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 The Am-AH-Zon Race
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The Am-AH-zon race.
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posted by 0loneleepixie0
*Just one thing-that's an engagement not a wedding ring xD*

Gwen: Omg... How to tell, how to tell ...*goes inside and walks slowly so no one will hear her*
Her mom: Where have 당신 been, Gwen?!
Gwen: Aaah! Oh, hi mom.
Her mom: It's 20 분 after midnight!
Gwen: Look, mom, i'm not a litle kid anymore!
Her mom: What? You're 18! And plus, stop 연기 like one, Gwen! Wait! What's that ring?! And why are 당신 wearing it on that finger...?
Her mom: Answer me!!!
Gwen: 당신 know that guy, umm... that broke your chinese vase?
Her mom: Yees... the same one that kicked my boyfriend's but for...
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posted by 0loneleepixie0
*ringing phone*
Gwen: Hello. 저기요 Courtney, what's up?
Courtney: Oh, nothing. Listen, there's this cool night bar, n' there's a different band every night. Wanna check it out?
Gwen: Yeah, sure.
Courtney: Great! Oh, and, Heather is coming too.
Gwen: Heather?
Courtney: Thought you'd say that, but, hey, give the girl a chance, i know she's hard to talk to sometimes.
Gwen: Ugh... okay. See 당신 than. Bye.
*ding dong*
Her mom: Honey, can 당신 get that, please?
Gwen: Okay.. *opens door and sees a man with flowers*
The guy: Hi, is your mom home?
Gwen: Sheee's not interested...
Her mom: John? What are 당신 doing here?!.....
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This video is dedicated to Trent And Gwen's Relationship
tdi trent and gwen
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posted by izzysawsome
Joe: Where is the Egypt Store?

Greg: Uh *laughes* in Egypt

Joe: I'll be right back

Greg: Oh oh oh can 당신 get me a snack too?

Joe: *Rolls his eyes facepalms and goes into the bathroom* Oh my God I don't know if I can handle anymore dumbness! This is the only place I have thats not crowded 의해 *gulps* the boob!

Greg: *Taps the person 다음 to him* 저기요 당신 got any 팝콘

The preson 다음 to Greg: 저기요 this ain't the movie pall!

Greg: Geez 당신 could have just said 당신 didn't want to share *Gets in the dudes face* GOSH!

The person 다음 to Greg: *Grabs Gregs shirt* Listen buddy my girlfreind just dumped...
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posted by izzysawsome
Joe: *talking to himself* Rrrrrrrggggggg when that reanforcement coming!I hope it's soon!

*25 분 later*


Joe: Uh correction I'm saved not you.

The pilot:*Looks at Joe and whispers to himself* I hate you!

*An airplane comes down and then Greg gets out*

Greg: It's so nice to see 당신 again

Joe: 당신 know who I'd like to see again? LINDSAY AND TYSON!

Greg: It's not Tyson it's Tyler

Joe: *Looks at him with his eyes barely open* Like I care

*Joe and Greg get in the plane which is about to lift up*

Joe: Wait!

Greg: What?

Joe: Can I bring a few 더 많이 people on the plane?...
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posted by gothemo1234
chirs:lucas tak 당신 have to sing in spish to win

tak:fine mother fucker

lucas:Señor 305 Armando Bond
Con la Princesa Belinda
Mami Yo no soy egoista, la cosa es que yo se lo que quiero
eo eo e… eo eo a (Egoista)! (Egoista)!
eo eo e… eo eo a (Egoista)!

Di Todo para ti, y nada para mi
Porque sera asi? (Egoista)
En un mundo Feliz, Amar es compartir
Es dar y recibir .. EGOISTA!

Eres tu Where Won`t
Comunica claro mami
Deja la Muela
Dime con quien tu andas
y te digo quien tu eres
como dice mi Abuela
Aqui no 건초 tiempo

el tiempo es dinero
Ni Dios te lo entiende
No no lo siento,
que se vaya con el viento
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added by izzysawsome
total drama world tour
posted by Fangirl99
Heather: We should have just gone left. We wouldn't be in this mess!

Sierra: I said so too, but then Gwen used Cody’s epipen!

Heather: Now if he gets bitten...

Cody: My obituary's written.

Sierra: Oh, what would I do then?
Gwen: (rapping) Tied up, rope is no joke!

Spears in our face, get us out of this place.

Ain't having the luck that I anticipated.

Probably means I'm eliminated. Yeah, I’m out!

Heather: O-o-out! Ooh, ooh, yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

All credit goes to Total drama wiki
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posted by GWENxDUNCAN
I MADE A CLUB ALL ABOUT TEAM 아마존 SO IF U LIKE TEAM 아마존 가입하기 MY CLUB!!!!!!!!!JOIN IT!!!!!!!!its called TDWT team amazon

plz plz plz 가입하기 plz plz plz plz plz



u know its ur fav team considering everyone loves them u know u luv gwen,courtney,heather,sierra,cody,izzy,and duncan

plus in one of the picks here u guys picked team 아마존 as the best

and theyve been winning the most they rock!!!!!!!
i was on and i saw an elimination 표, 테이블 또는 something like that and it said......

DJ is eliminated 다음 in Jamaica Me Sweat

and then........

Noah is eliminated 다음 in I See London...

heres the link to where i found those^^^^

and i found what team duncan joins some poeple think he will be in team victory but he cant cause that whole team will be eliminated and he cant be in team chris is really really really really hot because in the comercial when he was getting divorced/married to courtney and it was challenge so it means he joined that team.

and as we all know ezekial is coming back too.since team victory is eliminated he joined team chris is really really hot considering theyre was a picture of him with team chris is really really really really hot and noah was wearing his hat blainley was in the 사진 too.

well thats all the spoilers i got so far see ya!!
posted by izzysawsome
Joe: Yes I got a message back that says Ok Joe stay calm I will get some reanfrocement just tell me your surrondings and I'll send a 검색 party. ~Greg

Joe: *types back* Ok theres Palm trees and girls!

*Greg writes back* Your in Hawii, stuiped! The 검색 party is on it's way

*Joe writes back* Sorry! I never payed attention in school! and thanks for all the help

*Greg replies* Ok but hurry

*Joe writes* Oh trust me I will!

Joe: *think to himself* I wonder why doesn't Greg call me? He gave me his Gfs cell! But yet he's e-mailing me? It doesn't make a slick of sence but of course thats how Greg is! I'm also worried I'm underpressure and honstly, I don't know if I'm gonna make it! But I will for Lindsay and ummm Noah!
posted by james55
Cody: i woke up rubbed my eyes with my hands opened my eyes and i saw that freeak looking right at me it was sierra so i shut my eyes again and just hope it was a dream but then she pinched me on the arm........oh i had a bad feeling that today is going to be a very bad day.

Sierra:wake up my my soon to be boyfriend

Cody:haha 저기요 sierra *said it sarcasticlly*

Sierra:omg 저기요 cody
*confessional* he actually ralked to me EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHHHHHHHHHHHH

Cody:ummmm sierra can 당신 leave me alone i kind of need to sleep

Sierra:ok when 당신 wake up come straight to me ok

Cody:sure hahahah
*confessional* what...
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