra!", said Izzy. She'd rounded the corner of the plane's ever-winding rows and was coming towards me. "You should get ready. The plane will be landing soon."
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posted by izzysawsome
*Izzy and Owen at the Nilz*

Owen: 당신 make me laugh Iz

Izzy: Oh oh oh I remember this time when me and my freind Laughed so hard we pee'ed ourselfs and we where like Hahahahaha and then we got in a fight the 다음 일 so I took her Boyfreind threw him in a sewer and then I snuck in her room and Explosivo got dinomite and then BOOM-BOOM hehehe

Owen: WOW 당신 talk allot

Izzy: Yeah most of my freinds tell me that

Waiter: Are 당신 two ready to order your drinks

Owen: YEAH I'll have 3 초콜릿 milkshakes and 6 cokes

Izzy and Waiter: *Shocking look on there face*

Owen: What

Izzy: I'll have a 바나나 milkshake isn't that a funny word 바나나 *Gets ou of set and dances* Do the 바나나 do the 바나나 B-ana-na 바나나

Waiter: Ok then I'll be right back w/ your drinks

Izzy: Oh oh oh 바나나 hehehehe 바나나

Owen: 바나나 hehehe

Waiter: Ok 당신 guys make a perfect couple

Stay tooned for part 3!!!
*Izzy and Owen backstage of Izzys concert*

Izzy: Where do 당신 want to go on a 날짜 Owen???

Owen: It's up to my little buddle of crazy

Izzy: Aw I guess

Owen: So Would The Nilz work???

Izzy: Yeah

*Izzy and Owen at The Nilz*

Izzy: 저기요 저기요 WAITER OVER HERE *Trows a knife* EXEUSE ME!!!

Waiter: Yes Mam *W/ a scared look on his face*

Izzy: Yeah hi We'd like a 표, 테이블 yeah so GET US ONE!!! NOW!!!!!

Waiter: *Whisperes to Owen* Is she your date???

Owen: *Whisperes back* yeah 당신 got a problem???

Waiter: No no no not at a-a-ll

Owen: Good

Izzy: *Does a front-flip and lands on the table* I want to sit at this Table...
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Uncle Brad lunged at me, grabbing onto my wrists.

I knee'd him in the crotch and he doubled over in pain.

Bridgette quickly ran off to find Chris.

I, on the other hand, just stood there.

Why is he here?

Why isn't he getting up?

Wait, why do i even care?

I don't...

You do...


You care for people 더 많이 now, 당신 cant help it...


I frowned as i managed to turn my head to look at Duncan, who was rigid in shock.

I clicked my fingers infront of his face, as he'd just stared in awe at what i'd done.

"Hellooooo?" i said and he snapped back to reality as i hugged him.

"Lets get out of...
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posted by james55
Gordan-hello and wellcome to total drama island aftermathe.please wellcome my partner in crime chef

chef-stop please your to nice

goran-ok well tonight we will be seeing the 4 elimanated people but before we do chef will go throug the drama that is hapenning right now on total drama island

chef-ok lets start with the new alliance (fans-ooooh) yeah the alliance with trent,d.j,ezikeil and geoff. gordan tell me that trent is smart is that they will take down dunca easy

gordan-really i think duncan and tyler will do better because they have a real freindship. ok lets talk about the sierra...
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posted by izzysawsome
*Gwen and Trent in Trents car*

Gwen: Trent will 당신 promise me that 당신 will be honest to me

Trent: I promise

Gwen: Thanks

Trent: Did 당신 know I'm a straigt A stundent in school?

Gwen: I knew cause your hot and smart.

Trent: Thanks, Gwen please be honest youre not into Duncan are you???

Gwen: NO we're just good freinds I swear

Trent: Ok *starts crying*

Gwen: Trent whats wrong???

Trent: Our 사랑 it's valubal to me I'd feel so stuiped if I'd give 당신 up 또는 당신 give up on me

*Gwen puts her hand to Trents face gently*

Gwen: Listen Me and 당신 are like Katie and Sadie we will NEVER be apart ok?

Trent: Ok

당신 are suiped

Who do 당신 think said Trent was stuiped??? Does the mystry person hate Trent? Find out in part 6 :3
"Really?" a voice sang...



I froze again, i knew that voice.

"Courtney? Are 당신 ok?" Bridgette said softly.

"Yeah, im just peachy" sarcasm dripped off of my words.

"I was just asking" Bridgette sighed, annoyed.

"Courtney!" that voice sang again as the owner of the voice barged through the door.



I ran back to the hotel.

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I was walking around town when a teenage guy caught my eye.

He had mocha hair, tan skin and onyx eye's which reminded me of a certain someone...

Ugh, even when im mad at her, she still makes me go all soft.

He looked at me and sneered as he walked towards me.

Who was this guy?

"Hey you, your off that show, aren't you?" he spat.

What was this dude's problem?

"Define show" i smirked as i crossed my arms over my chest.

"Total Drama Island. Total Drama Action. Total Drama World Tour. You," he poked an accusing finger into my chest, "were trying to get into my sisters' pants, since 일 one"...
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