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sonicluver101 posted on Nov 10, 2010 at 11:52PM
Im sure this has been done up-too-many times, but hey, its not on the Total Drama Island's front page list, so lets see if we can make it go there! :D

1. You can only post quotes from Total Drama Island, Action, or World Tour! No quotes other than Total Drama!
2. If you want to comment (perhaps if someone else's quote was funny), please put it in parenthesis! ( ) <--These things >v>'
3. Dont hate on someone if they took the quote you wanted/ dont have an amazing quote.
4. When you write a quote, please write the character's name. You dont have to write the episode or link to a video, just write a name ^_^
5. You CAN post conversations. Just dont make them too long!
6. If possible, try not to repeat quotes. If you do repeat one, its not a big deal. Try and avoid it as much as you can, though :]

And that's about it!
Have fun, and let's see if we can link together quotes. Try and get a flow---Like if Harold said something like "I like cat fights...except the cats have little boxing gloves" and the next person says "Okayyyyyy?" (one of Chris' quotes), it kind of has that response-to-the-previous-quote feel, y'know? xD
Just to add to the humor.
Or just throw a quote at people's faces.
Whatever floats your boat :]

Sorry for the long post~

"Admiral Lindsay her hottness says that although Mexican food is VERY tasty...we will NOT be making the Trojan Taco!"
-Lindsay (TDA)

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over a year ago Fangirl99 said…
over a year ago obssesedTDIgirl said…
big smile
"(continued)Now put me the Heller down!" -TDWT Heather

"One by one, they'll all go down" -TDWT Alehandro

"Are you kidding me?!" -TWWT Sierra,Alehandro,Cody, and Heather in Planes, Trains, and hot air mobiles

"(in confessional) You Know, Heather really shouldn't let her obvious crush on Alejandro get her away from the game. Having a relationship with Duncan really screwed things up for me last season - Trent! I meant Trent! Just a slip of the tongue... (static) I want that tape back! Give me the tape!! How do you open this thing?! " -TDWT Gwen in Newf Kids in the Rock
over a year ago agtimm said…
"I Heart Marshmellow Sauce!" -Izzy
over a year ago sonicluver101 said…
"Oh my boxers that's bad...."
over a year ago ne0n_m0nkey said…
"I think I see a bird..."
-Zeke ^^
over a year ago taxicab517 said…
big smile
"Woo-hoo! Way to throw those murder balls. Go team go!" (gets hit with dodge ball) "Ouch!"
"I, too, love a good cat fight, but one with real cats who wear tiny boxing gloves."
- Harold
over a year ago DxCFan123 said…
"What the schnitzel?!" - Gwen
"I have something I wanna say! Cody? Cody! I-I can't feel my face! Where'd you put it? Cody! CODY!" - Sierra
"Oh, you're going down! We're gonna bring the dinner to the table, and then we're gonna eat it!" - Tyler
over a year ago zeebem10 said…
Duncan-Nice try farticus!
over a year ago obssesedTDIgirl said…
"(continued) Who am I Tyler?! ~TDWT Noah
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over a year ago rotcalex2011 said…
"kiwi's....go 4 the kiwi's"- Harold
over a year ago obssesedTDIgirl said…
Noah (to Owen): *sarcastically* Dodging balls, another mentally challenging game.

Lindsey: I know!

*Owen and Noah have puzzled looks on there faces*
over a year ago TotalDrama4lyf said…
Courtney(from TDWT Newf Kids On The Rock- Ok so I did let a guy get in yhe way of how i played the game, but i didnt think duncan would just abandon me like that and i messed up..ok wait did i just say that on air? give me the tape back i want that tape oh how do u open this thing!
over a year ago obssesedTDIgirl said…
Heather: And Owen was a piece of cake

Owen: *Holding piece of cake* Hehe piece of cake
over a year ago starburst-rock said…
Why is the purple meatball playing the piano?~ Tyler (The Ex Files)
over a year ago TotalDrama4lyf said…
These are all from TDI Haute Camp Ture

"Lindsay: I love being a loser! This is so much more my style. If I had known how phat this place was, I would've gotten my butt kicked off in the first episode! Plus, now Tyler and I can hang out...(kissing Tyler)...Which one's Tyler?"

"Courtney: I'm in the middle of filing a lawsuit for wrongful termination of competition. These people are witnesses! I was unfairly kicked off!
Trent: Didn't see a thing man.
DJ: Got me.
Noah: Must've missed that episode.
Katie: What's she talking about?
Eva: Didn't see it, don't care.
Courtney: But you all know what happened!
Ezekiel: Give him a break, eh. I was kicked off in the first- (Hit with lamppost)
Linsay: You just would've been kicked off in another episode. No one liked you that much.
Courtney: That is so not true! Everyone likes me! I used to be a CIT! (Hit with coconut) This is a coconut. We're in Muskoka people! If you're going to drop props on my head, at least make them geographically correct! (Snow lands on her) Ow! (Sled comes down with eskimo)
Lindsay: Are YOU Tyler?"

"Chris: YOU will be voting the next camper off Total Drama Island!
Everyone: Gasp!
Lindsay: (Bunny flies onto her lap) TYLER?!
Chris: Katie and Sadie, since you two share a brain, I'll ask you both.
Sadie: I miss LeShawna the most! (Ding)
Katie: It would be so much fun to have her here! Definitely LeShawna! (Ding)
Courtney: Why are you voting her off?! If you guys like LeShawna (Ding) keep her on!
Chris: That's three votes LeShawna.
Courtney: What? No!
Harold: You're just voting off my girlfriend to spite me. (Starts slapping Courtney)
Courtney: Ew, get off me you big geek! (Both fall in the water)
Noah: Ha ha ha...Excellent.
Chris: Lindsay?
Lindsay: Don't worry, I'm not gonna vote for LeShawna! (Ding)
DJ: Lindsay!
Lindsay: No, you can't vote for me! You have to vote for someone who's in the final five, like LeShawna! (Ding)
Izzy: Okay, no one say LeShawna (Ding)!
Parrot: Rawk! LeShawna! (Ding)
Chris: That's seven votes LeShawna.
Everyone: NO!
Trent: Chris, that was a parrot. It doesn't even know who LeShawna is! (Ding)
Parrot: Polly want LeShawna!
Chris: Nine!
(LeShawna is thrown on the Boat of Losers and arrives at Playa de Losers with a flabberghasted expression and her leopard skin luggage)
Chris: And thus concludes this week's special episode of Total Drama Island!"

"Eva: How would I characterize my experience? Easy. It stank! (Evil Theme Music with Fiery Backgrounds) Although my anger management problems did improve a bit.
Lindsay: Are you Tyler? (Hit with a piece of meat)"

over a year ago obssesedTDIgirl said…
Duncan: Told you she digs me.
over a year ago obssesedTDIgirl said…
Heather: That is discusting! (idk what episodes thats from)
over a year ago frankie_fan said…
Duncan: Has anyone seen Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Idiot?
over a year ago obssesedTDIgirl said…
Courtney: Sadie and Katie? I'm pretty sure they got eatin by bears.
Duncan: Darn shame.
over a year ago iPsychic said…
Who wants a ride on my invisible jet? ~Lindsay XD
over a year ago starburst-rock said…
Izzy: It covers up the smell of Morder *gets evil look*
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over a year ago frankie_fan said…
Lindsay: Hey, puke on your own boyfriend!
over a year ago obssesedTDIgirl said…
Sierra: Cody, you where having a nightmare.
over a year ago starburst-rock said…
Noah: Come fly with us! Come die with us!
over a year ago rotcalex2011 said…
gwen: i didnt sign up 4 season 2!!!!
chris: actually u did......its called the fine print......live it....learn it.......luv it!!!!
gwen: uhk...i hate the fine print!!!
over a year ago obssesedTDIgirl said…
Lindsay: What his name again? Oh that's right! Alejandro!
Al: That's my name ;)
Lindsay: A what a nice name it is. Alejandro. I could say it all day!
over a year ago CourtneyFan17 said…
big smile
Courtney: "You and your stupid snoring!"
Harold: "It's called a medical condition-GAWSH!" (TDI)
over a year ago starburst-rock said…
Freaking move it!~ Heather (TDWT)
over a year ago frankie_fan said…
Duncan: oh, and why should I help you, darling?
Courtney: Because I can personally guarantee you that if we lose this game, you'll be the one going home, darling.
over a year ago nocofangirl218 said…
Cody: I was going to make us a romantic picnic.

Gwen: With bread from your pants?!

~ (TDI - episode 8)
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over a year ago obssesedTDIgirl said…
Duncan: Whats for dinner women? I'm starving.
over a year ago frankie_fan said…
Courtney: You guys are so immature! I hope your proud of yourselves!
over a year ago colecutegirl said…
sierra: fly cody! flyy
over a year ago obssesedTDIgirl said…
Courtney: Danger is kinda hot...
over a year ago starburst-rock said…
Lindsey: OMG! Courtney just stepped on my invisible jet :O (TDA)
over a year ago obssesedTDIgirl said…
Lindsay: Can I have a cabin witha lake view since I'm the prettest?

Chris: Ok thats true, but thats not how it works.
over a year ago noahking said…
Chris: and action.......... uhhhhh that means go
over a year ago noahking said…
noah: come fly with us, come die with us!!
owen: were flying? i hate flying!!! stop the plane!!!!!!
over a year ago noahking said…
harold: GAWSH!!!!!!!!!!
over a year ago obssesedTDIgirl said…
LeShawna: Do you know any other girls with a kickbutt attidtude? Like mine?
over a year ago noahking said…
owen: pancakes, pancakes pancakes
over a year ago noahking said…
noah: throwing balls, another mentaling challenge
lindsay: i know right
over a year ago noahking said…
chris: BONUS!!!!!!!
over a year ago obssesedTDIgirl said…
Chris: That was a retorical question.
over a year ago BelongstoTrent said…
Trent: 'Ooo, you got a mohawk.'... 'Oh, you're so tough, bud.'
Yeah, hairspray's really manly.
over a year ago obssesedTDIgirl said…
Harold: *breaths in*
Heather: NEXT!
Harold: *breathes out*
TheGoldenCoast commented…
That was Courtney, actually over a year ago
TheGoldenCoast commented…
Not Heather over a year ago
over a year ago noahking said…
geoff: im gonna be on tv
bridgette: your already on tv geoff
geoff: oh yeah. HELLO OUT THERE DUDES!!!
over a year ago noahking said…
lindsay: i thought this was supposed to be a talents contest
chris: uhh yeah haha... no
over a year ago noahking said…
chris: thats right gwen
gwen: man hes good
over a year ago noahking said…
trent: i thought you said you passed bioligy class
lindsay: i said i took bioligy class