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TDWT my version chpt.3: Welcome to Egypt
Impossible things (as for them)
: Bridgette’s P.O.V:
When plane started to move, I fell onto…Alejandro’s lap Great, well that’s all as for being away from him…
“Are 당신 ok chica??” asked Alejandro
“Yes, whoa! Is it earth moving?” I asked and for a 초 his 라임 green eyes looked at mine he’s so perfect, I mean… em… good looking? Remember Bridge, Geoff is perfect. He’s just nice, carrying, hot, sexy… wait what am I thinking? AUGH Bridge!!!
“Senorita? Are 당신 ok?” asked Alejandro a great concern in his eyes.
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(sorry if not all of it is correct.)

courtney,izzy,sierra,and lindsay:up,up,up,up!

harold.cody,DJ,and tyler:sing,sing,sing,sing!

all contestants:we're flying,and singing.We're flying and a singing!

sierra:come fly with us!

sierra and cody:come fly with us!

izzy:its got a lot of crazy,and tunes to bust.haha!

Bridgette:come fly with us!

bridgette and lindsay:come fly with us!

alejandro:its a pleasure,and an honor,and a must.

duncan:dudes this is a mess (i think) you're 노래 in a plane.

harold:what did 당신 expect?chris is freaking insane!hu!

gwen:yeah,but guys,you're signing on TV!

courtney:haven't you...
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Don't 당신 have a feeling sometimes in the first season when Duncan was going out with Courtney was odd, Because hes the TOTAL opposite of Courtney and she is the TOTAL opposite of Duncan! Even Sierra said, "I saw sparks between Gwen & Duncan!" They were made for each other! Unlike Courtney she, nags,nags,nags and NAGS! Shes a pain! Remember in Total Drama Action, she made like a 700 page letter for not what to do and what to do! Remember she said "You need to give me a complement every hour!" Gwen, we all know she's not like that shes cool, she's relaxing she doesn't NAG! This has always been my 질문 has he been using Courtney? 또는 is he 또는 was he using Gwen?
Lovin Time 의해 Alejandro, Bridgette, Cody, Courtney, DJ, Gwen, Harold, Heather, Izzy, LeShawna, Lindsay, Noah, Owen, Sierra, and Tyler
Alejandro: No need to get crazy. It's lovin' time at last!
Cody, Noah, Tyler, DJ, and Alejandro: 당신 don't wanna eat us up.
Owen: We're mostly full of gas. No, no!
Gwen, Courtney, Heather: It's mating time for scarabs.
LeShawna: So, what'cha waiting on?
Izzy: Just ignore us humans!
Cody: Ooooo.
All (except Bridgette and Ezekiel): And make out till the break of dawn!
Alejandro and Cody: It's lovin' time.
Gwen, Courtney, and Heather: Lovin' time, lovin' time...
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Owen: I miss the way, Izzy said hello!
의해 hoofing me, in the kiwis!
I missed the daytime when Izzy moved so slow.
Gwen: Ooh, Ooh.
Owen: 'Cause other times, she'd get freaky!
Oh, Izzy! Oh, Izzy! I, I miss 당신 so!
Oh, my Izzy, my little Izzy. Why'd I ever let 당신 go?
Gwen: Actually she kinda dumped you.
Owen: I miss her smile, and the way she liked to bite
on my arm, when there was trouble-
Which was all the time. (laughs)
Oh, I miss the way, she'd always say goodnight.
Gwen: Ooh, Ooh.
Owen: And hoof me and the kiwis double! Ouch.
Oh, Izzy! Oh, Izzy! I, I miss 당신 so.
Oh, my Izzy, my little Izzy!
Why'd I ever let 당신 go?
Why'd I ever let 당신 go...?
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"What're 당신 staring at?" I snapped at the latino standing infront of me in the lunch line.

"You" he replied whilst smirking.

"Argh. Leave me alone!" I threw my hands in the air, and walked off towards the 표, 테이블 of my friends.

"So, anything else he's tried?" Courtney asked, smirking.

"Nope, just staring at me again. I don't get it. Why doesn't he just go bug someone like Bridgette 또는 Lindsay?" I exasperated.

"Hey!" Bridgette whined, "I'm with Geoff"

"Oh, sorry" I apologised, my gaze drooping guiltily.

"It's ok" she smiled.

"Hey ladies," Duncan greeted, "Princess"

"Go away, ogre" Courtney hissed.

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